Thursday 24 October 2019


Snow Patrol fans will be able to take stock after the band have have announced details of a new album. Reworked features 13 reimagined versions of some of the band's biggest hits alongside three brand new recordings and will be released on 8th  November via Polydor Records. The record accompanies a Reworked tour in November and December and follows the release of Reworked EPs 1 and 2. Twenty-five years into a career that has taken in one billion global track streams, five UK platinum albums, an Ivor Novello award and Grammy and Mercury Music Prize nominations, Reworked marks a period of looking back and taking stock. 
"After 10 years of no success, no-one - least of all us - expected us these last 15 years to sell 17 million albums, headline festivals and play to thousands of people all over the world," says frontman Gary Lightbody.
 The idea for the Reworked album took shape as the band were touring their hugely successful 2018 record Wildness. They had undertaken a Reworked tour in 2009 and were already planning to do the same at the end of 2019 - why not, reasoned guitarist Johnny McDaid, support it with a whole Reworked album? "So on the Wildness tour, Johnny set his recording gear up everywhere we went. He worked his butt off." An acoustic tour of Australia, New Zealand and Asia helped inspire their approach. "On those shows we did some of the songs close to how they sound on the Reworked album," says Lightbody. "The new version of You're All I Have came directly out of playing those acoustic shows."
 Recently unveiled as the 21st century's biggest radio track, Chasing Cars is stripped down to its rawest form. "It's just the vital parts of the song," says Lightbody. "It's not so much a reworking as a tender portrayal of its essence." Tracks from across their career are broken down, reassembled and reanimated, recorded in hotel rooms or dressing rooms backstage in some of the world's biggest venues. "I had worried a little that the whole record was getting very downtempo," admits Lightbody. "The nature of recording in hotel rooms and dressing rooms is that things will invariably be low-key. Hard to rock out with a family of four in the next hotel room trying to sleep! When it came to some of the songs we recorded towards the end of the new album, we wanted to explore a slightly higher tempo."
 Former full-time member and occasional writing/producing wingman Iain Archer chipped in on certain songs to bring these new versions to life.
 Three new songs complete the set. The lovely, heart-stopping Time Won't Go Slowly was written by Lighthouse and McDaid at the latter's house in LA. "We're both massive fans of Frank Ocean, so we wanted it to sound like Frank Ocean crossed with Frank Sinatra. It's a classic crooner track." I Think Of Home is a folk-flavoured piano ballad with vivid, evocative and deeply personal lyrics, whilst Made Of Something Different Now is quietly sweeping, quietly epic and wholly devastating. "It's one of my favourite tracks we have done in ages," says Lightbody. "In keeping with the Reworked attitude of trying new things, it's unlike much of what we've done before."
 These 16 inspiring, enveloping tracks are a moment for Snow Patrol to embrace the past, but also a hint at where they might go next. Reworked is Snow Patrol's history, and their legacy.

1. Take Back The City (Reworked)
2. Open Your Eyes (Reworked)
3. Time Won't Go Slowly
4. Chocolate (Reworked)
5. Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Reworked)
6. Made Of Something Different Now
7. You're All I Have (Reworked)
8. I Think Of Home
9. Empress (Reworked)
10. Run (Reworked)
11. Heal Me (Reworked)
12. Called Out In The Dark (Reworked)
13. Crack The Shutters (Reworked)
14. Chasing Cars (Reworked)
15. Just Say Yes (Reworked)
16. Don't Give In (Reworked)

Snow Patrol Reworked Tour Dates
13 November - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
14 November - Plymouth Pavilions (SOLD OUT)
16 November - Oxford New Theatre Oxford (SOLD OUT)
17 November - Llandudno Venue Cymru (SOLD OUT)
19 November - Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (SOLD OUT)
20 November - London Royal Albert Hall (SOLD OUT)
21 November - Ipswich Regent Theatre (SOLD OUT)
23 November - Leicester De Montfort Hall (SOLD OUT)
24 November - Brighton The Brighton Centre
26 November - Dublin Olympia Theatre (SOLD OUT)
28 November - Belfast Waterfront Hall (SOLD OUT)
28 November - Belfast Waterfront Hall (SOLD OUT)
1 December - Manchester O2 Apollo (SOLD OUT)
2 December - Edinburgh Usher Hall (SOLD OUT)
2 December - Edinburgh Usher Hall (SOLD OUT)
5 December - London Royal Albert Hall (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday 23 October 2019


