Saturday 9 September 2017


THEY were a stalwart of kids’ telly in the 70s and 80s.
Now loveable puppet duo Sooty and Sweep could be coming to a giant screen near you – if plans to make a movie about their exploits get green lit to mark their seventieth anniversary.
Richard Caddell – who’s the new man behind the puppets after buying the rights to the much loved children's character ten years ago for around a million pounds said: “We're working on a full feature length theatrical movie. It's been a few years in the pipeline but we are getting there. It's a multi million pound movie with big stars. It's a tough game the movie business which we are discovering, but it is a challenge we are winning."
Richard who doesn't want to go down the route of CGI believing it's very one dimensional and would be the 'final nail in the coffin' said: "It will be a real family movie with celebrity cameos. We plan to have it ready for next year's anniversary if not make it then."
And fans could get a taste of what they’re in for – judging by Sooty and Sweep’s appearance on STV 2s Live At Five on Friday, where chaos ensued.
Sooty began the carnage by spraying Gun rocker Dante Gizzi in the face with a water pistol and followed suit by soaking presenters Susie Cormack Bruce Ewen Cameron before Sweep gave Gerry Cassidy the same treatment.
During the popular dining segment of the show, the terrible two brought out pots, whisks, brown and red sauce, and flour which they proceeded to throw around the studio.
Susie Cormack's expensive skirt ended up with marks on it while every had flour in their hair by the end of the show.
At one point Sweep even managed to throw a pot across the table almost smashing a glass in the process.
The TV favourites were yesterday performing in Greenock at The Beacon Arts Centre before meeting up with kids after the show.
Richard said: "Sooty loves Scotland and we had a Scottish breakfast this morning and Sooty's favourite a Tunnocks caramel Wafer. Next year it will be the seventieth anniversary. Seventy years since Harry Corbett went to the North Pier in 1948 in Blackpool and saw a little teddy bear in a joke shop. He was very poor harry and just wanted a little teddy bear to entertain his children and he bought it and there and then Sooty was born.
Sooty was really called Teddy and he has yellow ears and Harry entered a talent competition on children's television. The TV producer said he looks like all the other joke shop teddies. You've got to do something and hastily they blackened his ears and the TV producer said you know what he looks a bit Sooty and they said there he was. And that was it.
Sooty is very excited about reaching his seventieth birthday next year. We are going to have a big party on the north pier of Blackpool and are going back there on July 17. There'll be a big party and show."