Saturday 28 October 2017


GLASGOW has been transformed into New York City as Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Lord of the Rings Star Hugo Weaving prepare to hit the city for a new TV series.
Melrose, a Sky Atlantic show will follow the character of Patrick Melrose, “an aristocratic and outrageously funny playboy” who turns to substance abuse to erase bad childhood memories of his abusive father and a mother who tacitly condoned the behaviour.
 The programme is set in the south of France in the 1960s, New York in the 1980s and London in the early 2000s.
As well as changing bank building signage in Bothwell Street over to popular New York names like The Drake Hotel, and covering up red post boxes with graffitied metal boxes, an array of yellow cabs and other US vehicles took over the streets of the city centre for pre production activity yesterday ( Saturday)
Yesterday cones were put around the streets to stop cars from obstructing the Film set and cars which were parked after 4pm were towed.
Roads around the city will be closed between October 29 and November 3 to accommodate the production including Bothwell Street, Bothwell Lane, St Vincent Street and Renfield Street.
In recent years Glasgow has been turned into various American destinations due to its grand architecture and grid system of streets.

Wednesday 25 October 2017


MIDGE Ure says he’d love to go on tour with a classical orchestra but being a true Scotsman is worried about the cost.
The Ultravox singer is currently touring with an electro band but says he’d love to involve strings and brass next time round.
He said: “It would be lovely to do but I am Scottish and I’ve still got that thing of ‘how much is it going to cost going out on tour with an orchestra?’. That’s lots of money. We are looking at the possibilities of doing it next year.”
He added: “I’ve got a very versatile electronic band for this tour but I’ve got an album orchestrated and I’ve been working on it for eighteen months now and it came about because I’ve done a few performances over the last couple of years with orchestras and of course it transpires with what I’ve written in the past with Ultravox really suits orchestral treatments. It’s very cinematic, poignant, grandiose, very sad and next year we will look at the possibilities of a live tour off the back of the album.”
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Monday 23 October 2017


ROD Stewart paid tribute to a very special member of Celtic Park - and serenaded her before telling her he loved her.
In an exclusive video to honour Glasgow's Angela Thomson who celebrated thirty years of working behind the scenes at Parkhead, Rod gave a tour of his Celtic themed home gym.
Standing by a Celtic flagpole, he welcomed her to his gym decked out with Hoops scarves and placques and said: "Angie its Rod. It's raining. Come into the gym. Come quickly. Come on in. This is my gym. Angie, I just wanted to thank you for your thirty years to the best football team - not always the best football team but certainly the best club in the world. You've been absolutely wonderful. What would we have done without you? I wish I could have been there for you but I'm away tonight to the south of France for a rest but I love you and I'll see you soon. I'm going to bring you up a present and I'm going to sing a song as well."
After singing the opening verse of 'Have I told you lately that I love you?' Rod added: "See you soon Angie. Take care darling. Love you"
The brilliant video and night was organised by Made In Scotland and Celtic Former Players Association with Spirit Aid and was one of the largest events in Celtic Park's function rooms with a whopping five hundred and fifty guests.
Rod wasn't the only celebrity to pay his respects to Angie who has kept the players strips clean and smart over the years.
It was like a Who's Who of the clubs history as over 100 past and present names and four ex managers turned up to honour Her.
John Hartson, Henrik Larson, Jackie McNamara, Neil Lennon, Frank McAvennie, Gordon Strachan and Martin O Neill were amongst those who paid tribute to Angie in the flesh alongside the current squad and Brendan Rodgers. Pierre van Hooijdonk, Peter Lawwell and Lubo Moravcik also sent special video messages to Angie as she is affectionately known.
The 59 year old started off in catering before moving to the clubs laundrette.
Angie's daughter said: "It was amazing for us to see how well respected Angela is and to see how many people love her. She is so special to us.
"She thought she was going to a Celine Dione tribute night and was in shock when she saw a big picture of herself on screen. I was blown away too. She's been with the club for 30 years and she started with catering and then went to work in laundry."
Ex player Joe Miller who heads up the Former Celtic Players Association said: "It was a great event and pretty touching as well. Angie started at the club the same time as I started at Celtic and used to help Neil Mochan who was kit manager at the time. She's a great character and has looked after everyone. She's an important part of the club and has played a huge part in the players lives and made an impression. You could rely on her if you needed anything signed - even once you left the club. A lot of people who work at the club are unsung heroes and Angie comes under that category. She is at the heart of the club.
Players flew in from around the world to be with her."
Jacqueline Doherty from Made In Scotland who put together the videos for the event said: "Getting Rod was the icing on the cake and we compiled a potted thirty year history for this lady. It was wonderful."
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Sun
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Thursday 19 October 2017


