Saturday 15 June 2019


SCOTS singer Darius Campbell is marking Fathers Day by changing his surname back to Danesh.
The former Pop Idol, who played Billy Flynn in Chicago and Sky Masterton in Guys and Dolls, also revealed he has plans to spend more time in Scotland as he jets between his other home of LA where he is also working in the movie business.
Darius, who was married to Species actress Natasha Henstridge in 2011 before filing for divorce in 2013 and finalising paperwork in 2018, exclusively told the Scottish Sun: “I’m coming home to give back and acknowledge the wisdom of my ancestors. Part of that includes celebrating with mum and dad and that they have both managed to defeat a diagnosis of terminal cancer and the fact that between them they have given more than eighty years of service to the NHS and philanthropy.
I’m also changing my surname back to Danesh, my father’s Persian name.”
He explained:”When Simon Cowell first offered me a record deal he told me: ‘Mr Danesh I’m going to send you in the studio with Pete Waterman’. People called me Darius after that in the music industry and it was only when I started acting that I needed my surname.”
He added: “My father is my number one hero. Danesh means wisdom and I keep coming back to it through the world of film producing and technology that I am now working in. We have a new world of wisdom to tap into and it’s based on the quality of relationships we have. For Father’s Day it’s also the perfect timing. My father was very generous when I changed my name to Campbell in memory of my maternal grandfather after I buried him a few years ago. At that time, I wanted people around the world to know I was proud of my Scottish roots and still am, but it’s time to change back again.”
Darius, who has just announced that he will be strategic advisor of the George and Annette Bell Foundation and spoke of his role at a swish ceremony in Glasgow’s Bute Hall yesterday, explained that wisdom and building relationships are at the heart of his business.
The Colourblind singer, who first shot to fame with his memorable performance of Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time in 18 years ago, produced Daniel Radcliffe thriller Imperium which saw the Harry Potter Star shave his head as an undercover FBI agent  and infiltrate a white supremacist group in 2016.
He revealed that he and his business partner  now have an LA office sandwiched in between Vin Diesel and La La Land producers.
He said: “I told my mum and dad I am going to split time between Scotland and LA offices.
“The minute the plane touches down here my breathing changes and everything feels just better.  The drinking water is better - you can drink it out of the tap and the people are amazing.”
Darius also paid tribute to his Funny Girl stage pal Sheridan Smith on Fathers Day after she lost her dad in 2016 to cancer.
The 37 year old star only just returned to Instagram this week after finding it hard to cope with the passing of 80 year old Colin whose birthday would have been on June 13.
Darius said: “Sheridan has done an amazing job to be able to do what she loves and it was an honour to meet her father and mother.
“Her mum and dad are beautiful people and I feel for her on the loss of her dear dad and a great soul.  I only work with people I care about and I care about her.”
Darius’ new role with the George and Annette Bell Foundation will see him and the charity help to give education and training to those who are in danger of becoming displaced in society.

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