Thursday 18 November 2021


GLENMORANGIE lovers in Scotland are in for a treat  as technology meets mixology.  

X by Glenmorangie is the new ‘made to mix’ scotch and Edinburgh’s Alchemist bar has revealed a striking terrace in Edinburgh complete with a Made to Mix jukebox taking centre stage for the launch.

 Yes you read that correctly. There now exists a jukebox that mixes up your cocktail as it plays you the perfect soundtrack to your night. 

A first of its kind, X by Glenmorangie’s Made to Mix jukebox places the new single malt, which is specially made for mixing, as a star attraction. 

Seeking to bring people into the delicious and wonderful world of Glenmorangie, the new X by Glenmorangie blend wants to encourage people to play and experiment with whisky, and the Made to Mix jukebox will deliver serious levels of wow when it arrives at The Alchemist for four days between the 18th and 21st of November to officially launch the terrace.

 Tantalising the senses with fruity scents and colourful visuals, the automated jukebox pours four delicious X by Glenmorangie-based cocktails – X by Glenmorangie Apple, Passionfruit, Elderflower or Ginger to pre-mixed tunesspecially created by legendary DJ Tall Paul

Each dance track reflects the flavour and flair of the specific cocktail with a film also accompanying each serve to create a synchronised, multi-sensory experience that mixes music, taste and experimentation together.  


On the quest for delicious new flavour combinations, OndrejKopejskaAssistant Head Bartender at The Alchemist has deployed his molecular mixology magic to conjure his own four X by Glenmorangie cocktails; Flash Gordon, Dr X, Scots’ Thunder and Matheson’s Mojito.

 These can be enjoyed on the new terrace at The Alchemistoffering mystical apothecary of theatre alongside all-day devilishly good casual dining, until April 2022.

GLENMORANGIE malt uses five key ingredients – wood, water, barley, yeast and time – to dream up delicious single malt whiskies. 

They’ve been honing their craft for more than 175 years. They create a delicate and fruity spirit in stills as tall as an adult giraffe to allow for more taste and aroma

The new cocktail making jukebox is quite literally music to’s  ears.