Monday 1 June 2020


Beverley Lyons 
A Scots family were missing music festivals so much during isolation that they decided to hold their own in their garden. 
Rebecca Geddes, 20, from Invergordon and her mum Lynne Laird, 41,  and stepdad Alexander Laird, 39, took a week to plan and build their festival site at home. 
As well as all the virtual top acts, Rebecca, a nursery practitioner, Alexander, a painter and Lynne a careworker, even had their own fairground complete with washing whirligig merry go round, a Slam shed blaring out the latest tunes, snack bar selling big baps  and a firework display consisting of a sparkler to end the event. 
Their hilarious footage of the T in The Garden festival even shows them queuing up for passes and having their bags checked before camping out in the garden. 
Rebecca said: “My stepdad has gone to a festival every year since he was 16 and it would be a shame to miss out a year due to events being cancelled. Everyone was needing to have a bit of a laugh!”
The family had planned to attend a range of events including Belladrum this year as well as Party at the Palace (not cancelled just yet), Peat and Diesel Irish tour, Hunter and the Bear, Skippinish, Westlife, and Davy and Sam Cowan. 

Rebecca said: “We thought up the idea last weekend and building started on Friday. We were lucky that we had scaffolding, tents, gazebo, portaloo and a saw to cut a hole in the shed. The next door neighbours saw it all from their garden and windows. Entry was free for us as long as you had fun. 
We had Peat and Diesel headlining on the pyramid stage, Davy Cowan and Sam in the Arch Inn and Flynn in the Slam shed. We had a nice clean toilet, campsite, burger van, stall, and shows.”
We never expected it to go viral but are really happy that it did. 

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