Monday 28 September 2020


GERARD Butler grinned away and called himself ‘the animal whisperer’  as a curious squirrel went looking for nuts on his body as he lay in bed. 
The Scottish born 300 hunk, who is newly single, showed off his petite lady friend in a bizarre video on Instagram as he lay in bed wearing a blue tshirt and shorts. 
In the video, Gerard smiles as the squirrel climbs down from his hair to nibble his neck then beard before crawling over his mouth. 
It then disappears out of shot for a moment then returns to his head while Gerard says: “Oh, Oh, oh, yeah. Nibbling everything. It nibbles your face, your fingers, your toes, your heels, and then all your clothes. There she is she’s going to nibble my ear, thank god they are more like nibbles, chewing on my hair. Oh, oh, oh, oh“

The grey squirrel then moves from his beard again to go down to his lower body. 

As she remains out of camera shot, With just her tail on show Gerard tells fans: “Oh tasty, eh? That’s a tasty tshirt. No it’s the string of my shorts. She loves string.”
A male voice in the background says: “The plastic tabs. Yesterday she was going after my shoes.”
The squirrel then decides to go further down Gerards shorts at which point he says: “Don’t go too much lower. Oh you did.”

Fans were thrilled at his nature loving side with one saying: “Who is cuter? Gerry or the baby squirrel?”
Another added: “In my next life I want ot be the squirrel.”
Another warned: “Watch your kibbles and bits.”
While another joked: “Trying to find where you stash your nuts. Very cute lol.”

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