Saturday 3 February 2024


NATHAN Evans might be celebrating being at number three on the iTunes chart but he says life has become even more hectic since he became a dad. 
The Scots charttopper, whose hit sea shanty Wellerman has now been played around the world and even got him on the US Kelly Clarkson show has been wowing fans with his new song Heather On The Hill and he’s juggling performances in between family life.
Following an appearance on This Morning Nathan, whose wife Holly gave birth to Hunter in July, told : “It’s been hectic hectic and if it wasn't hectic before it's definitely more hectic when you have a baby, but it’s been incredible.”
Following a complicated C section Hunter had to be put on a CPAP machine (which provides air pressure to stop the airways collapsing) and oxygen and was in ICU for two weeks. 
Nathan said he’s now making brilliant progress. 
He explained: “He is so good and is amazing, sleeping well, eating well and checking off all the checklist and milestones he needs to hit.”
He added: “I think he’s got a musical mind already. Every time I crack out the guitar he's instantly interested, he's trying to touch it, he’s trying to  strum the strings, and if I’m just sitting playing songs or whatever, he just sits and watches and listens.
“And he’s dead calm so I don't know if I'm just being optimistic but I think he's got a bit of musical ability in him. I might be optimistic right enough.”

Former Aidrie postman Nathan first went viral in 2021 after he posted a sixty second clip of himself in TikTok singing a sea shanty whaling song. 
Within days the clip had gone viral with Queen guitarist Brian May, composer Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating and US chat show king Jimmy Fallon all posting their own versions of his track.
Since then he’s been signed and has released an album with a second in the works, as well as performed to legions of fans across Europe. 
He said: “I've been in Germany quite a lot from playing influencer charity football matches to playing big massive influencer shows to 15,000 people. At New Year's Eve I was the one to bring in the bells for a New Year's Eve at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin which had between 65 to 80,000 people there, which is ridiculous. Luckily the lights were brilliant  and I could only see maybe five rows so that was good. It wasn't until I came back and saw it on the screen and I was like, wow that’s a lot of people. That's probably the biggest show I've ever done and it was absolutely crazy. But it's incredible.”
Nathan’s latest song Heather on The Hill with its Scottish folk undertones has gained him even more fans.
Nathan said: “It's been absolutely mental. So on Wednesday, I had some filming during the day. I first straight from there down to London when I stayed over on Wednesday night, went straight to film on This Morning and then fresh, flew straight home. 

I got home, had a shower for 20 minutes and went straight back out for two shows and now I’m doing more filming . It's been a mad couple of weeks but it's been incredible.
The new song is upbeat, it's happy, it's like it gets everybody off the feet and dancing and it has that kind of vibe.  I wrote it with the boys from Saint Phnx and we just had an idea for a Scottish traditional song. It just makes you feel good so that's kind of why it resonates so much for everybody.” 

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