Friday 23 August 2019


EWAN McGregor’s daughter Clara claims she is flattered when she gets called a trannie by online bullies.
The model and actress revealed on her Instagram that she has been called a tranny, faggot and a ‘freaking abomination’ by trolls on social media.
Clara shared some images of the intended insults, including one which read: “Of course you would have to be a proud devil to pretend to be a woman you’re not. Freaking abomination. I’m glad you can’t reproduce. But then again I’m sure you haven’t castrated yourself. You’re not a Clara you’re a Clarence.”
Clara copied one of her friends in with the reply: “HAHA. He knows my nickname. You’ve been calling me Clarence since day one!!!”
Another troll called her: “Tranny” with vomiting emojis before adding: “Shut up faggot”
Clara replied: “What’s with the emojis. That’s a huge compliment Thankyou. Those ladies know what they are doing.
She added: “Bi and proud!! Another compliment.”
Clara then said in a post: “Honestly I never respond to trolls like that. It’s usually a bad idea and I don’t want them to think for a second that I even give a small f about their rhetoric, bit this felt like a good example to share. While trying to bring me down with sexism and homophobia, he showed me that his insults could be re appropriated and seen through a positive lens. Being compared to Trans women is nothing short of a huge compliment. It doesn’t excuse what he said, but I will never take that comparison or the fact that I’m Bi as an insult.”
Clara announced she was bisexual alongside her sister Esther earlier this year after locking horns with the founder of Coachella over his alleged anti LGBT beliefs. 
Esther said at the time read: '#notokaycoachella. I'll take the time now to say – I'm bisexual.' Following the message, Clara replied: 'Love you boo. I'll hop on the train and say I'm bisexual too. Carry on!'

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