Saturday 27 October 2018


The King Eric Cantona in the meantime sported a rather fetching number to his Street Soccer event at the Hilton.
Footballing giant Eric had popped out in the afternoon for a stroll and a fitting before the big bash.
I met him before he changed into the outfit and said a wee Bonsoir to him. I studied French and management at Glasgow uni so it was nice to try a bit of my Oral French on him! The other journos there were a tad bemused.
Eric and Scotland manager Alex McLeish had a good laugh as Alex reminded Eric that he scored two goals out of three in a France Scotland match. Alex delighted in saying that the shoe was on the other foot when the French came to Scotland and we beat them.
Mark Hateley was amongst the guests too and told me Eric was a ‘controversial genius who lives on the edge.’ He recalled that he played against him in Monaco when he was a really young boy.
Eric who helped to raise over 190,000 for the Street Soccer Charity, was loving his kilt and even popped downstairs for a wee drink while wearing it.
One enthusiastic fan showed him old pics of Charles Aznavor and Johnny Halliday and Eric joked that they were all known as the French Collection.