Monday 27 March 2023


ROD Stewart’s daughter Ruby couldn’t believe it after she broke her bath during her third trimester and said it could be her lowest pregnancy moment.
The former fashion model had planned a relaxing moment in her bath but suffered a mishap when she stop up. 
The 35 year old who is expecting her first baby with partner Jake Kalic in April was a tad embarrassed as she revealed to her followers on Instagram: “ Let the record state that I am in the healthy weight for a woman in her third trimester. however, I did stand up in the bath today and blew the legs off of it. Might be my lowest pregnancy moment.”
Ruby also posted a picture of the said bath with its legs now on the floor and tilted after the accident. 

Water still remained inside it as bottles of toiletries were strewn everywhere and a shelf lay at an angle.
To balance things out Ruby also posted a video of heself looking relaxed while watching comedy at a concert venue. 
She chose of watch the action on a TV screen despite being at the gig. 
She added: “Reflecting on a high pregnancy moment last night: When I had a whole buffet couch to myself while watching live stand up comedy on my private TV. 
“While all the cool kids drank tequila and didn't eat anything.
(I also ordered a root beer and the waitress asked me who brought their child to the show)”