Tuesday 28 July 2020


Beverley Lyons 
ROCHELLE and Marvin Humes ended up celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary by snuggling in their hotel room watching Pretty Woman in ‘rainy’ Glasgow after they had to make a BBC Scotland TV show here. 
The couple were unrecognisable as they wore masks to cross Bells Bridge and posed in front of the city’s Armadillo and squinty Bridge as they made their way back to their hotel from the BBC building where they’ve been recording episodes of The Hit List.  
Pregnant Rochelle had spent the day managing to bathe her weary feet in a bubbling foot spa in between shows. 
Wearing a mask printed with Rochelle’s face on it as he walked, Marvin joked: “Hi guys it’s Roche here on her anniversary.”
He added: “So usually we’d be somewhere like Ibiza on our anniversary celebrating but we are here taking a lovely stroll in the rain and wind, but this is it, this is it, isn’t it, it’s real, you know what I mean?”
Rochelle added: “Listen you’ve got to take the good with the bad babe - that’s marriage.”
Posting an Instagram picture of herself and Marvin eating mango and tangerines in the rain on the the bridge Rochelle later wrote: “What are we doing tonight for our Wedding Anniversary I hear you ask. We have just wrapped and are off to our room for snacks. Rock and Roll.”

Later on she posted a video of a shirtless Marvin lying in bed eating organic seaweed crisps and watching Pretty Woman on their laptop with the message: “This I why I love you.”
Marvin, who was clearly in a romantic mood also wrote: “Eight years ago today I married the woman of my dreams..we said I do in beautiful settings surrounded by our loved ones..I’m so proud of us for every year since that day..we have two beautiful girls and a baby boy on the way..I couldn’t wish for anything more..you have given me everything I could ever want and more Rochelle Humes today is about our love and celebrating the vows we took and we meant every single word..you complete me and I will love you forever..ok gushing post over lol..I can’t wait for tomorrow and everyday for the rest of our lives..Happy Anniversary Mrs Humes..my soul mate.”