Pic: Steve Walsh

Fans will be in for a treat after seeing Susan Boyle team up with Jai McDowall for her upcoming tour. 
The BGT star hits the road in March 2020, and a successful first rehearsal, saw the addition of fellow BGT alumni Jai McDowall as special guest for “The Ten Tour”.
Susan, along with Jai McDowall and a dazzling array of the industry’s best musicians are coming to the stage this Spring, performing in 15 cities across the United Kingdom, starting on the 3rd of March through to the 25th of March, 2020.
Susan said; “I was looking forward to my tour, but getting into the studio and rehearsing and coming up with exciting new material and suggestions, I can’t wait to get back on that stage. I’m also looking forward to Jai joining as well. This will be an all-new show, like nothing you’ve seen me do before.”
Jai added, “After a very successful first rehearsal with Susan I am beyond excited to start the tour it’s going to be incredible and the fans are in for a real treat, can’t wait to hit the road in March 2020.”
With brand new production, staging and choreography, “The Ten Tour” is set to wow audiences. The spectacular concert, will feature her greatest hits and some incredible new genres of music in an honest and intimate show that will inspire and delight, just as she did ten years ago.
Following on from the phenomenal success of Susan’s sell out UK tour in 2013 and USA tour in 2014, she is not only singing into the top venues in the country, but into the hearts of the Brits. “The Ten Tour” is traveling throughout the U.K. including stops in Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and Dundee, in this 15 show extravaganza.
For up to date information and to purchase tickets visit

Tuesday 22 October 2019


US Boyband 5West reckon they’ve been handed the baton by Boyzone to carry on their pop legacy after supporting the Irish lads on their last ever tour. recently caught up with the four funny lads during their visit to Scotland to chat about their music and new single The Stars About You. 
‘Fun and poppy’ are how the four amigos describe their music and they are keen to bring a new energy to the stage. 
Luke , 17, Owen, 19, Jon Paul, 21 and Peet, 29 had to audition for a place in the band and they admit they are lucky to all get on. 
The band, who initially began as a five piece,  made their first live performance as a group in South Africa at The President’s Ball before headlining Cape Town’s Mr Gay World 2019. An invitation to perform at Grand Canaria Pride (supporting Eurovision’s Conchita) was followed by spots at Pride Festivals in the UK where the group then hit the road to perform at county shows, holiday resorts, high profile charity events (including a tribute for England legend Duncan Edwards), under 18 nights, and their own school tour.
Linguist Luke who used to live in Monaco and is described by the other lads as seventeen going on forty eight said: “We auditioned in LA and we met in Nashville in February and that afternoon we recorded our first single. Every day it feels like we are fine tuning this so its pretty cool.”
Peet, the loveable redhead in the band couldn’t wait to come to Scotland to explore his ancestry. 
He said: “My great grandma was from Scotland and I’m really into finding out more.”

The boys have been learning a lot from their elders including Ronan Keating who they describe as a father figure. 
Charmer Jon Paul explained: “We met Ronan just  before we went on stage and he was in flip flops with a sweater on. We had fifteen seconds before we sang and were shaking and he just was so casual and said good luck.  He was looking like a dad and he’s a living legend.”
Owen, who was keen to try the haggis on his trip and loves fast cars, can’t wait to come back to Scotland with the rest of the band and make some new Scottish friends.  
He said: “We’ve really enjoyed and appreciated all the shows we’ve done so far this year. We aren’t expecting things to fall into our laps and are prepared to work really hard, to get out there and perform wherever we can and to as many people as possible. It’s been so encouraging to see the reaction from the audiences to our songs and our shows.”
 The boys new single ‘Stars About You’ is out now co-written with Grammy Award winning producer Bryan Todd (Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus). 

