Thursday 31 March 2016


Is it a bird? Is it a beer?
Tennent’s Lager have come up with the perfect solution to stop you having to lug cans to events like T in The Park. The Scots brewery have launched a new 30 minute drone delivery service - Tennent’s Rapid.
Tennent’s latest venture, which is guaranteed to take off, will ensure you always have a pint when you need one.
From today (April 1st), the brewer will be offering Tennent’s Rapid, an exclusive airborne service delivering a 4-pack of Tennent’s Lager cans direct from Wellpark Brewery within 30 minutes, by drone.
Customers will be able to place their Tennent’s Rapid orders via
The brand has been piloting ‘NBN’, the latest in drone technology. Customers who place their order online just need to enter their delivery location and the drones’ “Need Beer Now” technology will do the rest.
Tennent’s Rapid delivers direct to your exact location, meaning that even customers who live in top floor flats will receive their four pack straight to their window. Applications have also been placed with local authorities across Scotland to allow for special ‘Taps Aff’ deliveries to Scotland’s green spaces over the summer months.
With drone technology improving all the time, Tennent’s Rapid hope to offer international deliveries in future, helping to grow the brand’s foreign markets. Preliminary trials are underway to offer Spanish customers ‘El Drono’ deliveries whilst Italy will enjoy their favourite Scottish lager via ‘Birra Rapida’.
The brand is also testing Tennent’s Rapid with a view to delivery of Scotland’s favourite by the actual pint glass. It will give consumers in busy pub beer gardens the opportunity to not miss out on the fun and avoid drinking other, inferior lagers.
JP Murphy, Head of Brand Marketing at Tennent’s said:
“We’ve been working on Tennent’s Rapid at Wellpark Brewery for some time now and it’s great to finally launch it. It’s important that our customers don’t fly off the rails when they’ve run out of their favourite lager, which was our main reason for introducing the service. The Need Beer Now (NBN) drone technology is unique and we’re chuffed to be at the forefront of what is a truly pioneering venture. We’re confident our customers will love it and it’ll really take off.”

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Tuesday 29 March 2016


ASHTON Kutcher and Mila Kunis gave their daughter raisins and breakfast cereal instead of chocolate eggs for Easter.
The Hollywood actor who is married to Mila Kunis didn't want his 18-month-old daughter to have too much sugar.
He said: "We didn't want to put candy in because she's one and a half and she's not quite ready. We're not quite ready for her to be ready for candy, so we did Cheerios and raisins. She loved the raisins. She was going ape for the raisins."
Ashton and Mila got their knickers in a twist over how to explain the Easter Bunny to their baby.
He explained to Jimmy Kimmel: "We actually were debating whether or not we were going to explain that a bunny was laying eggs. So, we had a legitimate conversation as to whether or not we're going to go down that path. Like, we think we're going Santa Claus, but we don't know about the bunny. It's tough because it's like, 'Why is a bunny laying eggs? Mommy, does a bunny lay eggs?' ... 'No, but the Easter Bunny does.' And then it becomes a whole thing. And what does that have to do with Jesus coming back from the dead?"

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CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry caught up with to ask fellow Scots to help raise funds for Rape Crisis Glasgow  - ahead of her SSE Hydro gig this weekend.
The newest patron of the charity which provides support for survivors and their families is keen to help the charity raise £50,000 for its 40th anniversary. 
The Glasgow centre’s £40 for 40 Years campaign aims to cut waiting lists and increase drop-in sessions after demand for services doubled over the past year. 
Lauren said: " I've always known about the organisation  since I moved to Glasgow for uni and it was an established place and promoted to young women at the uni I was at. Anything we can do is very important. Our first step is to raise money for the centre and £40 for 40 is the campaign trying to encourage people  to donate anything they can to help the centre and if they can take the weight off people in the building it would free them up to take people off the waiting list. The faster people can be get access to these services, the better."
Lauren joined Scots author Denise Mina at a breakfast meeting yesterday after the centre received more than 10,500 calls and offered support to more than 800 women.
Having toured extensively Lauren and her bandmates, who recently enjoyed a Top 10 hit in the US with second album, Every Open Eye are currently in Scotland to prepare for the bands big SSE Hydro gig this Saturday. 
She said: "We haven't played a hometown show on this album so are very excited to be back for that. This is our biggest Scots gig to date. We had a few nights at Barrowlands which is incredible and this is our biggest one off show so we are really excited to be back . The fact we are back home means we can get involved in things like this. Even though we travel a lot we still identify heavily as Glaswegians and ask other Glaswegians to be as kind as we know they can be and help out the centre. We hope family and friends will be joining us  if they haven't forgotten what we look like. 
We will be on tour a lot but you will see us walking the streets at some point when we get some time off. 