RADIO DJ Suzie McGuire ended up making a real dogs dinner of things after announcing on social media that she was going to appear on Come Dine With Me - and got over 480 messages of congratulations.
The former Clyde 1 presenter's news received hundreds of replies on Facebook and beyond after she announced "Whoop whoop I've just been accepted on Come Dine With Me."
Suzie's post was so popular that a Glasgow evening paper even covered it as a legitimate story.
She also received messages from as far afield as South Africa and Florida asking her when the transmission date was.
But the announcement was a fake - and Suzie has now revealed to The Showbiz Lion that she was just doing her bit for an autism charity - and shared the post in a bid to raise awareness for the cause.
Suzie said: "I don't normally entertain or agree these chainmail messages but a friend of mine who has a wee boy with autism sent it after I commented on his post and I felt I couldn't ignore it.
"The message I received back said I had to 'pick from one of the sentences below and post it as your status. This is the 2017 Autism Awareness game. Don't be a spoil sport. Pick your poison from one of these and post it as your status.'
Suzie had options to choose sentences like 'Just found a squirrel in my car!', 'Just agreed to a sexual favour to get out of a speeding ticket.', 'I've no clean pants for tomorrow, so just going to turn them inside out!' and 'My haemorrhoids are playing up like crazy tonight!'
She said: "I wasn't going to tell people that I was pregnant or that I'd p**d myself which were other options so I thought I'd put up the status about being chosen to go on come dine with me which was the last option in the list, but I never expected all this carry on."
As soon as she posted the status, Suzie's timeline was flooded with messages of congratulations from people like Stephen Hamilton who said: "Brilliant, Suzie. I've never seen toast and beans washed doon wi a boattle of Scotmid's special offer on TV"
Nadine Hawkins said: "Better get the Indian on standby!"
Other suggestions of food included bangers and mash, Fray bentos pies, and boxed cheesy pasta.
A hopeful Graham Ray added: "Well done. What's for dinner then? Let's us know when you are due to be on. Two people I know have won this."
Naked Butler Paul Lawlor even volunteered to strip for the occasion.
He offered: "Brilliant! If you would like someone to greet your guests i'd be happy to come along and surprise them. Obviously at no expense.x"
Suzie said: "Everyone got so involved and came up with ideas of the menu including Buckfast and Fray Bentos. When I went to a pub quiz that night people were congratulating me and asking when I was going to be on telly and I got numerous or page messages from people too."
When Suzie saw her announcement had been picked up by a local rag she knew she had to private message people to come clean.
She said: "When it turned up as an article in the evening paper I was speechless. It was only meant to be a giggle and now I have repetitive strain injury in my hand from sending private messages to people telling them it was for autism awareness."
The reaction to her post has however made Suzie think about doing the show for real and she says she'd be game for a laugh next time the telly show is looking for Scots contestants.
She said: "It might actually maybe lead to me being on Come Dine With Me.
"I am a good cook and have become a domestic goddess while I've taken a break with the kids. I really enjoy cooking now and there's six of us and a slow cooker. I love to make a curry or a nice fillet of steak and I love a wee dinner party so I'd be up for going on the show for real. Nigella and Jamie eat your heart out."
This article has since appeared in the Scottish Sun.
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Tuesday 17 October 2017


BILLY Connolly once had to hide under a table during the troubles in Northern Ireland according to broadcaster Gloria Hunniford.

Gloria, and her Rip Off Britain golden girls Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville can't wait to come to Scotland this week to host a week of live episodes of the BBC one consumer show. 

She recalled meeting her first ever big name Scot - in the form of Billy. 

She revealed: "Billy Connolly was probably the first big famous Scot I met. When I was in Northern Ireland he was a great friend of Phil Coulter who is a great composer and pianist and performer. They still are really good mates. Phil lived in Derry and during the bombings Billy would literally bite the bullet and come across.  

Gloria who regularly reported on the bombs, bullets and barricades long before she was sent to London to work for Radio 2 said: "Phil wanted Billy to come over this one time and Billy wasn't keen. 