Wednesday 16 October 2019


JIM Kerr has paid a touching tribute to his late dad Jimmy who passed away just before he and Simple Minds embark on a 40th anniversary world tour and live album. 
Sunday soundtrack radio host Ricky Ross admitted he didn’t expect Jim Kerr to come into his Sunday morning BBC show following the tragic news. 
Rocky told Jim: “You’ve come in and I didn’t expect you to come in today. You’ve been looking after your dad the last two months and sadly he’s gone.”
Jim replied: “Don’t make me cry Ricky. People will be turning off. Let’s cut to the chase - my dad was a big fan of your show, a big fan of radio and a great great reader as well. You ticked a lot of boxes for him because you are a country show. That was his music. My dad would tell me you’ve got to check this and that. Only two weeks ago dad told me about the show you’d done then and Willie Haughey was on it.
“There’s no way dad would have accepted me not coming in here and it’s a pleasure to see you here. ”
Jim then said of his dad: “Dad was eighty three and I’m so lucky. He was just the greatest dad and I feel very fortunate to be born, that was my dad and he was also my best pal and a great great influence. 
He was a brickies labourer all his life. He was a strong guy. Perhaps uncommon or maybe not when you think of a lot of the shipyard guards, he was very keen on educating himself. 
”Although he could mix it with the rest of the labourers and go to the pub and football he had his head in a book from Monday to Friday. The only person Who can read as much is my other best pal Charlie Burchill. 
Jom said his dad taught him how to dream: “My dad, there was a great curiosity in him to know about world beyond the end of his street. Unfortunately his generation you couldn’t just decided you were going to Nepal and they had to knuckle down and thanks to them we were allowed to dream bigger.  My dad would point me out a window and say ‘over there is Africa’. 
I think that is the most quality - to dream big or to imagine big. The idea of being a dreamer or have your heads in clouds was once a derogatory thing. But I realised it’s the most potent thing ever. It all begins with imagination. Sitting here all these  years later  I’m bewildered that the things we had came to pass.” 
Jim also told of the moment his dad realised he would do well as a musician. 
He laughed: “My dad also gave up drinking a long time ago but when we were starting the band he was in a period where he had to go to the meetings and he was trying to sort himself out. It was more a subtle thing. He wasn’t happy and we were up and down in vans and going here there and everywhere. I didn’t have much dialogue with him for around a two year period. Dad didn’t grasp it but finally we got to play in Glasgow in Tiffany’s and it was a big deal to sell it out. Mum and dad were coming but dad went to the pub first and mum got fed up waiting and went to the gig herself. Dad wasn’t drunk but he didn’t go home and still had his working gear on and mum would have been humiliated. We did the gig. What a night.
“ I saw him the next day - Saturday morningHe made breakfast the next morning and he was a wee bit sheepish and he said ‘you are going to make it. You are going to be a big big band’. He said ’I was watching this one guy last night and he was in the queue and dancing and he got his chips and you started this song The American and he threw them up in the air and ran down. Anybody that can get people to do that. That’s a talent.’
That was his version of the old grey whistle test.”

Tuesday 15 October 2019


A Scotsman has gone viral during his funeral - after speaking beyond the grave.  
Irish Defence force veteran Shay Bradley whose mother is from Glasgow got mourners  laughing hysterically when he started speaking to them from his coffin at his funeral in Ireland. 
As relatives and friends  watched his coffin being buried his voice could be heard shouting: “Hello, hello. Let me out.” 
As he knocked on the wood of the coffin Shay continued: “Where the f*** am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s fing dark in here. Is that the priest I  can hear. This is Is Shay I’m in the box. No in fing front of you. I’m dead.”
 Shay then sings: “Hello again hello, hello I just called to say goodbye.”
Mourners laughed hysterically as Shay who passed on October 8 following a long illness had the last laugh in saying his final goodbye. 
The video of the service has now gone viral and yesterday was shared by Irish Defense Forces veterans News who said: “ It is with great sadness that I was informed of the passing of our Military Brother and Veteran Colleague Shay Bradley. On behalf of the members of the IDFVA I extend our sincerest condolences and prayers to Anne and  family at this sad time. May Shay Rest in Peace.”
They later added: “Was asked a question the other day, it was what's the difference between military humour and Civilian Humour it's simple it's black. This video should say it all. This is the funeral of Shay Bradley on the 12 of October 2019 and it says it all......”
Shays daughter Andrea explained that the message was recorded before Shay passed and was put out via a speaker on the ground. She said on Twitter: “ He would love to know how many people he made laugh. He was an amazing character.”
Andrea said: “My dads mum was Susannah Mulligan from Glasgow and she married Jack Bradley who was a butcher from Dublin. It’s been a complete whirlwind - amazing and also very sad. We couldn’t believe it when we heard him speak from the coffin. We were all in hysterics laughing. My brother recorded it with my dad about a year ago and said you have to play it.” He told him ‘Let your mam hear it first but don’t let her say no. The grandkids and us heard it first but no one else knew apart from his immediate family. It’s made it so much easier for us with this prank. He was always joking through life. We’ve had absolutely tons of people contacting us.”
His wife Anne said: “He was in the army in his early days and worked in his family butcher shop for a while but he was a salesman and sold everything and anything though never coffins. He always felt sorry for undertakers because he thought how could  they ever have a laugh.
He was sixty three and diagnosed with illness three years ago and made the recording around a year ago when my son popped into lunch to see him one day.
He always called himself Famous Seamus and he’d be so happy with this right now. In hospital he loved the nurses and all his careers and he was a larger than life character. He loved life and his family. I’m totally overwhelmed.”

