Monday 30 January 2017


Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill decided not to record their new stage show because they claim the last one felt 'a bit flat' when they watched it back on a screen.

The Still Game: Live 2 show is on at Glasgows SSE Hydro from February 4-16 and Ford said: "We wanted it to be a theatrical experience and we felt when we saw the DVD played back from our last show that there was a third hand feel to it. It was all there but there was a flatness about it we were not entirely comfortable with when we saw it back.

Greg added: "This show is kind of unique in that it's the first time we've done Still Game where it hasn't been been recorded. All the TV episodes we've recorded are obviously on DVD and the original stage show we did at the festival in 1997 is also on DVD but this is uniquely theatrical and by the fifteenth of February it will be gone forever. It kind of feels good. That's how theatre should be. I know you can go to the GFT and watch a big production because people can't go to London and whatnot but I think theatre has to be experienced live.

"You can watch Kevin Bridges or Frankie Boyle on a DVD because you are used to seeing them live. It's them and a mike so it's not that much of leap to watch a DVD of them live but to watch a theatre show with lots of actors, you've got to be here."

The two actors who play Craiglang pensioners Jack and Victor in the comedy admitted there was a huge pressure on them to fulfil the expectations of their audience.

Ford said: "There is a huge pressure because everybody raved or passed comment on the last one and said they had a terrific time and a big part of the audience is repeat business who have been before so we've got to keep them entertained and surpass what we've done before."

Greg added: "It feels like a very different animal from the TV show but that has its own pressure and it feels like we are used to that. When the show was on, people loved it and there was the pressure to continue it at the level we were at and there was the pressure to bring it back after seven years and now we are doing the stage show again, it's got to be fresh and different and are kind of used to it and thrive on it .

The duo also suggested a new series of Still Game may soon be on its way.

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Sunday 29 January 2017


THE brother of tragic brain tumour mum Donna Miller has returned from a gruelling Arctic Trek to raise funds for charity.
Beautiful Donna, wife of former Scotland international footballer Lee Miller, and mother to two of his children, died in April 2012 after battling a brain tumour for more than four years.
Her brother Sean Gilhoolie, 24, is just home after embarking on a three day trek into minus forty temperatures in the arctic circle to help Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.
Sean headed to Rovaniemi in Finland for the Trek.
Having already helped to raise £100,000 in the four and a half years since she passed away, he said: "The Arctic Trek idea was put forward to me by Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and what an experience I have had over the past week. Mentally and physically it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I never want to see a hill, snow or a tents again. I have met some great people and there were high and low moments but I couldn't have felt prouder standing on the finish line with the Donna Miller foundation across my chest. I just want to thank everyone for their support.

Sean added: "I was pushing myself and although my family were not too keen and my mum was worried sick I'm wasn't doing it half heartedly. I'm not a massive fitness person and my biggest worry was how I'd deal with a lack of sleep and walking all those hours every day.
Donna wouldn't have wanted me to go as she was so protective but her kids were behind me and it was a great experience - and I didn't come back with just five toes."
Sean only realised how serious his trek was after picking up some of the equipment he needs for it. He said: "We were training on The West Highland Way and I had to buy a nine hundred pound sleeping bag for nighttime and a special jacket to walk in. Luckily my friends had given me a whole load of vouchers for my birthday so I got my equipment with that."
Sean took a picture of Donna with him as well as a lucky charm from his mum.
He said: "Donna's oldest child Lennon was so excited for me and made a personal donation. I don't think her youngest Bobby understood at first but I was showing him photos and he understood how cold it was going to be."
"The kids even sent me a video message congratulating me on the trek."

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Wednesday 25 January 2017


STILL Game's Isa reckons Rabbie Burns would love a night out at The Clansman with the rest of the Craiglang pensioners.
Actress Jane McCarry who plays the gossipy shop cleaner in Navid's corner shop appeared at Ayr racecourse Burns Supper to reply on behalf of the lassies.
Speaking of Scotland's National Bard who has brought us gems like Tam O' Shanter and Ae Fond Kiss, she said: "Rabbie would love a night at the Clansman. With a wee goldie in his hand, one of Boabby's microwaved pies and the bonny Isa and Peggy to gaze at over the puggy."