Sunday 27 March 2016


ADELE fans got a special present from the star following her Scottish gigs.
The singer made sure each and every audience member had the opportunity of taking away a little piece of her after the concerts at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow.
During the finale of each show confetti dropped from the roof of the venue, showering everyone with love and good wishes from the star.
The specially made confetti carried messages of goodwill from the singer in her own handwriting.
Messages on them included Hello, Thanks for Coming, We Could Have Had It All and All My Love, Adele.
Some people scrambled to ensure they got a piece of the special memorabilia before it was swept away following the gig.
During the singer's second night at the SSE Hydro she also draped herself in a saltire as she sang Oscar winning song Skyfall.

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 BAY City Roller Alan Longmuir ended up playing Shangalang after becoming the  surprise guest at a Scots celtic rock gig.
 The legendary popster surprised punters at the Dundee gig by award-winning Scots celtic rock band Gleadhraich who were Rolling in Talent alongside Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall.
 The band, who were Angus Cultural Ambassadors in 2014, were joined by  two talents for their sell-out show at the Starlight Showroom.
After a kilted Jai provided vocals on Loch Lomond, the Carnoustie band welcomed Alan to the stage.
As he brought out his acoustic guitar the lads in the band joined him to play a special rendition of 1972 hit Shang-A-Lang sending the crowd into raptures.
The band then closed the show with their version of Take On Me from their second EP, Where We’re From, with confetti canons blasting into the crowd and showering the band as they took their final bows to David Bowie’s fitting Heroes.
 Both guest spots came about through piper Craig Weir who had supported the artists over the last few years.
 Craig piped on the Bay City Roller’s reunion tour last Christmas, with Queen at the SSE Hydro in January 2015 and twice with The Libertines. He’s also composed and played a tune to the Dalai Lama in 2012 and along with brother, Paul, played Arnold Schwarzenegger into his Edinburgh business event in January.
 Craig said: “We were keen to make this show extra special with the addition of a couple of special guests.
 We’d previously played with Jai and thought it would be great to get him to sing with us. When I was on the Bay City Rollers tour I discussed with Alan the idea of him guesting for us, so when I asked if he was up for it he agreed straight away. I still can’t believe it’s really happened.
 “To have both of these major Scottish artists playing with the band was amazing and hopefully the crowd enjoyed the surprises. It certainly completed the night for us!”
Afterwards, Roller Alan, who kept his promise to play despite suffering from flu, said: “They’re a great band.”
 Jai added: “I was panicky before the gig, as I normally am, but once I was on stage the audience were great and the boys were brilliant too.”

Friday 25 March 2016


ADELE has admitted she's upset after at least one fan was injured during this moment of her Glasgow show.
A female fan was accompanied off the premises of the SSE Hydro and rushed to hospital after a chain from a light fitting hit her during Adele's performance of Set Fire To The Rain.
Eyewitness Vikki McLaughlan was sitting in block 55 near to where the accident happened, 
She said she feared that Adele and audience members may be electrocuted after witnessing a cable swinging from the ceiling.
 She claimed: "I was at the concert with my 15 year old niece when the accident happened. There was water coming down like a waterfall on the small stage where Adele was singing towards the back of the venue and people began screaming during the song, 
All I could see was a cable swinging from the ceiling but I wasn't sure if it was a live wire from a light fitting or not. I heard screams and could see people in the audience crouching down on the floor as some ran away from the cable."
 Vikki added: "My niece who had been taking photos of Adele looked and saw a woman on the floor with blood pouring down her face. She told security and first aid helped to pick her off the floor and take her outside. Her head was like a burst orange. Adele continued singing but she disappeared from the stage straight after the song. The camera man left his equipment there too as everyone was ushered away to safety."
It is unknown at this stage if the woman has been kept in hospital overnight.
A spokesperson from the SSE Hydro said: "A chain belonging to the production came down and hit one person who was taken to hospital as a precaution. We are liaising with the production crew to ascertain what happened."
After hearing about the incident straight after her performance, a shocked Adele said: "I'm so sorry to hear that someone got hurt at my show tonight. It's being investigated to ensure it won't happen again.X"
The star plays the Scots venue again this evening (Saturday).


