Friday 9 August 2019


Beverley Lyons
LEWIS Capaldi wasn’t sure of where to look as he took part in a hilarious life drawing class with Capital radios Roman Kemp.
The Someone You Loved hitmaker admitted he was flustered as he came eye to eye with life model Michael’s bits and bobs during the session.
As six foot tall Michael walked in wearing just a towel round his modesty, Lewis who wore an artist’s black berry for the occasion, said : ”Alright mate, how’s it going?”
After he whipped it off, Lewis looked up from preparing his paint palette, shook his head and laughed nervously: “I can see why you are a lifedrawing model. I’m all flustered, just cause mine doesn’t look like that. There you go. Good for you mate, good for you I have to say. I’ll start with the face obviously.”
Asked by Roman what it felt like having a number one album, Lewis said: “I’d imagine it’s a very similar feeling to what I’d feel like if my penis was that size. I don’t know what I’ve f***ing drawn here to be honest.”

As Lewis tried to talk about his witty Instagram posts and time on the Late Show in America, he was distracted saying: “I just can’t stop looking at your....good for you. Good for you. God. It’s still quite chilly in here as well and it’s still...Sorry, Is everyone’s like that or is it just me, what was I saying?”
Lewis said he was thrilled about Star Wars legend Mark Hamill posting on Instagram about his ‘incredible’ voice, and added: “Luke Skywalker, Look Skycocker.”
Lewis also said he feared there might one day be a bad headline about him going for a wee somewhere.
He said: “I’ll go for a pee somewhere and it’ll turn out to be somewhere like in a graveyard or something. Someone will be like, Lewis Capaldi pees against grave, like Lewis Capaldi has no respect for the dead kind of thing. That’s only because I’ve got a small penis. If I had that they’d be like, Lewis Capaldi pays his respects to the dead.”

During his six minute chat with Roman for the Capital Breakfast show Lewis looked intensely at the model.
He said: ”This last bits taking quite a while.
You know as well as I do what bits I’m focusing on now. I don’t have to do any hair so thanks for that.”
As Roman prepared the final reveal of their life drawing pictures to a ‘Big Bake Off moment’ Lewis said: “I’ve definitely ignored any facial features cause you don’t really need them when you’ve got...Does yours look like that?I’m so sorry. God I feel so inadequate”
Roman revealed his sketch, featuring a small appendage and compared Lewis sketch to a cave painting,
Lewis laughed: “Imagine finding this in the Maian ruins. This is ridiculous you can’t do Michael like that. I think I’ve just focused on what we can all agree was a penis. The Dick n Dom in the Bungalow, the Ant n Dec, Thr Chas and Dave was distracting. I can’t really remember what’s happened. All I know is that I was sat with Roman Kemp and there was a guy with a penis in here and it was out for some reason.”
Lewis is set to appear  in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens on August 13 and 14 and heads to the States in September. 

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