Monday 9 September 2019


JAI McDowall proved to be the Greatest Showman when he appeared on BGT The Champions at the weekend. 
And now we can reveal that the Ayrshire born singer underwent special training at the circus to build his confidence ahead of the show. 
As well as having knives thrown at him, and limboing under fire, Jai also took part in Zippos Globe of Death where he stood while two 125cc scrambler bikes circled his head. 
He said: “I was very nervous the first time I took part in BGT and the judges even remarked that my knees were knocking together as I performed. This time round I wanted to make sure that I’d be confident so I got some extra special training at the circus. 
He laughed: “I figured that nothing would be worse than staring death in the face.”
Jai wowed the audience with a moving performance of I’ll Never Love Again during the weekend’s talent contest and even received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. 

Simon apologised to the Scots star for writing him off eight years ago after he won the show and proclaimed: “So, 2011. I remember my issue at the time was I was struggling to find out where you fit into the market," Simon told Jai. 
"The fact that I never gave you support during or after the show and you have the guts to come back and prove a point to me: you've grown in stature and in confidence and that was an amazing performance.
"I owe you an apology for not giving you the support you needed at the time, but I also respect the fact you've come back and made me look like an idiot and you look fantastic.
"I could not be more thrilled so here's the standing ovation I should have given you."
Jai has been inundated with calls since the show and was even approached by Hollywood producers to star in a big movie. 
A spokesperson for the star said: "Jai is in talks about lots of future projects and there is s lot of interest in him taking on some acting roles, He has also received a request from Susan Boyleto join him on tour this March."

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