 Adele got touchy feely with a tattooed male fan, said Paolo Nutini reminded her of Al Pacino, joked that she wasn't cool enough to play rock venue King Tuts, claimed she was playing Glastonbury to p*** people off as well as admitting she was worried she'd fall over her dress during her Scots gig.The chatty performer was more like a stand up comedian than singing star during her first concert at Glasgow's SSE Hydro, which beautifully coincided with Glasgow Comedy Festival.All the hits were performed during the Friday night concert including opener Hello, Chasing Pavements, Rolling In the Deep and  When We Were Young. Before Rumour Has It Adele started the first of her audience interactions as she invited two ladies up on stage to tell her the name of the small venue she played in Scotland years ago.
She told her fans: "So far on the tour you are the smallest venue but the loudest. Oh my god literally, You nearly blew my dress off as you started singing Hello. I did not expect it. I must  warn you when I get nervous I swear and I'm nervous. This is the first time I've spoken and you flew around in circles to see me. The last time I played here was Glasgow Academy just before the tour started. It was one of most fun gigs I did."
The Someone Like You star then appeared confused as she tried to remember the name of the smallest venue she'd played in Glasgow.
She said: "Did anyone come to my gig right next to Wetherspoons in Glasgow. It suited me well at the time."
Inviting two fans on the stage she was told: "It was at the Classic Grand, in Jamaica Street."
Adele then joked: "I kept thinking it was King Tuts (where Oasis were discovered) but I'm not cool enough to have played there."
After being kissed by the two gals on the cheek she laughed: "Have I got lipstick on my face? Don't get me wrong if I wanted anyone's lipstick on my face it would be yours" Referring to the giant projection of her face on the wall behind her she added: "My face is almost too big for this venue . Thank God I've not got a cold sore." 
 Adele then invited a fan with a tattoo up on stage and joked: "I hope its not me with a double chin or unflattering. Definitely come up if you've got a tattoo on."
She couldn't believe it when two lads took up her offer and Douglas who had a tattoo of her lyrics on her arm came up to hug her. 
He and his partner Stephen were chuffed to bits to be on stage with their queen and after telling her they were gay Adele said: "I wish you were straight. No one has squeezed me like that for years. You lot are so touchy feely.  I feel like I've just had sex."   
Adele even took the mickey out of her sad songs telling her adoring crowd: "I'm glad you've got a nice seat to rest your ankles. We've got misery coming up. We're not on the miserable songs yet so don't fall to pieces yet. I forgot to say thankyou for the roses. I'm frightened I'd fall over if I held them. This dress is a bit long. Imagine if this were a short dress. You'd see right up my a*** crack. I got to the gym on tour days so I'm all fit for you, "
During the hilarious 15th show which showed off her cockney banter,  she revealed that five is her lucky number, Paolo Nutini her favourite singer and that she think he looks like Al Pacino and that she imagines she looks like Halle Berry, smouldering in an orange bikini when she sings Skyfall.  
After a couple asked her to their house for Easter, Adele who thanked them for their kindness and said she would if she didn't have her son to see, revealed she has 104 shows to go and on her 13th show at the 02, a dream come true, she broke a double bass.
She spoke to a drummer in the audience and asked if he wore shoes when he played. She said her feet were so veiny when she wore heels herself and prefers to wear flats.
She confessed she liked to pretend she is Alison Kraus but thinks she could never be  country artist and gave a shout out to local charity organised Les Hoey MBE and his Dreammaker foundation, adding she had an MBE too."
Adele also talked about her lovelife saying she was now with a 'nice hairy man', not a boy who 'respects me'. She claimed it was her first night away from her wee one but he'd given her a tacky bracelet to wear on stage and she said she'd had to medidate to get rid of her demons but added: "I'm turning into a cliche of a hippy. I  wouldn't go that far. It takes as much energy  to hate somebody as to love them."
Adele also talked about playing Glastonbury and revealed she was playing it to p*** people off. She said: "I wouldn't be offended if anyone thought I shouldn't do it. They think I'm boring but I've f***ing been there more times than you." 
Adele also paid tribute to her Glaswegian manager Rosie Moon as shots of Glasgow were projected onto the big screen.
The crowd chorused on songs like Set Fire To The Rain and held their phones up to One and Only. Make You Feel My Love was another huge hit, but  there are so many at an Adele concert it's hard to pinpoint which one was best. They were all belters and Adele's comic chat between them was a real bonus. 
The feeling was mutual as she told her crowd: "I now have 13,000 fans in Glasgow."

