Thursday 19 September 2019


Beverley Lyons 
ARIANA Grande was caught up in drama along with Billy Connolly after the fire alarm sounded at her Scots hotel. 
The US singer was staying at the stylish Blythswood hotel in Glasgow when the fire alarm sounded earlier today and she ended up being forced to evacuate her penthouse. 
Ariana, who was staying with her two dogs at the hotel inside the two and a half thousand pound suite, was less than enamoured after the alarm sounded. 
She later posted an Instagram video of her putting her middle finger up to the alarm on her ceiling as it flashed and sounded its noisy siren. 
Ariana asked the question ‘Why’ as it appeared to wake her up just after ten thirty am. 
Pitbull cross Myron and beagle chihuahua cross Toulouse even got their own room at the £2,500-a-night penthouse suite at the Blythswood where she was staying — which comes complete with a sunken-bath Jacuzzi, sauna and roof garden.
The pop princess who was using the back entrance of the hotel was not the only star staying at the city centre hotel when the incident happened. 
Sir Billy Connolly was also staying in one of the suites and was forced to come down from his room. 
One hotel guest Dr Martin Valentine wrote on Twitter: ”Meeting abandoned temporarily as fire alarm has gone off and the Blythswood hotel is emptied. On the plus side the Big Yin is here too check out his groovy shoes.”
Another hotel guest Deborah Maclachlan Dougall told the The disturbance only lasted around ten minutes. She laughed: “Everyone in the spa had to evacuate as well as the hotel guests. It was quite funny seeing Billy Connolly out with the rest of us. Only us would be standing wrapped up in just our robes and towels with Billy Connolly walking past us.”

From Scotland with Love 

From Scotland with Love

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