Tuesday 19 May 2020


JUDY Murray claims she was once detained by Israeli security after they thought she was carrying a bomb into the country. 
Tennis coach Judy who is mum to tennis champions Andy and Jamie revealed the chaos she caused during an early trip to Israel when she and other tennis players were passing through Tel Aviv airport. 
Judy, who travelled to Eilat for the Fed cup with the British team in 2012, revealed: “On the first away trip to Israel we were passing through Tel Aviv airport and were detained by security in Israel at the airport and I thought what could it be? And it was our Pass The Bomb the board game.”
Judy who has always encouraged her teams to play board games as a way of building camaraderie was horrified when she realised the gravity of the situation.  
She added: “The timer is like a little hand grenade  bomb and of course it was picked up on the screens and it just cost us so much time. It was a funny memory from the first trip.”
Leon Smith who is now the Davis Cup captain added: “It was me who suggested we brought the game.”

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Daily Record

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