Monday 24 October 2022


LET Me Entertain You sang Robbie as he romped around the stage of Glasgow’s Ovo Hydro in his glittering gold lame and sequin suit - and he never failed. 
We didn’t need to be reminded as he told the audience: “Allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m Robbie f***ing Williams.”
Robbie and Scotland share a special affinity. 
He later told us: “There is something about you lot up here, something different.” 
The prodigal son has filled stadiums like Hampden and festivals like T in the Park with his showmanship, touring both solo and with Take That, celebrating his birthday here at the now defunct Strawberry Fields and launching his fashion range at Fraser’s in previous years. 
The crowd love him and he loved us. 
Whether he was strutting, sitting  on his stool or cavorting on stage, we got all that Robbie Williams could give. 

Anthems like Kids and I Love My Life were delivered with aplomb while childlike graphics were projected from the screen, and Rock Dj showcased Robbie’s rapping. 
The huge pair of Angel wings for the final song saw an emotional Robbie singing in a kimono style gown as the audience joined in.
Embracing the saltire was the perfect end to a perfect evening from the master. 
Robbie himself said afterwards: “Glasgow you never disappoint me. That was incredible.”

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