Thursday 16 February 2023


PAIGE Turley has revealed she had to have a mole removed after concerning results came back after a routine health check. 
The Love Island winner who rose to victory in 2020 with her partner and now longterm boyfriend Finley Tapp, had initially taken a routine health test in January.
Both she and former footballer Finn were promoting Pall Mall Medical services online and visited their premises to get a health check carried out as part of their Insta stories. 
However, a few weeks ago, Manchester based Paige, 25, received a message saying she’d have to undergo some further tests - and now she has revealed to her viewers online that medical staff found something that needed further exploration following a CT scan. 

Paige showed herself sitting with a doctor as they went through her results and also shared images of herself on a medical bed as she lifted the top on her left side ahead of the procedure. 
She revealed: “Thanks so much for the messages send wishes after my CT scan guys. After another followup appt getting a mole removed results have come with little to worry about.”
She added: ”If you're concerned about your moles or skin lesions, you can book an appointment at @pallmallmedical with one of their specialist Dermatologists. 
The assessment will take up to 30 minutes to perform a full visual examination on up to 3 moles or skin lesions with dermoscopy to look deeper if needed!”

Paige spent some time in hospital in May 2022 and at the time also posted an image of herself on her hospital bed following minor surgery. 

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