Tuesday 6 October 2020


Scots band The Ronains ended up having their famed song censored for a new telly advert. 

The Clydebank based pop rockers who regularly tour Stateside bagged a UK wide advertising deal with drinks brand Dragon Soop.

But their track ‘Who The F *** are The Ronains’ was beeped out by telly watchdogs before the ad for Dragon Soop ESQ was broadcast on Tuesday night pre-watershed on Channel 4. 

Last night bass player Jim Reid, and bandmembers  Debbi, Linzi and LP laughed off the snub saying: “It’s funny because the drink was quite edgy but clearly our song was edgier.“

He added: “We actually thought they’d use our new track Quarantine but you can’t go wrong with glam rock.”

The band performed  in The Barrowlands for the advert which saw them play to an empty venue.  

Jim said: “We are one of the few acts to have graced the stage there in lockdown.  We had to mask up after the performance and keep our distance. We have played twice before but it was pretty eery because it was only the band onstage with a smoke machine. 

“Barrowlands Ballroom provided the sound and light guys and it felt good to help  some people in the music sector earn some money. The guys hadn’t been able to work since February.”

The deal also saw the band recording their song in Morse Code studios with the advert being played out across 3.4 million homes on Capital Radio Over the next month. 

Jim said: “Lockdown has been a funny time for us. Around July we got talking to the Dragon Soop bosses and we reckon we are a marriage made in heaven. Their audience fits us. It’s young, it’s rock n roll, it’s colourful and it’s edgy.”

The band’s new track Quarantine was picked up by Radio 1 this week as Track of the week. 

Debbi said:  We are looking forward to playing it and other songs live when we can.

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