Saturday 23 September 2017


STAFF at a Scots hotel admitted they thought Pete Doherty and his bandmate Carl Carrat might have died after they failed to check out at their allocated time.
The two Libertines band mates were staying at Ayrshire's Gail's hotel after gig in Kilmarnock this week when they got into hot water over their big lie in.
In an online Periscope, video staff can be seen giving Pete a hard time after he comes down to reception after 1pm, more than three hours later than his official check out time.
Pete says to them: "What do you mean it's ten o clock check out?"
A hotel worker replied: "Penthouse was ten o clock check out, eleven at the latest."
Pete replied: "We were staying here until 1pm."
The worker replied: "None of our staff knew that so we've been waiting. Don't worry now."
Referring to bandmate Carl Barat who has still not surfaced from his room staff staff then reveal they have had to unlock the door from the outside after Carl locked it from inside.
As Pete jokes 'this is more of a murder mystery vibe', a female member of staff admits her concerns saying: "Well he could have been lying there dead for all we know. He's sleeping quietly."
Pete then joked if I'm not back in twenty minutes send up a cappuccino and a mojito. He then awakes an irate Carl saying You're going to miss your flight.'
Singer Pete might be used to some elements of rock n roll but he claims he was more than chuffed when he got to a room with its own sauna during his trip.
He said: "I just came off stage on Kilmarnock. Anyway my hotel room in Kilmarnock Ayrshire is unbelievable. It's quite an innocuous looking gaff, dual carriage way and brown bricks, but it has a sauna. How cool is that? I know if you are in an American band this is probably run of the mill fodder but for a lad from an army barracks you still have to say 'oh my days' is that really a waterproof tv and is that really a sauna in my bathroom. I just pray to god Carl has one in his room otherwise trust me there will be trouble."

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