He said: "I don't want to come over." Phil said: "You'll be safe as houses. They don't ever attack anyone in sport or entertainment." 

Anyway Billy was in St Columbs Hall in Derry and there was a bomb scare. So he was hiding under the table during this bomb scare and shouted to Coulter 'Wait till I get my hands on you." 

At the same time there was somebody crawling commando style in his chest and hands and knees and said to Billy 'Hey Billy could I have your autograph."

Gloria also revealed her young son couldn't get round the idea of historic Scottish ruins when they first came on holiday to Scotland. 

She said: I remember the first time we came to visit Scotland when we were living in Northern Ireland. We could go round Stranraer very easily for a holiday and we went when my kids were small and I do recall going to the Rose Abbey when my son Paul was seven or eight at the time and he said: "Oh mum. Who blew it up?" He couldn't understand it was a ruin air everything he'd seen in Northern Ireland had been blown up."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in in the Scottish Sun.

From Scotland with Love - The Showbiz Lion

Sunday 15 October 2017


ON the fortieth anniversary month of Sex Pistol's Never Mind The Bollocks, original band member Glen Matlock has recalled the bands first ever Scots gig in Dundee - and the unexpected carnage of the night.

Glen who was the band's bass guitarist and man who cowrote ten out of the twelve tracks on Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols is currently on tour and plays Aberdeen's Lemon Tree tonight (Sunday).
Despite the band's rebellious reputation Glen admits the Dundee gig was full on and he says he'll never forget the welcome he and the young punks received there in October 1976.
He said: "I played here with the Sex Pistols in 1976 and we played at a teacher training college in Dundee. It's not really on the radar this gig and we got bottled off.
The gig was at the Dundee College of Technology’s Union, more commonly known as the Bowling Alley by the locals and Glen recalled:
"There weren't that many people there but they must have drunk a lot cause there were lots of bottles of Tennent's and Newcastle Brown.
"People just began throwing bottles at us and we had to go off stage. The door was just behind the drum riser and it was going bang bang bang bang bang from the sound of the bottles for about fifteen minutes.
"Eventually they ran out of ammunition and we opened the door and the place had cleared and we went to the bar to get a drink.
These two blokes were there and they said to us 'Why didn't you come out and play any more numbers?' and we said 'Because you were throwing bottles at us and they replied: "But we read that you liked that.'
The young band were meant to return to Dundee following their debut that same year at Caird Hall but had to quickly re-arrange their plans at the last minute to enable them to appear on the "Today" tv programme that was broadcast live on December 1 1976.
 Their appearance with Bill Grundy was full of profanities and as a consequence of all this publicity, the Pistols were "banned" from most of the Anarchy tour venues, including Dundee - so they never returned.
Glen who will soon been touring in Australia and New Zealand as well as playing Glastonbury and nostalgia festivals like Rewind this year parted ways with the Pistols in 1977 said: "Life hasn't been that bad. It's a bit up and down being a musician but I've been doing lots of things."
"I'd tell my teen self to get a good lawyer. There's always something going on and always somebody who will try and take you for a charlie."
He added: "I've always loved Scotland and I had a song called Ghost of Princes In Towers which I did with a fellow Scot of yours Midge Ure. We got on well and I’m proud of our project the Rich Kids. We were a bit before our time.”
For his gig tonight Glen who has already played Paisley and Edinburgh this week says he's ready to rock n roll.
He said: "I just need plenty of Silk Cut and some coffee when I play. It keeps you on your toes. Then I strap up my guitar and off I go."
Excerpts of this story have since appeared in the Sunday Post.
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Friday 13 October 2017


OCTOBER is Vegetarian Awareness Month and veggies as well as those who fancy giving it a shot will be in their element as restaurants and bars around Glasgow offer some of the best quality dishes. 

 Amongst them is The Dhabba North Indian restaurant in Merchant City who have decided to share the recipe for one of their classic vegetarian dishes with 

The restaurant, which recently launched a new menu and even makes its own bread and cheese on the premises, is passionate about the quality of ingredients it uses.

Owner Navdeep Basi said: "Nowhere in the world is vegetarianism so strongly associated with, than India. It has its origins in the sixth century with the introduction of

Buddhism. For a lot of Indians today, vegetarianism is the way things should

be, according to the natural law of the universe. Mahatma Gandhi, perhaps

India's most famous advocate of vegetarianism, proposed vegetarianism as a

path to the observance of non-violence. To him it was not only a means of

rejecting chaos and confusion but also a healthy positive outlook that led

to good for all man and womankind."