Jane even reckons Still Game creators Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill should make a special edition of the show dedicated to the Ayrshire lad.
She said: "A Burns night Still Game special would be a great idea. Boabby would mix up some tinned haggis with some pedigree Chum and we would all be happy. Jack and Victor would do the immortal memory, Winston would toast and Isa would reply."
The Ploughman Poet and his tartan bunnet might well fit in perfectly to the surroundings of Osprey Heights - and we could see him having a good old chinwag with Isa and her pals.
Jane who appeared at the bash with Grant Stott, said: "My favourite Burns night tradition has to be the immortal long as it's not too long. I genuinely love Burns and I've heard so many different versions of the immortal memory over the years and I've always come away with some new information. That and the haggis of course."

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THIS is the remainder of the less than tasty cake enjoyed by Ewan McGregor and the cast of T2 Trainspotting at a private party in Edinburgh's Balmoral hotel.
The sponge, complete with stick out syringes was ordered specially by Danny Boyle's team for an intimate party at the posh hotel just before the premiere.
The real medical syringes were stuck into the sweet treat and served up with each portion.
According to one insider some of the party removed them for a laugh and asked surprised staff to fill them with booze and put fruit on the end.
The cake was just part of the big celebrations to mark the release of T2 Trainspotting, 21 years after the original.
Following this week's premiere and a walk on the orange carpet, Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner, Kelly Macdonald and the gang headed to Edinburgh's Caves for an official after party.
Invitations to the exclusive bash where Irvine Welsh once held a party for Skagboys read: "Choose ostentation, self congratulation and canapés."

While crew and cast members partied it up, a giant picture of the four lads was projected onto the walls.
The cast then made their way back to the hotel for around one am where they held their own private celebrations. While Ewan sat in the Scotch whisky bar, with Ewen Bremner and Danny Boyle, Jonny Lee Miller and a party including actress Sadie Frost chose to sit in the Brasserie.

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TRNSMT is Scotland's newest festival and will take place at Glasgow Green this summer.
Festival bosses DF concerts revealed the name today in a short video which features lot of bleeps and electronics noise behind a graphic that was reminiscent of an old TV holding page.
The dates Glasgow Green 7-9 July were placed underneath the video with a link to a website that asks you to register for more info.

The only other info available at this stage is who the sponsors are - BBC Scotland, Big Green Couch and Utilita.
Festival fans are currently speculating about the fest, which is expected to be a non camping affair.
Rumours have already circulated that Coldplay and Radiohead may be playing the fest but more news will be revealed in coming days.
Music fans are clamouring for more info with one saying: "Buzzing to see the line up." Another added: "So it's it dance orientated or mixed music? Anyone know yet?"

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Sunday 22 January 2017


EWAN McGregor said he wouldn't talk US politics at the T2 Trainspotting premiere then cheekily referred to the orange carpet.
The star was in a naughty mood as he referred to Donald Trump and said at Edinburgh's Fountain Park: "Let's make the only orange thing we talk about this carpet."

He admitted it was great to be back with the old gang and said: "It was nice to shoot this in Edinburgh cause we shot the first one mainly in Glasgow although the first one is set in Leith. I think you'll feel Edinburgh is more of a character than it was in the first one.
Admitting that he felt a bit older and wiser this time round than when he first played the character in his twenties he said: "Every day there was a twenty years later moment. It was lovely to read John Hodges words again.
He also said he wouldn't have minded wrapping roles with Ewen Bremner for the sequel explaining: "I probably would have swapped with Ewen. He played Renton in the stage play before the movie so probably I'd be Spud and he'd be Renton if we could swap."