Excerpts of this article have since appeared on the Mail Online. 

Monday 14 October 2019


WE love a Spanish fiesta at and we had just that at Glasgow’s Cafe Andaluz West End. 
The restaurant has just launched a brand new fiesta menu meaning two people can enjoy five dishes from their Fiesta Nacional de España'  menu along with two desserts for £24.

As the southernmost region of Spain, Andalusia, with its wealth of fertile farmland, vertiginous mountain ranges and rugged coastline, is one of the most gastronomically unique areas of the country. The regions cuisine is dictated by the fish in the sea, the animals in the fields and the wilds of the mountains. 
With a string of whitewashed hill towns, bright sunny skies, vibrant festivals and tempting tapas, Andalucía is the soul of Spain and until October 17 guests at Cafe Andaluz restaurants across Scotland are invited to enjoy a taste of Spain’s southern coast as the restaurant brand introduce a special 'menu in celebration of Spain's National Day. 
Diners at Cafe Andaluz at restaurants in Glasgow's West End, Glasgow City Centre, Edinburgh New Town, Edinburgh Old Town and Aberdeen City Centre will enjoy a selection of the best Spanish tapas and wine around, from the best of Southern Spain and Andalucia region. The menu available for a limited time only is priced at £24 and includes the choice of any 5 tapas and 2 desserts between 2 people. 

Customers who book at Cafe Andaluz during this time will also be entered into a prize draw to win an all expenses paid trip to the Spanish region to soak up the very best of flamenco, fiestas, sherry, siestas, sun-gilded hilltop towns and shimmering sea. 
The 'Fiesta Nacional de España' menu includes a range of Tapas; TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA - a traditional mainstay of Spanish tapas, tortilla is a thick omelette filled with sliced potato
& onion; ENSALADA ANDALUZA - a salad of asparagus tips, artichokes & sun blush tomatoes with a sweet hinamin dressing; PATATAS BRAVAS - skin-on halved new potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce & alioli; ENSALADA DE PIÑONES - a salad of pearl couscous, cherry tomatoes and Spanish olives, tossed with lemon, olive oil, sea salt, fresh basil & toasted pine nuts. 
Fish Tapas available include CALAMARES - crisp-fried classic calamari rings served with fresh lemon & smoked paprika alioli; LUBINA CON SALSA MEDITERRÁNEA - fillet of sea bass with slow-cooked red peppers, garlic, paprika, chilli, black olives, capers & anchovies and GAMBAS PIL PIL - hot roast king prawns with olive oil, chilli, paprika & garlic while meat tapas include ALBÓNDIGAS - traditional spiced pork & beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce; CHORIZO AL VINO - sliced chorizo sautéed in red wine and a restaurant favourite; CROQUETAS DE JAMÓN Y QUESO - crisp croquettes stuffed with Serrano ham & mozzarella cheese, served with garlic alioli. 
There are gluten free vegetarian options too and we enjoyed three gluten free veggie dishes of Patadas Gratinadas which consisted of mouthwatering potatoes in a creamy cheesy garlic sauce, Pimientos De Padron - salted and seared pan peppers that just pop in your mouth, and a refreshing Ensalada de Mallorca with butter beans, roasted sweet potatoes, pomegranate seeds, onions and pine nuts. 
We also enjoyed the fresh Shetland mussels Mejillones A La Marinera cooked in a beautifully moreish creamy sauce and the Pollo Marinado chicken with its soothing chilli youghurt. Everything was fresh and service was with a smile. They even made us mocktails when we said we were driving. 
To finish who could resist the perfectly crunchy speciality Churros with their chocolate dipping sauce and some ice cream with fresh fruits. 
At £24 it’s a filling menu that offers something a bit different. 