Navdeep and his team made a video of the detailed process that goes into making Sheetal Kachori, a delicious appetiser of bean sprouts, pomegranate, and crispy bread, drizzled with cool yogurt.

Navdeep said: "Here at The Dhabba we are proud of our Indian heritage. Our chefs are

classically trained and respect the cultural roots of Indian cuisine. Our

menu has a great selection of healthy, wholesome vegetarian food. Using only

the freshest and finest ingredients our chefs create and present unique

delicacies to our patrons. On the occasion of Vegetarian Awareness Month celebrate by trying some of our vegetarian fare here at The Dhabba - we think you will like it."


THE Osmonds play the SSE Hydro in Glasgow tonight - and they have reassured fans they are the real deal after someone thought they were an 'amazing tribute band'. 

Brothers Merrill, Jimmy and Jay appear alongside David Essex, Suzie Quatro and Hot Chocolate for the David Essex Legends Show at the Glasgow venue and hope people know how what they are coming to.

Relaxing in Glasgow's Crown Plaza hotel Jay explained: "We were doing the show last time round and were signing autographs at the end and this person came back and said 'You guys were amazing. I've never seen anything so wonderful' and we said 'Well Thankyou' and she replied: "You're the greatest tribute Osmond band I've ever seen in my life."

We just played along with it. I thought it was funny anyway."

The talented trio love visiting Scotland and admit they're now really friendly with one of their former pop rivals - The Bay City Rollers. 

Jay enthused: "We love the Bay City Rollersand are friends. In fact Si our bass player is from the Bay City Rollers. We have been good friends since the seventies."

Merille added: "Jay and I recently did a carpool karaoke covering Saturday Nightand the Rollers have done one too. We once sang Crazy horses together."

Jimmy laughed: "Everybody used to think there was competition between the Osmonds and Jackson's and The Rollers but we all got along great and had the same type of experiences so it's fun to share those memories - although I have better hair." 

Wednesday 11 October 2017


STILL Game's Isa Drennan might need to wear extra padding on TV after actress Jane McCarry has shed the pounds with a new fitness regime. 

And fans of the top Scots BBC comedy have admitted they have begun to fancy her.

Craiglang pensioner Isa might be partial to the odd Greg's pastry or sweetie and chocolate treat from Naveeds corner shop, and but Jane, 46, admits she's started working out. 

And while Isa's dutiful exercise regime might consist of hoovering the odd floor, the real life star who plays her is positively glowing with her new look.

Jane who has recently had to care for her 89 year old mum as well as her own family in between heavy filming schedules said: "I've been at the body pump actually. Mark Cox who plays Tam Mullen has been at a different type of body pump in his personal life with his partner. 

Mark who co presented with Jane at the recent charity Les Hoey Dreammaker Ball added: "Jane has been working out as you can see. She's half the women she was. She's been doing it four of five months."

Jane laughed: "There is no diet. I've not actually done a diet. I've just exercised a bit that's all - and laid off the grub a wee bit. It's Bodypump maybe a few times a week. Not a lot. I'm embarrassed. I'm just a bit stronger. Playing it down, she continued: "Well maybe I've lost a wee pounds or two. It's not the LA diet. I'm affronted. I think Isas probably got type 2 diabetes so that's probably how the weight is falling off her."

Jane recently posted new pictures up of herself on social media and friends and fans were quick to notice her new look.

Scot Squad star Jordan Young said: "Isa is proper tidy likes!!!"

Denise from Glasgow added: "That’s what I was thinking! Mad to think it’s really isa!"

Debs added: "Holy s***. Jane! Ooooooft. Ooooooft!"

And Tom added: "Isa is a babe."

Andrew Erroch echoed: "Wow! Isa never looked so good!"

While Alan Brown added: "Has Isa been on the Pete the jakey diet."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Scottish Sun.

From Scotland with Love - 

Wednesday 4 October 2017


A host of stars from TV, film and the gaming world will grace the red carpet at the BAFTA Scotland awards this November. 

The prestigious bash at Glasgow's Radisson Blu presented by Edith Bowman takes place on November 5 - and promises there'll be more than a few sparklers on the night.  

