Wednesday 13 June 2018


Beyonce and Jay Z made a sharp exit from their Hampden gig in Glasgow - getting out of the city immediately after their last song.
It meant that I never got to meet up with The Queen Bey this time round although I’ve had the privilege before - we were once locked in Harvey Nicks together before an MTV event. She enjoyed some wheatgrass juice as she perused the then trendy Juicy Couture styles and then popped on a pair of sunglasses before thanking me (I’m still not sure why) for her shopping trip. We posed together for a pic before the paparazzi got her leaving.
Anyway, this time round there was no stopping as  a police convoy of four motorcyclists made sure the power couple could make a fast exit onto the motorway with one motorcyclist out in front.
It made me laugh when she went to the left, to the left of the motorway (get it?)
The couple travelled in two people carriers to the airport where, my insider there told me they entered through the Signature Private Jet compound.
Normally private planes are  stationed there but Beyonce and Jay Z had to park their humongous plane at the other side of the runway because it was too big.
That meant the couple had to be chaperoned across the actual runway while the rest of the planes at the airport were held back to allow them through. You can see the exclusive video of them doing exactly that on our website.

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