Wednesday 17 May 2017


THE last time I was invited at night to go to the Spa at Blythswood Square Hotel was with P Diddy.
I didn't go.
WHAT? I hear you say. Are you mad? Possibly. But at the time it seemed the sensible thing to do.
The offer came seven years ago after the rapper's MTV performance at Glasgow's Fruitmarket and an after party at the city's Corinthian Club where I'd been hanging with some of the Diddyman's gang.
I'd interviewed P Diddy himself earlier on so it was party time.
The initial invite seemed like a must go, but it soon became clear there were some catches... (more of that in a second)
My pal had also been invited by one of the other crew members.
We bravely said we would go if we could stick together, in the same car, until we found out the conditions.
Firstly we were told we had to travel separately, and then more importantly - - there was a rule of no phones and no swimming costumes!!!
After prudishly/ sensibly/ boringly imagining all kinds of scenarios, we ended up going for chips and cheese in town instead.
Of course, we heard afterwards from one brave guinea pig that it was a great party and that the Ace of Spades was flowing as Diddy showered himself under one of the waterjets, bottles in hands chanting 'Life doesn't get any better than this.'

Seven years on, I decided to accept another nighttime invitation to the venue - where this time phones and cossies were actively encouraged for a SPArty.
The hotel now offers groups of twenty people or more the chance to host their own parties there.
As well as lounging around beforehand for a drink you can check out the spa's thermal 'journey' starting in the laconium room, for a gentle heat.
There's a hotter sauna room and cleansing steam room as well as the heated pool complete with water jets and waves.
A jacuzzi and tepidarium with heated stone beds mean you are chilled out by the time you've finished.

The whole experience was topped off with some shopping for the latest Ishga Scottish Seaweed Skincare products - I chose the soothing and silky blissful smelling body lotion which just sank into my skin.
Spa manager Leon Trayling who hosted Diddy and his friends said: "Our ‘SPArty’ package means people can chill and enjoy the wellness benefits of the spa with friends."
SPArties at the Blythswood Square spa start from £40 per person including a glass of bubbly on arrival and exclusive use of the spa from 9pm, for a minimum of 20 people. Contact 0141 240 1622 or for more details.

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Monday 15 May 2017


PAOLO Nutini ended up leaving a bloody souvenir of himself abroad after getting into a play fight with a fan in Rio.
The brilliant Scots singer is currently on tour and was enjoying some time out in Rio de Janiero after a gig in Brazil when he bumped into London club DJ Skunkrock.
Skunkrock who plays at Plex in Fabric club and travels regularly for his work was smoking a cigarette when Paolo approached him.

He said:"Paolo just came up to me and was smoking beside me. We got chatting and were just having some friendly banter. He's such a sound guy. I'm never phased by anyone so I made a joke about him being a classic Radio 2 ladies man and the next thing we were having a play fight wrestling one another on the ground. It was really funny and we were both unscathed at the end of it - or so I thought. I've now got a wee bit of Paolo's blood on my t-shirt. I'm not sure where it came from but he certainty wasn't hurt and neither was I. We both had a laugh."
Skunkrock later told his pals online:"I might stick it on EBay."
Paolo's gigs in Latin America went down a storm with locals and visitors to the country. He has happily posed with a number of fans online in between his gigs and during one of them got in amongst the audience during some songs for selfies.
One fan said: "He told the audience 'I'm lucky to be in Brazil.'"

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Sunday Post.

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Saturday 13 May 2017


THEY might have been staying on the Bonnie Banks but Gary Barlow and the cast and crew of the Take That tour got lucky with a game of bingo in Scotland.
And it was a full house as Gary shunned an evening walk round the waters of Loch Lomond to take on the role of host with the most at the fun party for the band and their roadies.

And he even donned a pair of specs so he could see exactly what numbers he was calling out during the Barlow's Bingo competition.
The Take That singer and songwriter used to be a bingo caller and even brought out the balls and cards during a wedding anniversary to his wife.
Posing by his very own ball machine in one of the lounges at the plush hotel

Gary told fans: "Its a bit of a Take That tradition that one night during the tour all the cast and band get together for a game of bingo. So last night was bingo night. And guess who the MC was. All the contestants made it a special night."

Gary has talked previously about his love of the fame saying: "I used to be a bingo caller when I was first starting out. I used to love reading out the numbers. We have bingo nights backstage on the Take That tour to help everyone relax. We call it Barlow's Bingo."
During the band's stay they also got to mingle with the drivers of luxury racing cars at the luxury Cameron House hotel.

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Sunday Post, Sun and Sunday Mail.

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Friday 12 May 2017


TAKE That's Howard, Gary and Mark have been enjoying some chill time time on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond in between their hot Scots dates at the SSE Hydro.
And after seeing a mob of female fans working for them outside their hotel Mark Owen joked that they got a bigger crowd there than at their Hydro gigs.

The trio were staying at the swish Cameron House hotel on the outskirts of Glasgow and were welcomed by fifty female fans who had waited to see them since the early hours of the morning.
And although the Greatest Love stars chose swanky Maybach Mercedes to travel in, they were nothing compared to the cars including Ferraris, Aston

Martins and Bentleys that were from the luxury rally also being held at the hotel.
Mark said: "There are more people here than are going to be at the gig tonight."
Gary and Howard also waved to fans as they waited on their cars.
Howard had to wait so long for his car that he mimed getting into it before it came.

The lads played a succession of nights at Glasgow's SSE Hydro and managed to have some chill time this morning with an early walk around the grounds.
Excerpts of this article have now appeared in the Evening Times.


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Tuesday 9 May 2017


X Factor finalist Emily Middlemas has been writing songs in London for her new album.
And the Scots singer says she'll soon be ready to show her fans what she's made of.
Emily was a guest at the Young Scot Awards in Glasgow just last week in conjunction with the Sunday Mail and was enjoying seeing her friends in between writing.
She took part in the Kiltwalk at the weekend and has recently been in the studio in London with part Brit, African American, Czechoslovakian and Native American singer songwriter Indiah. Her music has been described as a harmonious blend of catchy electro synth and trap inspired high-hats seasoned with some soulful pop vocals.
Emily said of their recent collaboration "Incredibly happy with the song we wrote today, GIRL POWER."
She told "I've just been recording away lots and lots and lots to try and get that hit single so fingers crossed."
Emily is still loved up with fellow X Factor singer Ryan Lawrie who plays a headline show in Manchester this Saturday. He is also recording new sounds and recently branded her new music 'Incredible'.

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