Thursday 27 June 2019


Beverley Lyons
KICK Ass and Kingsman writer Mark Millar claims he’s working on a new superhero drama based on The Kardashian’s.  
The Coatbridge born comic book king says he will start shooting the project in just one weeks time - and that it will last over a six year period. 
Mark, 49, who was a first at the relaunch of Kebabish in Glasgow said: “We start a thing in a weeks time - a six year shoot in Canada. It’s a superhero show. It’s big family drama with superheroes.”
He explained: “Imagine you were the children of Superman and Wonder Woman but you just want to be Kardashian’s and want to love the life. You don’t want to be superheroes. That is what the show is about. “Imagine the Kardashians with superpowers.”
Mark who is an executive for Netflix after his  publishing company Millarworld was acquired by them for £25 million in 2017 said he was making the most of the free food on offer at the restaurant launch. 
He laughed: “I’ve been eating as much free stuff as possible and have just been filling my pockets. I’m starving. I’ve actually eaten nothing all day so this place will be bankrupt by the end of the week.”
Despite his wealth he said he prefers to spend time in shabby drinking haunts rather than living it up. 
He said: “I spend a lot of time in Glasgow but I drink in dingy pubs, the sort where you wouldn’t go in. I like old man pubs and anything trendy you won’t see me there. This is the coolest event you’ll probably see me at.”
Mark has finished working on the next Kingsman films and has committed to Netflix until 2027. 
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Sun on Sunday - From Scotland with Love 

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