Monday 14 March 2022


Manchester has always been one of’s fave places to go for a weekend and we always love a walk by the canal. 
Manchester’s Ducie Street Warehouse is right beside it in the centre and the venue was recently refurbished. 
It even even hosts a doggy friendly mini cinema. 

It’s vast with industrial style ceilings, and large enough for you to have your own space- important in these Covid aware days. 
It’s also warm and friendly enough for you to feel at home with plenty of pot plants and greenery to bring the outside in. 
Diners can choose to eat in the relaxed foyer area which acts as a reception area for the adjoining Nomad hotel or they can venture deeper into the bespoke restaurant at the back.

 It’s cosy despite the overall size of the place.
 There’s also an outside terrace overlooking the canal if you don’t mind a slight winter chill in February 
Kitted out with giant lampshades and Art Deco style mirrors alongside modern art prints it feels like you could be in New York. 

Funky music plays over the sound system as an eclectic mix of diners enjoy delights including spices parsnip hummus, king prawns in romesco sauce, whole roasted spiced celeriac shawarma or a 16oz roast sirloin to share. opted for the Loch Duart salmon with Asian greens and a soy dressing on the side. We cannot rate it enough. 

It was beautifully cooked, moist and the greens were perfectly al dente and fresh. It felt clean.
The hummus was an easy eat - and with just the right seasoning so it didn’t claw if you excise the pun. 

The tomato was definitely the main flavour of king prawns in Romasco sauce and they were succulent. 
The butternut squash and avocado salad also got a thumbs up from the lioness and the sugar snap peas were crunchtastic.

Dessert of date-based sticky toffee pudding proved a winner and we liked the gold leaf piece on top  and the gluten free veggie lioness went for the sorbet rather than the poached plums. 

A three course meal works out around £35 a head for food with all the trimmings.

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