Wednesday 22 February 2023


OUTLANDER star Scott Kyle has revealed his new book about his career will include behind the scenes stories from the famed Starz TV show. 
Glasgow born Scott who describes himself as a ‘latch key kid’ who found himself filming for Hollywood productions and global tv shows is currently starring in Irvine Welsh’s Porno - the stage set follow up to Trainspotting. 
As tickets went on sale for the production at Glasgows Kings theatre this week, Scott revealed his book plans for the future. 
Tucking into a mixed grill and chicken schwarma banquet at Glasgow’s Damasqino restaurant with his wife Karen where he let owner Mohammad Bashar Al Haj Ali have a sneak peak at his first chapter, he said: “I’ve started writing the book about my life as a boy in a single parent family from Rutherglen who ended up in huge productions including Outlander. 
It will come out next year and will be full of stories from behind the scenes on the hit show like getting my shirt off with big Sam Heughan. 
“On my first day on the Outlander set I had to go  topless as we were both given a public lashing. When I took my shirt off there was nothing much to report home about it, but when Sam followed and took his shirt off, all the supporting actors let off oohs and aahs. It was a sign of things to come.”

Scott who became part of the Outlander family, amassing huge views online after appearing on the show and now organising the annual Highlander Fling for fans, also had scenes with Caitriona Balfe and talks about that in the book. 
He said: “There are so many anecdotes from all the productions I’ve been in including Kajaki (Kilo Two Bravo in the States) where I spent almost two months in Jordan.”
Scott is currently delighted to be playing the role made famous by Ewan McGregor in the stage equivalent of Trainspotting two. 
He said: “I’m playing Renton, fifteen years after Trainspotting. From a Scottish actor point of view I’ve done the biggest TV show and this is the next highest role you could ask for.  
Irvine Welsh came to see us when we put the show on in Edinburgh and there’s every likelihood he’ll come to the Glasgow production at the Kings in December and then there are plans to take the show further afield.”

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