Thursday 15 October 2020


LOVE Island’s  Paige Turley locked her boyfriend Finley Tapp in a car in an underground car park with no phone for an hour and a half - leading to him writing a note to a passerby in a bid to escape. 
The bizarre incident happened last week fter Finley and girlfriend Paige Turley returned from an unsuccessful Christmas tree buying trip.  
A clearly flustered Finley who had planned to head out to Sainsbury's to pick up some other bits and bobs explained that Paige locked him in the car thinking he’d already gone to the shops.
He told fans: “The Christmas shopping didn’t really go very well. We came back empty handed. When we arrived back to the flat I said to Paige I was going to go to Sainsbury’s. I’ve put on my shoes and Paige has left the car and locked the car behind her. Paige wandered up to the flat thinking I’ve gone to Sainsbury's and I’m locked in the car.”
Finley then realised nobody would know he was in their Audi TT car in the underground car park at their Manchester apartment, so he decided to try and set the car alarm off.
He explained: “So I’m waving about like this trying to set the alarm off and trying to alert people because I’m locked in this little TT and I swear to God I was losing air. I was in there for an hour and a half and I couldn’t get out.”
What made matters worse was there was no phone reception. 
An upset Finley added: “I was fuming. I had no service cause it’s underground and I was in there on my own no phone, no nothing, no radio, cause there’s no signal for an hour and a half.”
Eventually a neighbour noticed him moving around the car and stopped to see what was going on before contacting the building concierge. 
Finley said: “ I wrote a little note to a guy who, bless him, stayed with me for twenty minutes and he went to the concierge and rang down but Paige wasn’t responding so I resorted to writing him a little note.”
“He went down to the concierge to get them to phone Paige in the room. Paige I don’t think was there the first time. Anyway it took a while and this guy had somewhere to be and waited with me for twenty minutes and then Paige comes down p***ing herself laughing.”
It was the end of a stressful week for the couple who admitted they had barneys and couldn’t agree on getting a fake or real tree this year - and what should go on top - an angel  or a star?