The nominations read like a Who's Who of the celebrity world and we can expect s few buggies from T2 Trainspotting to turn up - especially since they lead the way with a total of five nominations: for Feature Film, Director Fiction and three nominations in the Actor Film category (for Ewen Bremner, Robert Carlyle and Ewan McGregor). Following with three nominations each are In Plain Sight (Actor Television for Martin Compston and Douglas Henshall, and Television Scripted) and The Replacement (Actress Television, Television Scripted and Writer Film/Television).

Edith Bowman, returning host of the ceremony, said: “BAFTA Scotland play such an important role in supporting and nurturing creative talent and the British Academy Scotland Awards is a terrific platform to recognise these practitioners. I’m thrilled to be part of a celebration of the immense talent in Scotland and I can’t wait to see who wins on the night.”

Jude MacLaverty, Director of BAFTA Scotland, added: “The wealth, quality and diversity of this year’s nominees is very exciting and we look forward to welcoming everyone for another fantastic evening on 5 November. We’re thrilled to have Edith back as this year’s host, she is hugely passionate about recognising and celebrating the phenomenal work produced in Scotland.”

T2 Trainspotting dominates the Actor Film category, sponsored by Audi, with Ewen Bremner (T2 Trainspotting), Robert Carlyle (T2 Trainspotting) and Ewan McGregor (T2 Trainspotting) each receiving a nomination for their work on the film. Actress Film, sponsored by M.A.C Cosmetics, sees Kate Dickie (Prevenge), Freya Mavor (Modern Life is Rubbish) and Deirdre Mullins (The Dark Mile) competing for the award.

 Actor Television will be contested by Mark Bonnar (Unforgotten), Martin Compston (In Plain Sight) and Douglas Henshall (In Plain Sight), as Morven Christie (The Replacement), Laura Fraser (The Missing) and Juliet Stevenson (One of Us) vie for the Actress Television title.

In a new category for 2017, Television Scripted, In Plain Sight, The Replacement and Two Doors Down are all nominated.

Darren Hercher (Sighthill), Louise Lockwood (Fair Isle: Living on the Edge) and John MacLaverty (Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions) are shortlisted for Director Factual and Danny Boyle (T2 Trainspotting), Hope Dickson Leach (The Levelling) and Tom Vaughan (Victoria) for Director Fiction, sponsored by Taittinger.

This year’s Feature Film category sees Accidental Anarchist, Donkeyote and T2 Trainspotting all shortlisted for the coveted title, while Joe Ahearne (The Replacement), Simon Carlyle and Gregor Sharp (Two Doors Down) and Hope Dickson Leach (The Levelling) are competing for Writer Film/Television, sponsored by Creative Scotland.

The Features & Factual Series category comprises The Council, Fair Isle: Living on the Edge and Prison: First and Last 24 Hours, while Brut@l, Red’s Kingdom and Stories Untold are all up for Game.

Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime, Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions and Sighthill will compete in the Single Documentary category.

Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence, The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl and Scotland and the Klan are all nominated in the Specialist Factual category, sponsored by Deloitte.

This year’s Animation nominees are Home Matters, Life Cycles, by previous BAFTA Scotland Award winner Ross Hogg, and Spindrift. The Short Film category sees 1745, The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki and Plastic Man going head-to-head for the title.

All Round to Mrs Brown’s, The Dog Ate My Homework, which was nominated for a British Academy Children’s Award in 2016, and Robot Wars complete this year’s category for Entertainment. 

The Current Affairs category sees Eòrpa Special – Guantanamo Detainees, The Insiders’ Guide to the Menopause and Who Cares all vie for the coveted award.

The awards bash has attracted stars from Doctor Who, Still Game and Outlander in the past but Outlander didn't qualify for nomination this year and Still Game didn't make the cut. 

Nonetheless stars from the shows have been invited to the red carpet ceremony which will be broadcast on Facebook Live. 

Tuesday 3 October 2017


MARILLION singer Fish claims he was taken in for questioning and almost arrested after he pretended to work as an undercover agent for UN Security in Brazil. 

The rocker who is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his album Sunsets of Empire this year, revealed his 007 act of bravado happened in Brazil shortly after the album's release. 

Following a gig there, he told BBC radio Scotland quiz show Stop The Press that he and the band were having one last bit of chill out time before hopping on the plane to the next destination

He said: "We were all sitting there drinking coffees and were a bit worse for wear. We all got up to move towards the gate and were about thirty metres down the corridor when we realised we'd left the briefcase in the cafe."

