Monday 5 August 2019


HELEN Flanagan has revealed that her best pal celebrity hairdressers Jay Birmingham styles her from his phone. 
Helen couldn’t wait to get her jammies on and watch Love Island Reunion after putting on the style at Glasgow’s Glamsquad event on Sunday. 
The Corrie star and model was thrilled after her best friend Jay Birmingham presented a slot at the hair, make up and style show in Glasgow’s SWG3.
Helen said: “Jay is one of my best friends and he did absolutely amazing hosting Glamsquad which is one of the biggest events in Glasgow.
Jay said: “ There’s no other event of this kind that has so much talent on stage in one day. Helen and I met on Birmingham about seven years ago. Helen took me under her wing and I showed her the lights of Birmingham.”
Helen added: “Now Jay takes me under his wing.”
Jay joked: “I am Helens stylist, hairstylist, therapist, lifecoach.”
Helen said: “If I am ever stuck about what to wear I always WhatsApp Jay loads and and he send me the links.”
Helen and Jay attended the event alongside Alexis Stone, Polly Marchant, Reuben de Made and Tatti Lashes.
Jay said: “People are going less glam now and going more natural, wearing their hair a bit messy, with tracksuit bottoms. People go to events on tracksuits now. I think times are changing now.”
The two besties were planning a comfy night in following their glam day at the venue.
Jay laughed: “We’re going to the rathole now. I’m staying at Helen’s house and I’m having my own bedroom this time.”
Helen added: “We’re just going to chill because Jay will be exhausted after this event. We’re going to put on comfies and watch Love Island.

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