Saturday 14 January 2017


GUARDIANS Of The Galaxy and Doctor Who star Karen Gillan was drunk and disorderly as she stumbled out of a Scots nightclub.

Luckily the Inverness born star who has just finished on her movie Jumanji was putting on an act for her own new film Tupperware Party which also sees her step behind the camera for her big directorial debut.

Karen, who played Amy Pond in Doctor Who, and a posse of young actors spent all day filming inside Framptons nightclub in the heart of Glasgow's Maryhill district.
The clubbing scenes culminated in the star drunkenly kissing a bouncer of the club on the cheek before being carried out the nightspot by friends as she stumbled over them, arms and legs flailing.

As cars passed the scene on the side street, it could have seemed like any other big night out in the area.
In between shots, effervescent red head Karen looked every bit the director as she carried around a clipboard with her and instructed her cast and crew on what was happening next.
The mood on set seemed jovial although Karen was deep in concentration as she set up her next shots.

She even changed jackets in between directing and acting, as if to change her persona.
Karen said: "It's lovely to be back in Scotland and it's all going well so far. I'm having a great time."
An insider said: "Karen is brilliant to work with and really understands the actors needs. She has been nervous about going behind the camera for this film and there is a lot of pressure on her but she is just getting with things and the film is shaping up nicely."

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