Monday 27 February 2017


OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan admitted he had to sweat off his excesses by flying out his Glasgow gym instructor to the States following a trip to the Oscars with Caitriona Balfe.
The Scots born hottie admitted more than a few drinks may well have been consumed at the bash - and he was keen to get them out of his system.
Sam was so keen to keep in shape that he got his personal trainer coach John Valbonesi from the fitness facility in Port Dundas to come to California with him.
As the two did a workout in Santa Monica gym he told fans: "Post Oscar party sweat fest...Cheers Valbo Ugh.
He also told William Shatner, tongue placed firmly in cheek: "No champagne was consumed. At. All."
Sam has been a regular at the Everyday Athlete Gym and launched his charity fitness fundraiser My Peak Challenge there in 2014 with Valbonesi.

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SCOTS Let It Shine contestant Mark Angels says he's happy to be back home after an intense time in the competition - even though he was staying in a plush penthouse with its own pool.
Eat Kilbride lad Mark, who is now laid down with the cold after an intense eight weeks recording the show, revealed: "I'm actually happy everything went the way it did. It was so intense towards the end and although I loved the experience and will for the rest of my life I've got some other plans which I'll reveal shortly."
Mark who caught up with his family on his return said it was a real experience living in London with the rest of his band Drive.

He said: "We were staying in this incredible flat in Knightsbridge with its own pool, tennis courts and gym. It even had a reception desk. We never got a chance to use it though because we were always so busy going out and rehearsing."
He added: "Some of the boys took it in turns to cook and then as the programme got more intense they gave us our meals in between the rehearsals."
Mark said he loved the experience and got chatty with Dannie Minogue afterwards.
He said: "I got high praises from all the judges. Dannii told me I was great and that I should keep doing what I do. All the judges were amazing."
"We had a great wrap party and Graeme Norton wished me all the best too."
Mark also revealed he knew Scots contestant Jordan Harvey before the show because the two boys went to uni together.
He said: "It was nice to hear another Scottish voice on the show."

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