"We had the whole tour to go, Argentina, Chile and all the countries after that and all other documents and visas were in the case". 

After realising the place was empty, and the briefcase was gone, Fish whose real name is Derek Dick took matters into his own hands.

He said: "There was no sign of the briefcase and two shady guys were working behind the bar. I just knew that they had taken it so I took advantage of the situation. I had been in Bosnia earlier, about a year before, and I had kept this UN identity card that looks really mean. I don't know what came over me but I just pulled out the card and went 'UN security stick your hands up against the wall'. I jumped over the bar and put the two guys against the wall and it was like I was holding a weapon. I kept saying: 'Where's the briefcase. This Is a UN matter and we want to know about the briefcase right now' and they wouldn't talk to me."

Things got heated after Fish realised he wasn't the only undercover agent there.  

He laughed: "I turned round and there were three Brazilian FBI officers behind me with real guns. 

"When I was in Bosnia I met some guys in the special forces and they kind of told me things to do, little tips, and one of them had said 'Don't say anything'. So this particular FBI guy said what are you doing and who are you working for and I said 'I can't tell you.'I then told him 'These two guys have taken my briefcase' and explained the situation saying 'It's behind there.'

They kept asking who I was and I said 'I can't tell you. ' They walked me all the way round the airport for about fifteen minutes and we went into a room, me and the two guys from behind the bar and another bunch of FBI officers. 

I explained the situation and said: "These two guys have taken this briefcase and its in the back of the cafe in a cupboard so just go to the back and you will find it. They took me away and walked me around for another ten minutes saying who are you and 'I said I'm sorry I can't tell you. You've got my passport and I can't say.'"

Eventually Fish was allowed to board the plane but the officers still had no idea who he was. He said: "They took me up to the plane and I was the last person on that plane, walked up by the Brazilian FBI. They turned round and said to me 'We found the briefcase in the back of the cafe' and they shook my hand and said 'Nice working with you'.

The rocker who is threatening to retire next year following his sixtieth birthday says he is now planning a double album to end in a high note .

He said: "I want to bow out with a big statement."

The appears on BBC Radio Scotland's Stop The Press this Friday. 

From Scotland with Love - The Showbiz Lion

Monday 2 October 2017


CONOR McGregor stayed an extra two days in Glasgow  and met up with Celtic and Scotland team supremo Kieran Tierney and nine brace children from Scottish charity the Les Hoey Dreammaker Foundation after his talk in the Armadillo.

The MMA fighter who is fiercely proud of his Scottish ancestry met with the children after Les and his team splashed out on the treasured tickets to see him talk at the bash.
And the Dublin born champ met up with Glasgow's own boxing lad Lee Welsh who at thirteen already has several boxing titles of his own under his belt.
Lee who has beaten cancer was joined by Euan Fellows, 14 from Arbroath who was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma.
Lee said: "You don't get to meet Conor McGregor every day. Conor is a UFC fighter but as a boxer he did alright for the first five rounds and Mayweather then picked his shots."
Hamish McGuigan, 13 from Stranraer and Mitchell Connell, 14, who both have lymphoma also met their hero.
Hamish said: "I'm a massive Conor McGregor fan. I like what he does."
Mitchell said: "He's a cool guy and I like the way he dresses."
Darren Valentine,16 from Blantyre added: "Les Hoey got tickets for us for this. He's helped us out quite a lot and this is just one of the things he'd done for us. Conor is a famous guy and is one of the most popular people in the world."
Dylan Hawkins added: "It means everything to me to meet Conor as I've always followed him."
Conor who wore a jacket in the McGregor tartan said of his Scots trip: "I'm very proud of my heritage and where I come from you can go way back and I was swinging a pick axe on a horse up in the Scottish Highlands defending this land. That's where I come from so it's an honour to come here."
During the night audience member Steven Anderson gifted a signed glove he bought for £250 to The Dreammaker Foundation.
Another audience member gave the charity a hundred pounds after seeing them at the event.
After the bash Conor stayed on an extra two days at the plush Blythswood hotel in Glasgow where he met up with Kieran Tierney.
Conor who had chanted Celtic songs both during his Armadillo chat and at his Sanctuary nightclub appearance said he couldn't wait to get back home to his son and family.