Tuesday 6 December 2022


CHANGING Rooms star Carol Smillie has married her co-star and 60 Minute Makeover host John Amabile - in a Scots wedding ceremony. 
John tied the knot with his partner of 19 years, Steven Gormley, at an exclusive ceremony at Hotel Du Vin in Glasgow. 
And the wedding was was conducted by fellow Changing Rooms star and Humanist Celebrant Carol Smilie.

 John, once voted as one of Scotland’s most eligible batchelors, met  Steve, a leader in executive development over 19 years ago outside a local chip shop. 

 Carol has been a lifelong friend of John's since their early TV days, and, according to insiders, delivered a personal, funny and beautiful ceremony reflecting both John's and Steve's sense of humour, joy and love and respect for each other. 

Carol said: "I've known John for almost 40 years, so no one was more delighted than me when they finally decided to make it official and, even better, ask me to do the honours. It was a very emotional day, and I'm so happy for them both."

 John said: “I grew up in Scotland, where homosexuality was illegal until 1980, and we both were so proud on the 31st of January 2014 when same-sex marriages became legal in Scotland." 

He continued, "Steve and I discussed getting married at the time, but our schedules were so busy, and we knew we wanted to do something intimate and just for us. The time just slipped with Covid and various other events over the years. But as the old saying goes, "whit's fur ye'll no go by ye".

From Scotland with Love - theshowbizlion.com 

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