Monday 7 November 2016


RIVER City star Johnny Beattie is hoping for the best birthday present ever for his ninetieth - for Donald Trump to fail in the US election.
Johnny, who was given a special luncheon by the Showbiz Benevolent Fund to celebrate his ninetieth and many years in Showbiz said: "I'm nearly ninety. I'm nearly as old as my gags and that's saying something. I turn ninety on November 9. It's the day after the big election between the two funny people over in America. He would have done well over here in our variety business - Donald Trump. By god what a turn he'd have been - Donald Chump. Is that going in cause he'll sue me. He's sued everybody else so he might as well sue me. Nice to sue you to sue you nice.
He added: "The best present for my ninetieth would be for Donald Trump to not be president of the United States because let's face it, we're all doomed if he is."

Johnny, who left River City last year, has been enjoying time away from our screens .
He said: "The reason I had to stop was I had had vertigo and it was a balance thing but quite honestly I'd have carried on - even now. I really miss it but I keep in touch with all the cast like Eileen McCallum and Una Maclean. I loved River City and was thirteen years in there.

He reminisced about Jack Milroy, Anne Fields who just passed away, Jimmy Logan and Peter Duranz.
He says he used to do a sketch that is like a Strictly take off - 'We did Wilson Keppel and Beattie.'..
He says his ears are not so good but in fine fettle apart from that. I've still got a jig or two in me - it's just my hearing."
He told stories and so did Maureen Beattie, Alasdair Gillies, Dean Park and Alastair Mcdonald -

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Sunday Express and Sunday Post.

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