Wednesday 11 January 2017


OUTLANDER'S Sam Heughan was at the centre of a pineapple mystery after he claimed the tropical fruit was thrown at him during filming.
Sam is filming the last block of series three of the US blockbuster in Scotland and admitted there had been some high jinx on set earlier today.
He said: "Day one...Pineapple has been thrown! @caitrionambalfe."
Sam's co-star Caitriona retorted with: "@SamHeughan in your face !!!"
Sam then replied: "Mmmm 2nd hand pineapple... My favourite."
Fans around the world then began to speculate what had exactly taken place with the pineapple in question.
Some thought it was a code word for something else a bit naughty saying: " that code for something? Because you know what pineapples stand for..."
Kelsey Kingsley said: "Getting visuals. I'm about to go to bed. #PineappleNightmare"
Jill Millander added: @I don't know what's going on, but I like it! #SamcaitBanterIsTheBest"
And James Loftis volunteered: "No, they throw pineapples as a form of ancient Celtic ritual, to attain genuine Celtic mentality."
It's not the first time a pineapple has been at the centre of controversy.
Scots dance music star Calvin Harris hit the headlines when he stormed the X Factor stage with pineapple on his head, and the fruit itself became a cult hit last year with the Japanese tune Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

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