Sunday 22 January 2023


TRAVIS singer Fran Healy was rushed to hospital after he sliced through his hand and had to use a panty pad to soak up the blood. 
The Why Does It Always Rain on Me charttopper hit the headlines in 2021 after a sausage dog mauled him and left a gnarly wound on his hand whilst he was in the Hollywood Hills. 
It left him in agony and stopped him from using his left hand for several months and he had to undergo surgery in December that year to repair his wounded hand. 
This time round Fran was left bloodied and in severe pain as managed to slice though his right hand as he carried a metal cornering strip from the DIY store into his car. 
Showing off his bloodied hand as he awaited treatment at the hospital in the US, Fran said: “Deary me!”
He explained: “I’m adding an extra wall in my studio and picked up some cornering (very thin 10 foot long metal strip) and was putting it in the car and it slid very gently down the crack between thumb and forefinger like a sushi knife. Right hand this time. Will take couple of weeks to heal.”

Revealing the state of his hand following treatment he added: “Seven stitches.”
Fran then revealed he had bend helped out by a Good Samaritan who came to his rescue.
He said: “There was a whole lotta blood. A wee Mexican man in the Home Depot carpark saw it happen and ran to his car returning with a panty pad... I was very grateful.”
After someone questioned ‘a panty pad?’ Fran replied: “Yes. Ultra absorbent.”
He also revealed that he was screaming during his treatment. 
He said: “The doctor told me, as he was preparing to inject the affected area with lidocaine, that this particular area of the body (possibly the universe) has the highest concentration of nerve endings. I videoed the injections. Lots of screaming from me.”
“I get my stitches out next Friday.”

Fran received well wishes from fellow pop star Carol Decker, who said: “What you do????  BTW why does it always rain  playing in Tesco today got me dancing in the booze isle.”
Fran reassured her: “Hey carol... hands on art student drywall accident. its all better now. big hugs to you xxx”
After actor Dan Ryan said: “Dude! Ow. Not the strummer!!!!?!?!. Fran added: “You can strum with a stump it's fine...”
Someone else wrote: ”Hope you Healy soon.”