Saturday 22 April 2017


SCOTS singer Sheena Easton claims she'd have love to have been a wildlife photographer if she hadn't gone into the music business.
The Bellshill born Morning Train singer who collaborated with Prince and lives in Las Vegas said: "I love sci fi. If I had a time machine and could go back and take an alternative path I'd love to have been a wildlife and landscape photographer. That would be a fabulous way to live your life.
She added: "When I was at drama school, I was also doing the academic side so I could have gone on to teach."
Sheena is currently in London for a production of 42nd Street where she plays Dorothy Brock, whose understudy replaces her after she hurts her leg.
The 58 year old revealed she combats her nerves with a few rituals before she goes on stage.
She said: "I always say a prayer to my self before I go on stage. And before I enter I have to take my power posture: even if I'm terrified and butterflies and nerves are jumping all over the place I need to collect myself and bring the full centred thing onto the stage, no matter what."

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