Sunday 6 November 2016


CAITRIONA Balfe reckons there will be many more seasons of Outlander if the books are anything to go by.
Catriona who was in Glasgow's Radisson hotel for BAFTA Scotland where she won a Best Actress award said: "We're definitely finishing season three and filming season four and Diana has said book ten will be her last so there's six potential seasons in there.
I think everyone, we love this show, we love this job.
As long as the story is interesting and the writing is good, I'm up for continuing so we'll see how long it goes for."
Caitriona said of her award: "We've won things before and we have an amazing Scottish crew and most of our team is Scottish and it's really nice to get recognised here in Scotland cause everyone puts their heart and soul into the job and I think it's important for everyone who works on the show so that's cool."

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