Thursday 15 August 2019


Beverley Lyons
JOE Suggs and his Strictly dance partner Dianne Buswell have announced they have officially moved in together.
The loved up pair who began dating after falling for one another on last years Strictly show where they teamed up as dance partners, shared the news on Joe’s YouTube channel today.
Joe surprised Diane with a wrapped gift and a note which she read out To his followers.
She read: “I have officially invited you to live in my humble abode with me. What does that mean?”
After Joe admitted he knew she wouldn’t understand the wording she read out the next line ... which said: “Do you want to move in with me? Yes or No. circle your choice. All my love Joseph.”
A thrilled Diane announced: “Oh well that’s very cute. Can I phone a friend?”before Joe told her: “No you can’t.”

When she decided to circle no initially, Joe suggested jokingly she. Goth like to sling her hook.
The pair then were seen snuggling together as Diane opened his gift with Joe saying: “It’s a little moving in gift. We’re officially roommates.”
Joe presented Dianne with a 3D picture of them both dressed in cartoon style versions of their outfits in Blackpool.
Diane enthused: “That’s so cute. I’m going to keep this for the rest of my life.”
A thrilled Joe said: “Welcome to my house officially. That means now you’ve got to cook me dinner for least a month. Chapter 14 has begun. We’re off to consummate the moving in.”

The loved up duo will be touring next year following Dianne’s  appearances on the new series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
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