Tuesday 18 July 2023


BANKSY’S grim reaper on a dodgem made a surprise appearance outside his latest exhibition in Glasgow - as shocked onlookers watched on. 
Amused shoppers outside the city’s Gallery of Modern Art, where the anonymous artist’s new exhibition Cut and Run is on display until the end of August, were treated to an animated simply as the gold coloured deathly dodgem jolted and rode up and down the stone paving in front of the building. 
A videographer could be seen trying to capture the moment outside Banksy's first official exhibition in fourteen years  as it took place on Tuesday afternoon
The famed Dance of Death figure last made an appearance at Banksy's Dismaland theme park / art show at Weston-Super-Mare when it slowly emerged in low lighting to a watching crowd and The Beegees - 'Staying Alive' started blaring. 
The spooky moving artwork made its first appearance in New York in 2013  as it zoomed along to Blue Öyster Cult's 'Don't Fear the Reaper'. 
The installation at that time was narrated by an audio guide with a lisping voice speaking over an accordion saying 'Welcome to the fair, which life isn't. 'This sculpture perfectly represents death in that—it's a bit random.
'It often said that the role of art is to remind us of our mortality.
The moving art was based on a picture that Banksy created in 2010 for the British band then known as Exit Through The Gift Shop, who shared the same name he wanted to use for his 2010 documentary film.
To avoid copyright issues, the group agreed to Banksy’s offer to create a then £200,000 painting for them on the condition they changed their name. 
And this March the very same artwork was sold for 1.64million pounds  to Miguel Garcia Larios, owner of Rcnstrct Studio in Hollywood, during an event hosted by Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills.
Its original estimate was 600,000 US dollars (£485,472) and the sale was preceded by a live performance by Brace Yourself!, fronted by singer Natalie Zalewska.

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