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Thursday 19 January 2017


SHOUT singer Lulu has a new found love for heavy metal - and is even thinking about duetting with her thrash-head nephew.
The Lennoxtown lass born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie might be best known for singing ballads like To Sir With Love, but the singer has been reintroduced to the sound through her nephew Felix and his thrash metal band Brutai.
As the lads prepare to play Glasgow's G2 this Tuesday, Lulu, said: "I went to see Felix and Brutai a couple of weeks before Christmas in London and it was fabulous, absolutely amazing. I think someone in a recent review said heavy metal was safe in these kids hands and it's true."
Lulu admitted rock and roll had always been her passion but she is getting more into heavy metal.
She said: "I had worked with Jimmy Page from the age of sixteen, and John Paul Jones was my MD and arranger for many years. They actually both became very very close friends and that came from the respecting their talent. With Black Sabbath, you become more interested in some songs when they get to be hits."
Aunty Lu as Felix calls her, took him to see Black Sabbath perform recently and meet up with her metalhead pals.
He said: "I was just trying to hold it together not being too much of a fanboy and keep cool. Sharon Osborne invited us and Jimmy Page was there too. Although Auntie Lu doesn't know too much abut the hard rock metal scene she's always there for advice."
Lulu, who herself appears at the Big Burns supper on January 20 in Dumfries, said: "I wanted him to gig with me on tour the year before last but he couldn't because he had commitments with his own band. I think one day we have to get up on stage together and perform something even if its just for prosperity. Hopefully he won't get so famous I won't be able to get any time from him."
He's been in the band half his life and he's twenty seven now. I remember him very clearly strumming his guitar in nappies and he was attracted to it. It's great to see him do so well now.

Extracts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Mail on Sunday.

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Wednesday 18 January 2017


JAMES Cosmo was almost named the most well endowed star in the Celebrity Big Brother house after the girls started debating who had the biggest willy.
After Chloe asked which guy in the house might be carrying the biggest weapon, as the girls gossiped in the bedroom, Stacy said: "You know who I think might be stacking and he might be a little on the downlow about it? He might be married but for some reason I think James has got a little something going on."
As the camera focused on James Cosmo who was oblivious to the chat and doing the washing up, a surprised Chloe replied: "A big one? James who looks like Santa?"
Stacy replied in hysterics: "No, not that James, the other James."
The girls breathed a collective sigh of relief as they giggled away.
The talented Scotsman who was Lord Commander Mormont in Game Of Thrones was in a playful mood as he clambered over Coleen Nolan in the bed and jokingly suggested the first Big Brother threesome with James Jordan who also lay there.
As James Jordan was later evicted Cosmo also joked: "I can swerve better than Ronaldo."

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Monday 16 January 2017


TOM Daley confessed he let commuters get more than an eyeful of his trunks on a trip to Glasgow.
The Olympic diver was in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the weekend to do a book signing when he accidentally flashed his trunks to everyone one the train.
Luckily he didn't have them on at the time.

He revealed: "The train journey was pretty beautiful although my trunks were hanging down from the baggage rail over the seat the whole time and I had no idea."
During his trip Tom had fried breakfast complete with haggis at the Elephant House Cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. He admitted it was a bit weird seeing all the Harry Potter graffiti in the toilets.

He also had to buy a pair of earmuffs after getting overly chilled during a trip up to the Castle.
He revealed: "My ears got so cold that I had to get these ear muffs. Cool eh?"

He also squeezed in a trip to Edinburgh's Commonwealth Pool to train for some synchronised diving.
He said: "I had a really funny couple of days in Scotland."

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Saturday 14 January 2017


GUARDIANS Of The Galaxy and Doctor Who star Karen Gillan was drunk and disorderly as she stumbled out of a Scots nightclub.

Luckily the Inverness born star who has just finished on her movie Jumanji was putting on an act for her own new film Tupperware Party which also sees her step behind the camera for her big directorial debut.

Karen, who played Amy Pond in Doctor Who, and a posse of young actors spent all day filming inside Framptons nightclub in the heart of Glasgow's Maryhill district.
The clubbing scenes culminated in the star drunkenly kissing a bouncer of the club on the cheek before being carried out the nightspot by friends as she stumbled over them, arms and legs flailing.

As cars passed the scene on the side street, it could have seemed like any other big night out in the area.
In between shots, effervescent red head Karen looked every bit the director as she carried around a clipboard with her and instructed her cast and crew on what was happening next.
The mood on set seemed jovial although Karen was deep in concentration as she set up her next shots.

