Friday 19 June 2020


Beverley Lyons
LOVE Island’s Laura Anderson has returned from London to Scotland with her new beau - and she introduced hunky Tom Brazier to her dad for the first time since they made their lockdown love public. 
The 32 year old former air hostess who has been living in London got together with fitness coach Tom Brazier during Covid 19 isolation and couldn’t wait to return to her home town of Stirling to introduce him to her dad David in time for Father’s Day. 
Laura revealed that the two lovers were off to Scotland and that her gym instructor man Tom insisted on taking a package full of his own food for the trip. 
She said in an Instagram story: “We’re actually going to Scotland, getting the train and this is what Tom is bringing. That’s his food. Little does he know my dads a feeder.”
Laura and Tom took an Uber from their neighbouring apartments in Chiswick  to London Euston among with Laura’s Pomeranian dog Buddy. 

The two wore face masks and Buddy was strapped to a dog carrier which was fixed at different points to Laura and Tom’s chest, and later lay on the table of the train whole Tom who also posted highlights from the journey on his Insta caught up with some emails. 
As Laura sat back and relaxed in the garden at her dads house in Stirling, she watched him and Tom have a table tennis tournament. Joking that Tom was sh** as he missed the ball, she said it was a ‘Scotland versus England’ match.

She joked: “I’m having a great time.Scotland v England, Tickets for the ping pong show £7.50 guys.”  
It is thought that Laura who said she intended to move back home for good will also visit her mum Barbara Turner, a carer from Glasgow while she is here over the next few days.   
She also managed to spend time with some friends for a birthday party. 
From Scotland with Love

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