Thursday 21 September 2017


A Glasgow Rangers fan has vowed to get a tattoo of Glow reality star Brian Matthews tattooed on his chest if Rangers beat Celtic in tomorrow's match.
Rangers daft Craig McKendry follows former coach and toothy model Brian on Twitter and said in a Tweet: "If we beat Celtic on Saturday I am going to get a tattoo of @Brianglow on ma chest. With StaunchAndTrue written underneath."
Although he's now deleted the compromising Tweet, he admitted: "Yeah if Rangers beat Celtic I'm going to get a tattoo of Brian Matthew from Glow on my chest. I love the way that he doesn't hide the fact he is a blue nose and loves to wind the Celtic fans up. It made it even better with him recently winding up the Celtic captain Scott Brown on twitter calling him mince. I know a lot of Celtic fans who dislike Brian and I decided to get this tattoo to wind them up even more."
A chuffed Brian said: "I'm absolutely flattered that someone would do this and let's hope for a Rangers victory on Saturday."
He added: "Let's just say it will be a very blue tattoo and extremely good looking. My face has touched the flesh of a lot of girls chests but this could be the first time it takes pride of place on a mans chest.

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