She even changed jackets in between directing and acting, as if to change her persona.
Karen said: "It's lovely to be back in Scotland and it's all going well so far. I'm having a great time."
An insider said: "Karen is brilliant to work with and really understands the actors needs. She has been nervous about going behind the camera for this film and there is a lot of pressure on her but she is just getting with things and the film is shaping up nicely."

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Friday 13 January 2017


CALVIN Harris has finally spilled the beans on the time he was locked in a loo at Csmp Bestival by members of the band Madness.
Camp Bestival sources once revealed the Scots Dj and producer was locked into a VIP loo backstage at the festival by Suggs and co.
It was said Dumfries lad Calvin, real name Adam Wiles was trapped for ten minutes before managing to get security to open the door - and its said his face was like thunder even he got out.
At the time Calvin refused to comment only saying: "I'm in a place full of intolerable idiots. Can anyone guess where I am?"
Now Calvin has finally admitted the rumours were true after festival co founder Rob DaBank commented online: "My favourite moment last time @MadnessNews came to @CampBestival was them locking Calvin Harris in a portaloo... he wasn't impressed. I'll get Suggs back for you this year Adam... and turn it upside down for ya with him in."
After sending Rob a virtual hug,Calvin told fans online: "Revenge not required...also it wasn't Suggs it was the s***e one."
According to an eye witness it was Lee Thompson.

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Wednesday 11 January 2017


OUTLANDER'S Sam Heughan was at the centre of a pineapple mystery after he claimed the tropical fruit was thrown at him during filming.
Sam is filming the last block of series three of the US blockbuster in Scotland and admitted there had been some high jinx on set earlier today.
He said: "Day one...Pineapple has been thrown! @caitrionambalfe."
Sam's co-star Caitriona retorted with: "@SamHeughan in your face !!!"
Sam then replied: "Mmmm 2nd hand pineapple... My favourite."
Fans around the world then began to speculate what had exactly taken place with the pineapple in question.
Some thought it was a code word for something else a bit naughty saying: " that code for something? Because you know what pineapples stand for..."
Kelsey Kingsley said: "Getting visuals. I'm about to go to bed. #PineappleNightmare"
Jill Millander added: @I don't know what's going on, but I like it! #SamcaitBanterIsTheBest"
And James Loftis volunteered: "No, they throw pineapples as a form of ancient Celtic ritual, to attain genuine Celtic mentality."
It's not the first time a pineapple has been at the centre of controversy.
Scots dance music star Calvin Harris hit the headlines when he stormed the X Factor stage with pineapple on his head, and the fruit itself became a cult hit last year with the Japanese tune Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

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Monday 9 January 2017


HERE'S James Cosmo taking the mickey out of his Game of Thrones character by leading a pink pony through the Celebrity Big Brother house.
Referencing his character Jeor Mormont, the Scots actor said: "I am the Lord commander and this is my steed" as he walked shetlander Tony Pony through the house without Bianca Gascoigne noticing him in a challenge.
While Jasmin Waltz teaches Bianca meditation techniques a thrilled James takes a leisurely stroll with Tony through the house and into the gardens.
We can't wait to see more action from the sweetie that is James C over coming weeks.

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Saturday 7 January 2017


Beverley Lyons
SCOTS Voice coach Yvie Burnett reckons Gary Barlow is a perfectionist after working on his new show Let It Shine.
Aberdeen born Mezzo Soprano Yvie who has been vocal coaching contestants behind the scenes on the BBC series which starts tonight said: "I think with Gary it's very much about the emotion and words and everything and although technically he works hard he is one of these perfectionists in life, isn't he? You can tell by the way he looks. He looks great and he looks at his exercise and what he eats and his dancing and which maybe wasn't always his thing, and his singing, so I think with Gary he's looking for people who will work really hard and do their best for him.

She added: "It's been great fun working on the show. I'm really excited about it because there's something unusual with little added extras that are quite exciting and I think people will like it. It's just a really warm feel good show.
Yvie added: "There's great talent from Scotland and of course I don't give them any extra time ha ha. I've been working closely with Gary because Gary knows what he wants and he knows that I'll do whatever he needs for it cause we know each other anyway and he's just great to work with. He's proper and knows his stuff.

