Friday 15 June 2018


MICK Jagger might have emerged from Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel with the rest of the band, but he didn’t actually stay there.
Thousands of people turned out to watch the wrinkly rockers as they came out of the hotel ahead of their gig in Murrayfield Stadium.
But Mick pulled a fast one. He actually stayed at the prestigious Prestonfield house the night before the gig and the day after with his ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick.
The two spent some quality time together at the hotel while oblivious guests at a Chas charity bash danced away to music at Friday night event The Rocking Horse Ball held in the grounds.
Mick enjoyed a morning jog around the surrounding grounds and climb up the nearby Pentlands where he met a local cow (the four legged kind) on Saturday before heading into town early to meet with the rest of his group.
He managed to sneak into the hotel via a side door at the station so it looked like he was with the rest of the band.
After the gig he returned to Prestonfield for another night of chill before flying off on Sunday.

HAIRCUT One Hundred Star Nick Heyward
revealed he’d initially come to Glasgow years ago to meet Claire Grogan after becoming besotted with her in Gregor’s Girl - but met his wife instead.
The two girls went to school together but Nick ended up falling for Glasgow born Marion Killeen who shared a similar birthday.
He said: “I just wanted to marry Claire. Everybody did at the time. You saw Gregory’s Girl and thought yeah. We’ve since got to know one another pretty well and have talked about it. I thought she wasn’t into me at all and she said ‘no I wasn’t’.
Nick who was in Glasgow with his son who is now his sound engineer was appearing on STV’s Live At Five when we bumped into one another.
As I went over the stories of the week I joked with him that I was due to have my Haircut 100 the next day at Taylor Ferguson’s salon.

Taylor Ferguson meantime told me the latest look for this season is ‘No Style’.
He said: “All you do is give people a shape to suit their lifestyle. It’s a natural look.”
Taylor who has coiffed the hair of everyone from Gazza to Neil Lennon and Alan Rough in between, recently appeared on a show about the 78 World Cup. His was the elected hairdressing team to look after their hair - a selection of mullets and perms at the time.
Taylor revealed he used to get perm lotions in by the pallette. He reckons they won’t ever come back because they are too hard to maintain.

I’ve always loved watching The Real Hustle so it was great to meet one of the principal players R  Paul Wilson last week.
He was the director behind new Film Isolani which enlisted Celtic wag Lisa Hague as producer.
Paul who is usually known for his confidence in the show admitted he was nervous as I met him in the foyer of the GFT.
He said: “It does feel good but obviously these things are very worrying.”
He also reckons Lisa is a Real Hustler and explained: “It was fantastic working with Lisa who managed to get hold of things for the film. I don’t know how she got it and I’ve learned not to ask.”
I’d met Paul before at a magic festival in Edinburgh where he taught me some of the oldest tricks of the trade and he told me he heads back there every week.
He said: “I’m based in Glasgow now and love it here. Edinburgh is only an hour away so I’m through all the time.”

I had a very quick chat with Eileen Longmuir, wife of Original Bay City Roller Alan this week.
Alan who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of times, has been very ill in Mexico and was diagnosed with a virus that has been attacking his major organs.
Eileen who has been by his side throughout has been keeping in touch to let me know his progress.
She had planned to try to fly him back to the U.K. for treatment if his condition stabilised but that has not yet happened.
Like anyone who has met him, I’m hopeful that he will have the strength to recover from this. Fellow Roller Woody returned from Japan to the news and has also sent him a heartfelt message for his recovery.
Les McKeown who will soon play Scotfest in Edinburgh is also hoping he will be able to join him at future gigs.

MOET Chandon kicked off their big summer party by celebrating their Moet Grand Toast at Corinthian Club.
The champagne house were marking 275 years since Claude Moet brought his bubbles to the party.
All my blogger pals including Everyday Man, Middle Aged Man, ForeverYoursBetty and A Model Moment were out in force for the rooftop celebrations.
Moet’s representatives Izzy Cameron and Gemma Leisgang proved to be hostesses with the mistresses alongside Vine PR’s Mary McGowne.
Later in the day, as the bubbles were poured down a pyramid of glasses, STVs Jennifer Reoch and I ended up speaking French with a group of ladies who were visiting the city from Paris.
They were more than impressed that Moet had chosen Glasgow for their big celebration.
Normally I drive after an event but this time round I had one glass too many so I was picked up in style - by my friend white van man.

Charity worker and performer Bubbles the Clown went wild at Blairdrummond Safari Park on Sunday.
Bubbles aka David Forsyth joined 250 kids from the Les Hoey Dreammaker Foundation at the park to sing and play games.
He told me he’s off of New York this week to perform his routine at Coney Island on June 17. I’m not sure if they’ll get his catchphrase - It’s fur the weans.
Meantime the park was full of cheeky monkeys with one wee primate showing off a little too much of himself on top of one of the cars...

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