Tony Conetta, Director of The Di Maggios Restaurant Group (The DRG) said:
"Cafe Andaluz restaurants recreate the magic and charm of an authentic Spanish dining experience with an extensive range of dishes showcasing the best of southern Spain's food and drink. Our popular tapas and mouth-watering menus showcase the essence of the Andalusion region and highlight the rich and flavoursome cuisine that Spain is famed for".
Diners can book a table now via a unique online pre-booking link for ‘Fiesta Nacional de España'; Available from Sunday 13th October to Thursday 17th October (inclusive) between 12pm - 10:30pm across Cafe Andaluz Scotland wide locations - Glasgow West End, Glasgow City Centre, Edinburgh New Town, Edinburgh Old Town and Aberdeen City Centre. 
The special menu is priced at £24 and includes the choice of any 5 tapas and 2 desserts between 2 people. There are both vegan and vegetarian tapas options available as part of the dining offer as well as 'Para Compartir' (sharing plates) & tapas accompaniments from an additional £3. 

To make a reservation and to book now for 'Fiesta Nacional de España' visit:

To enter the online prize draw please visit Cafe Andaluz facebook page at:

Thursday 10 October 2019


WILL Ferrell says he loves Scotland and is planning to return after a successful shoot in Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

The Anchorman star who has been in Scotland to shoot the Eurovision Netflix movie with Pierce Brosnan, Demi Lovato and Rachel McAdams was in fun loving form when met him. 

Will has just visited Glasgow’s The Spanish Butcher for a spot of dinner with his brother where they enjoyed a mammoth 35-day dry-aged 1.1kg porterhouse steak, alongside a 900g chateaubriand from Galician blond cattle in Northen Spain. 

They also ordered double helpings of their addictive manchego mac and cheese topped with puffed paprika pork skin, after devouring their first portion. 

Asked if he liked Scotland he told us:”No. I don’t like Scotland” before adding: “I love Scotland.”Will told us he’d been here recently to visit play golf and he’d enjoyed the game and the food. 

He added: “I’ll come back soon.”

He also teased our chief lioness Bev about being a journalist in true Anchorman style. 

We can’t wait to see him again. 

Wednesday 9 October 2019


SIMPLE Minds, Tom Walker and emerging artist Joesef are lined up to appear at this years  Nordoff Robbins fundraiser The Specsavers Scottish Music Awards. 

Now in its 21st year, the prestigious award ceremony will once again raise vital funds for the music therapy charity and honour the very best in Scottish music across one star-studded, unmissable night. The charity has unveiled the first nominees and performers for this year’s awards, with the legendary Simple Minds set to take to the stage alongside one of the biggest breakthrough artists of the last year, Tom Walker as well as Joesef, one of Scotland’s most exciting emerging artists capturing huge industry buzz right now. New for 2019, the awards will be hosted by Scotland’s very own Edith Bowman. 

As one of Scotland’s most rock n roll nights, can’t wait to attend Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket on Saturday November 30 as we all honour and reward some of music’s biggest stars, whilst raising funds for the UK’s largest independent music therapy charity.


BRIT Award winner Tom Walker will perform at this year’s awards, nominated for the Barrowland’s Best Album Award. Born in Kilsyth before moving to England, the singer-songwriter has a special place in his heart for Glasgow, with his Scottish gran at the forefront of his Brit Award winners’ speech in February. With heartfelt, singalong singles like ‘Leave a Light On’ and ‘Just You and I’ Tom Walker’s intimate performance at the Old Fruitmarket will be a real highlight of the awards ceremony. A long-time supporter of Nordoff Robbins, Tom’s single ‘Leave a Light On’ received an update from Scotland’s Red Hot Chilli Pipers, and the new track was released earlier this year in aid of the charity, as Tom and the Pipers performed the duet everywhere from Glasgow’s Buchanan Street to Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium. 