Thursday 24 March 2016


Adele is making sure charity begins at home before taking to the stage tonight at Glasgow's SSE Hydro.
The 27 year old singer has been a long term supporter of Sands, a UK-based charity dedicated to 'supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.'
Insiders claim she insists that any guest receiving complimentary tickets will be asked to contribute £15 to the charity.
Adele, full name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE, is set to appear on stage at the city's SSE Hydro venue at 8pm this evening and open her concert with Hello.
The sold out gigs tonight and tomorrow ( a few extra tickets just went on sale on ticket master this am) are two of the big dates in this year's music calendar and the venue has been working hard to ensure everything is in order for the star.
Adele's tour rider so far has been kept under wraps but in 2011 she asked for a pack of Marlboro Lights and a disposable lighter, an assortment of chewing gum, and a small plate of 'freshly made, individually wrapped sandwiches' that 'must NOT contain tomatoes, vinegar, chilli or citrus fruit.'
She also requested 'bite-size' chocolate bars, including Twix, Aero, Milky Way, and Mars on her tour bus post gig and organic muesli and six Cereal bars.
Two bottles of the 'very best quality red wine' and 12 bottles of 'best quality European lager beer. ie Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni etc' were also demanded.
This time round Adele is a mum and even took her baby Angelo aka Peanut to her London gig for the first time.
Given that she's a conscientious mother we reckon her rider might be a little less rock n roll this time round.
Adele comes to Glasgow hot on the heels of Mariah Carey who she has referred To as 'biblical'. The two ladies keep missing one another on tour but one day that could be a duet to die for.

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Wednesday 23 March 2016


NATHAN Sykes had his most romantic gig yet when a couple got engaged during his rendition of Over and Over Again.
The former Wanted singer is currently supporting Little Mix on tour and played Nottingham on Wednesday evening when the on stage proposal took place.
Nathan, had been serenading audience member Deborah when her partner Lee arrived on stage mid song and told the audience the song was their favourite. He then went down on bended knee and asked Deborah to marry him, producing a ring box from his hand.
As Deborah said 'yes' the audience screamed in delight.
Deborah's daughter later Tweeted: "Congratulations to my Mum and her partner Lee, who've just got engaged on stage while @NathanSykes sang his song💍💕"
Fans cried calling it the 'cutest moment ever' and Nathan was beaming as he then posed for a picture with the happy couple.
He later said: "She said yes!! Most amazing moment tonight during #OverAndOverAgain at @LittleMix #GetWeirdTourNottingham!!"

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JUSTIN Bieber won't be having private meetings with his fans when he comes to Scotland.
The Baby and What Do You Mean? star who comes to Glasgow's SSE Hydro on October 27 has decided to cut his intimate backstage experience from The Purpose Tour.
Justin claims the experience which cost some fans £1300 was making him 'drained and unhappy.'
On his Instagram account he wrote: "I'm going to be canceling my meet and greets. I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people's spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy..
"Want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense and I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression ..
"The pressure of meeting people's expectations of what I'm supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders. Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised.
"Can't tell you how sorry I am, and wish it wasn't so hard on me.. And I want to stay in the healthy mindset I'm in to give you the best show you have ever seen."
Justin reportedly had a security scare at his gig at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday (21.03.16) when a fan got within 10 feet of him.
A source told TMZ: "This was the last straw in an increasing problem Justin's team has had in managing the number of people who wanted special access to the singer before and after the concert. Up to now, around 20 people purchased one-on-one packages, and up to 200 others paid to meet Justin in groups. He's had his hair pulled, clothes ripped and one fan even gave him the flu. Justin never complained, but Monday night's scare was a wake up call for security."

