Saturday 16 February 2019


Musician Example managed to play through the pain of a knee injury while he was in Glasgow - but he’s had to cancel other gigs.
I caught up with the brill singer, songwriter and producer ahead of his SWG3 gig at his city centre hotel.
He told me he’s written songs here in the past and may be inspired to do it again.
He told fans he’d need to be in Australia where his supermodel wife stays from February 17 until March 4.
He also told one fan to get rid of her boyfriend after she told him he’d dislocated his knee and couldn’t walk to go to his concert.
Surely there some irony in that.

Musician and author Scott Cowie has just penned his latest book and invited Val Cleminson, of the Sensational Alex HarveyBand to perform on his launch night.
Things You Won’t Believe About Music is launched at the Blue Arrow on March 5. The book is also illustrated by fellow musician Martin Kelly.
I’ve had a sneaky peak and did you know Music makes plants grow faster, Prince played 27 instruments on his debut album and Music was once an Olympic sport.

Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd thrilled fans of Greys Anatomy Stateside. The former hobbit donned a kilt, bagpipes and Scottish accent for his time on the show with Kevin Mckidd who was also directing. Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame was also on the show. Billy said it was a real treat to be on the series.
American fans are now clamouring for the star to appear in more shows over there. 

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