Sunday 6 March 2016


CALVIN Harris and Taylor Swift celebrated their one year anniversary by having their cake and eating it.
The two musical lovebirds met at The Elle Style Awards 12 months ago after their mutual pal Ellie Goulding introduced them to one another.
It might have been Mother's Day yesterday but it was more like lovers day for Scots producer and UberDJ Calvin who decided to get Taylor something extra sweet to celebrate their time together.
He posted up a video on Snapchat of the said chocolate cake with white icing spelling 1 Year and two jelly red hearts and as Taylor nodded happily he said: "One year. We got a one year cake, one year."

The pressie came as fans speculated whether the couple had become engaged after Taylor sported a new ring on her finger in recent pictures.
In actual fact Taylor was rocking a new piece of jewellery instead late last night, She showed off a beautiful golden locket with the date 3.6.15 to mark the original date she and Calvin got together ,along with the message 'One year down!"
Wonder what she got Calvin?


OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan and his castmembers appear to have been getting trolled online by Star Trek's William Shatner.
And while the actors seem to be taking it on the chin as playful banter, some of the loyal series fans are a tad dismayed by Shatner's attitude.
The ribbings began after Shatner took the mickey out of Sam's outtfit choice at a Scots press conference for Zero Waste Scotland.
When a fan praised Sam saying he was 'looking freaking awesome', William replied: "Until he put on those shoes." 
After Sam asked him for advice on what to wear to his upcoming Tartan Day Parade appearance in New York next month, Shatner then added: "I can call in Betsey Johnson and I'm sure she'd love to advise."
The two actors had been joking previously about a dinner date they'd planned - and Shatner, who claimed he'd been stood up, asked Sam to donate something to his charity auction. 
He wrote: "#He now has to bring gifts to redeem himself! 🙁 "
The conversation then took a turn for the worse as Shatner appeared to criticise actor Claire Fraser on the series.
He said: "I (heart) Catriona...she's a fine actress. Claire meh ;)
After that, things got messy as Outlander fans were quick to jump to Claire's defense.
Shatner, who referred to the loyal fans as Cray Cray's (crazies), then had a pop at actor Richard Rankin who plays Roger Wakefield on the show.
When Richard asked Shatner if he was trying to get a spot on the series, Shatner replied: "Yes Lord of the Blue rocks" 
He also said: "You have no idea how desperate I am to go to the cold Scottish highlands and create box jumping pastimes, before adding : "So you are another crazy who is on that show."
Richard replied: "Now Mr Shatner. To insult me is one thing but to insult my colleagues is quite another."
Author Diana Gabaldon then tried to calm things down by joking: "A simple Yes would have sufficed."
The slanging match continued until Shatner, who also appeared to insult Diane by saying he'd read Wikipedia rather than the eight Outlander books, let rip:
"You know RikRankin I did some research and decided you are not relevant until the second part of next season IF at all XO."
Even Sam Heughan had to intervene by asking: "Play nice boys."
Shatner then sloped off adding: "I'll be back later to cause more aggravation..."
Looks like there's more drama going on here than in the actual books!