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Sunday 20 March 2016


LAWSON singer Andy Brown reckons he had to get in touch with his feminine side when he was writing the lyrics to new song Money. 
Andy who is currently on an HMV signing tour and hits Brighton today, Leeds tomorrow, Gateshead on Wednesday and Edinburgh's Princes Street on Thursday March 24 at 5pm, claims he had to make the song appeal to the band's large female fanbase, so he changed up his original overly-masculine lyrics.
 He explained: "I was sort of struggling with the serious lyrics and the first line of chorus initially said 'I'd take you on a world class cruise'. I had to think what girls would prefer and realised they'd prefer shoes first so I put that in as a priority and the line reads ' give you every pair of shoes.' I still mention the cruise but you have to think what a woman likes when you are writing these songs and get inside a girl's head."
The song Money was inspired by Andy's life when he was unsigned and touring around with the rest of the lads in an old van, absolutely skint. He said: " We used to sing 'Where's the money?!' after driving 100's of miles to play to ten people.
He added: "There's always a big song about money and when you think about it over the years Bruno Mars wrote Billionaire, Alloe Blacc had I Need A Dollar and Jessie J sang All About The Money. People relate to it."
Circumstances have obviously changed for Lawson as a band and now they are in demand around the globe four years on from writing top 5 debut album Chapman Square and performing at festivals including T in the Park in the process, but Andy is not quite in the Millionaire's Club just yet. 
He laughed: "You don't make as as much as you think making music now. It's not as much as it used to be to be honest. If I won the lottery this weekend I'd take mum and dad on holiday and get a private jet and have fun and treat people to things."
The lads played Glasgow on Saturday when they stepped in at the eleventh hour to replace Nathan Sykes as support on the Little Mix tour.
Andy was chuffed to bits to play the SSE Hydro, He said: "We've always had amazing gigs in Glasgow and when we started out we played the 02 ABC in a really small room. We even played King Tuts when we first started - to fifty people - and since we've headlined the Academy in Glasgow and now this. We feel like we're just starting and have so much more to do."


 SINGER BARBARA Dickson loves comedian Peter Kay but claims she has never seen his spoof of her classic duet with Elaine Paige - I Know Him So Well.
The respected vocalist was at the Scottish Variety Awards in Glasgow's Crowne Plaza when the conversation turned towards the comedy take off of the hit Chess song which saw Peter play her role opposite Susan Boyle's Elaine Paige.
Barbara said: "I'm a great fan of Peter but I haven't seen the sketch. The song is a classic but I never sing it now - because it needs a duet."
Barbara joined band Prides, River City's Jordan Young and upcoming comedian Kate Dillon amongst the winners at the annual Scots showbiz ceremony.
The glitzy event was hosted by River City's Leah MacRae, STV's David Farrell,and talents including STVs Laura Boyd, Gerry Cassidy, musicians Fatherson, and star stylists Taylor and Anne Ferguson were in attendance.
Performances came from the UK Theatre School who paid tribute to David Bowie and mind reader Colin Cloud who baffled everyone with his psychic powers. Prides and Barbara also showcased their winning sounds and Gun frontman Dante Gizzi showed off his dance moves till the wee small hours.
Guests tucked into a three course dinner of chicken liver pate, filet of beef and cheesecake and funds were raised for DEBRA, The STV Appeal and The Second Chance Project on the night.

Friday 18 March 2016


SCOTS rockers Biffy Clyro will play their biggest headline show to date at this year’s Glasgow Summer Sessions.
Simon Neil and the lads will play Bellahouston Park on Saturday August 27.
The news comes just days before the lads reveal their new single on Radio 1 this Monday.
They recently spent time in Los Angeles recording their seventh studio album, and their Glasgow Summer Sessions will see them perform here for the first time since their three consecutive night run at Glasgow Barrowland in 2014, which saw the band play two albums per night.
Biffy said: "We are delighted to be playing our biggest ever headline show in Glasgow in August. We're gonna bring all the Bellahoustons and whistles and give us all a night we'll never forget."
Over 35,000 fans are expected to welcome the home-grown heroes back to the city festival with a full supporting bill – headed up by Fall Out Boy – to be announced over the coming months.
An adrenaline-charged set is on offer similar to Biffy Clyro’s headline performance at T in the Park 2014.
As well as chants of Mon The Biff fans can expect classics like Many of Horror, That Golden Rule, Mountains and new material from their upcoming seventh album.
Tickets will go on general sale at 9am Wednesday March 23 via or by calling 08444 999 990
Travel and event information is available at and by following @GSSFestival on Twitter.