Tom said, "I’ve just heard the absolutely sick news that I’ve been nominated for the Barrowland’s Best Album at the Scottish Music Awards. I won UK Breakthrough before I even had an album out, which was the first award I ever got for my music. It was a huge honour and a real boost for me to have that support, so to be coming back again and nominated for this is just amazing. You can help Nordoff Robbins right now by downloading the version of Leave A Light On I did with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers – all the money from that helps them to keep doing their life-changing work. Thank you Scotland!”


Always supporting the nation’s most exciting emerging artists, previous Scottish Music Awards have seen the likes of Lewis Capaldiand Nina Nesbitt scoop awards. Looking to follow in their footsteps, rising star Joesef has been nominated for Coors’ Best Breakthrough Artist.

With his distinctively soulful vocals, the artist from the East End of Glasgow has captured the attention of fans and tastemakers alike from well beyond the confines of his hometown with tracks like ‘Limbo’,  ‘Loverboy’ and latest single ‘Don’t Give In’. With three sold-out nights at Glasgow’s iconic King Tut’s already under his belt, and a date at SWG3 in December, the singer-songwriter has already carefully crafted a sound that feels incredibly vital and unique to the city’s constantly developing soundscape. 


Joesef Added: "Cheers to Nordoff Robbins for thinking of me as a nominee for the Best Breakthrough award. I still don't feel like I've even kicked a ball yet so this is pretty special.” 


Jill McArthur, Chair of Specsavers in Scotland, said: “We are delighted to support this year’s 2019 Specsavers Scottish Music Awards.


“The work of Nordoff Robbins and The Scottish Music Awards is a true inspiration to the people of Scotland which is why Specsavers has returned as headline sponsor of the event for this year.


“We look forward to working with both the event organisers and charity to ensure the 2019 awards are the most successful to-date and we wish all artists the best of luck on the evening.”


Some of the most legendary figures in Scottish music have been awarded over the years at the prestigious ceremony with previous winners including Paolo Nutini, Snow Patrol, Annie Lennox and after another triumphant year for the nation’s music scene, an incredible mix of iconic acts and breakthrough stars will be honoured at 2019’s event. 


Formed in Glasgow in 1977, Simple Minds have sold more than 70 million records over the last four decades. With six UK Number One albums to their name, the band have one of the most iconic back catalogues in music history, ranging from electronica infused post-punk to strident, stadium-filling anthems. Over their 40-year career, the band have been responsible for some of the most innovate and enduring anthems in rock music including ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, ‘Alive and Kicking’ and ‘Belfast Child’.  Having collaborated with artists from Bono to David Bowie to Iggy Pop, Simple Minds are, quite simply, one of Scotland’s biggest exports to the international music scene. Nominated for the Specsavers Outstanding Contribution to Music Award, Simple Minds will also perform at the awards ceremony at the intimate Old Fruitmarket.


Set to feature one of its biggest and most exciting line-ups to date, this year’s glittering ceremony will shine a light on those acts who have made an outstanding contribution to Scottish music throughout their career as well as those who have made a significant impact over the last 12 months. Making its 21st celebrations even bigger and better, Nordoff Robbins have invited the outstanding Edith Bowman to present the awards this year. There is no one who knows the Scottish music scene better than the Scots DJ and Presenter, making her the perfect host for the evening’s proceedings on St Andrew’s Day in Glasgow celebrating all things Scotland. 


Shaping up to be one of the most eagerly anticipated music events of the year, TheSpecsavers Scottish Music Awards have been the main fundraising event for music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins for over 20 years.  Funds raised on the night are a vital part of the charity’s ability to provide music therapists and sessions to those who need it most. 2018’s winners and attendees included Susan Boyle, Snow Patrol, Mark Knopfler, Tom Grennan, The Snuts and Amy Macdonald. 


For tickets to the Scottish Music Awards please contact: