Friday 19 July 2019


Beverley Lyons
ANTON Danyluk’s mum Sherie Ann said she wanted to head butt her son after he kissed Anna during Love Island.
Anton has been seeing Belle Hassan in the series but the two had a fall out after he kissed Anna during a game of Kiss, Marry, Pie.
Sherie Ann who has just joined Instagram as ‘Anton’s mum who shaves his bum’ told Scottish TV: “I felt wow, Anton, out of order when he kissed Anna. It wasn’t kissing Anna because I believe the two of them are really really close. It was when he turned around and said that she was the best kisser. I don’t think he actually realised what he was saying  and I’ll tell you Belle, she handles him well. I was proud of her. A lot of people took it a different way of she was just too much on his face. Quite honestly kissing Anna - I would have gave Anton a Glasgow kiss.”
Sherie Ann also said that Antons bum hair is so long you could put rollers in it!
She laughed: “What’s wrong with my shaving his bum. I’ll say to him go and have a bath son and he’ll go in and he'll have a bath and he’ll come out and I’ll just shave his bum. That hair, you could put rollers in that hair.”
Sherie Ann who lives with Anton and his mum on a ranch where he las his keep fot business said Anton is at the age now where he needs to become a man.
She said: “I’ve been called a helicopter mum. I’m one of those mothers that when I see him going off the rails I fly down and just pick him back up. Now he’s at an age and stage, that I’ve got to let him go and be a man and do the things he wants to do now because Antons all about helping people. In the villa every morning he’s training everybody. He spends three hours of his day just making sure that everybody does their training. He naturally loves to see people doing the best that they can do and being the best that they can be.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Mail Online. 
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