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Thursday 5 January 2017


SINGLE by Sunday can't wait to wow their crowds with their infectious pop rock this Saturday January 7 at Glasgows 02 ABC. caught up with the Scots talents just before the New Year at the Scottish Music Awards when they were buzzing to mingle with people like Twin Atlantic.
The lads said: "A lot has happened in a year and now we are headlining the O2 and we are releasing our third EP."
The boys have grown a huge fan base over the last twelve months and recently had to be taken away by the police after fans got over excited.

Lead singer Josh explained: "We were at a gig in East Kilbride and the police had to come and help us out. We’ve got the best fans in the world, they're so supportive and we couldn’t believe how many people turned up. It was crazy."
The new EP includes previously unheard tracks ‘It Is What It Is’, ‘Never Ever Ever’, ’22.5.16’ and ‘I Can’t Go On Like This’.
Connect with the band @singlebysunday

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Wednesday 4 January 2017


GUARDIANS of The Galaxy star Karen Gillan has arrived in Glasgow to begin filming her directorial debut movie Tupperware Party.
The Inverness born Doctor Who actress who played Amy Pond in the sci fi series has written the script of the feature film for Mt Hollywood films.
Karen, who is keeping the storyline a tightly guarded secret, spent Christmas and New Year up with family and friends up north before arriving in Glasgow this week.


In demand Karen admitted she'd been tweaking the film's script right up until the eleventh hour, telling fans online: "Racing to finish a rewrite before the new year! I got thiiiiiissssss."
The star who is understandably nervous about her first big directorial offering told her Instagram followers: "Sad to be leaving Inverness and my fellow fingers. But we have a film to make. Here we go 2017!"

She was spotted today in Glasgow's Buchanan Street by some fans as she prepped for her filming schedule.
Budding actor Christopher Potter who was amongst those who saw her posted up a selfie of them both and said: "That brilliant moment when you bump into @karengillan, tell her you're a big fan and get a picture with her! Such a nice person!"
Karen has a penchant for darker movies so it's expected Tupperware Party will gave more of a twist to it than the average plastic storage lid.

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Monday 2 January 2017


SCOTS singer Mark Angels has been lined up as one of the new talents on Gary Barlow's latest reality show Let It Shine.
Mark, real name Mark Angelico, who is half Filipino and half Scottish can be seen in the latest trailer for the show which was released on New Years Day.
The talent told his friends he was 'scouted' for the series after he released his first self penned track Do It For Love earlier this year.

The 21 year old who lives in Glasgow describes himself as a singer/songwriter/producer and dancer.
He has built a strong Scots following after winning Unsigned Act of the Year 2013 when he was 18 at the Young Scot Awards.
As a result his song Drop Down Low was playlisted on Clyde One In:Demand Radio at the time.
An insider said: "Mark has made a real impression on the Let It Shine team. He's been flying back and forth to London and is pretty excited about things but has had to keep everything hush hush. He's built up a following through his pop music but this will see him show off another side of his musical talent."

Mark has also been writing songs with production outfit RedZone Entertainment who were responsible for Umbrella by Rihanna and hits by Bieber / Usher / Beyonce.
Let It Shine is the latest reality show offering by the BBC and begins on January 7, at 7pm the same night that The Voice U.K. launches on ITV.
As the brainchild of Take That’s Gary Barlow, over eight weeks, Gary and the judges will try and find five boys who will create a band to star in a theatre production.
Gary said: "We're looking for someone who can sing, someone who can move, someone who can keep an audience on the edge of their seats."
The five winning boys will get to tour the UK in a theatre production called The Band – a musical stage show featuring the music of Take That. Alongside Gary Barlow, the permanent judges will be Martin Kemp and Dannii Minogue. For the first stage of the competition, Glee and Dreamgirls star Amber Riley will be a judge on the panel. However, this will then change for stages two and three. Although Gary, Martin and Dannii will remain, Amber will be replaced by Lulu for stage two. Lulu said: “I have always loved working and sharing in the success story that is Take That. So the chance to bring my experience and knowledge of west end musicals, to help cast for a new show, feels a privilege and I am thrilled to do it."

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