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Thursday 17 March 2016


THE hottest looks from Spring Summer 2016 were on parade along with the fashionistas at The Thistles shopping centre in Stirling last night.
The centre held its Fashion In The Spotlight event to give shoppers the lowdown on this year's must have purchases and fashions from Burtons, Claire’s, Clarks,  Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Fat Face, H&M
Jack & Jones, Marks & Spencer, Next , Oasis, Primark , Quiz, River Island and Schuh were all on display.
 The models (some were really cute ;) rocked and the ever stylish Susie Cormack Bruce of i-on magazine hosted the colourful show while Scots supermodel Eunice Olumide spun the tunes.
 Even one of Macbeth the movie's witches aka Kayla Fallon took to the stage. She's the most statuesque witchy woman we've seen - and clever too - studying a physics PHD in between her thespian and modelling pursuits.
Clotheswise, there was something to fit all budgets, and all tastes and it certainly gave us a few ideas for our spring summer wardrobe (we just need to get rid of the old stuff we're hoarding)
Personal Shoppers and Stylists from Marks & Spencer, Boots No7 and Debenhams shared their expert insights live on stage whilst cocktails, chocolates, dough balls, and other treats (yum, hic) were served up around the centre.  
Exclusive discounts, gifts with purchases, and free treats were dished out to everyone including us, while talent scouts from Scotland’s Model Team, sought out some stars of the future.
Unfortunately the wasn't quite tall enough (that's our excuse and we're sticking to was either that or too many doughballs)
The award winning Rainbow Room International team along with The Academy of Makeup –  who came fresh to the show from the international London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks offered complimentary makeovers as well as sharing their insider behind-the-scenes insights from fashion’s front line and Central FM put on some extra live activities.
The Showbiz Lion was there as a guest of Vine PR who ran the event and we decided to live stream the show and add our own fun interactive commentary while one lucky winner on the night received a £250 voucher for The Thistles,Boots No7 full makeover with luxury gift bag containing the new season’s must-have beauty and  a Beauty Box file and polish.
By the end of the night shoppers felt pampered and entertained and the models, were on a high. So were we, but that might have been the cocktails.

Wednesday 16 March 2016


FRANK Sinatra Junior has passed away.
The son of ole Blue Eyes cancelled a show after 'feeling light headed' and was admitted to hospital yesterday.
According to US sources including TMZ he had a heart attack.
The singer who appeared at Glasgow's Royal Concert hall in June was 72.
He had been due to perform at a concert on Wednesday night but passed in the afternoon.
Frank Junior hit the headlines when he was kidnapped and held for ransom at age 19.
His sister Nancy said on Facebook "Sleep warm, Frankie..."

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BILLY Connolly was in fine fettle as he  met up with his daughter in Scotland  - and he claims he's 'busy dusting off his library books' at the moment, if anyone's asking.
The Big Yin took his daughter out for dinner at Italian restaurant Fratelli Sarti in Glasgow on a flying visit home.
Asked if he was up for the Glasgow Comedy Festival, he said no, but he did admit to liking fellow comedian Janey Godley's paintings.
Billy, who looked relaxed as he strolled out the eaterie, said he was happy to receive his NTA award recently and added with a smile, that he'd put it with the rest of them.
He also revealed his famous Billy Connolly voice was inspired by the Partick accent.
Billy was not the only celeb hanging around the area. The Irish band Stiff Little Fingers were also in the restaurant filling up their boots before their annual gig at the Barrowlands on March 17.


WET Wet Wet decided to catch up with their families in Glasgow  as soon as they finished the last date of their UK Big Picture tour in Inverness .
The band checked into a stylish city centre hotel to have a bit of a pamper and some downtime after travelling back from the Leisure Centre.
Keyboard player Neil Mitchell bumped into as he went on walkabout and exclusively told us: "We had a great night on Saturday in Glasgow and now we're back here chilling. I'm going to see my mother now and hope she appreciates it and then I'll be off back down south to see my wife and family."
 He added: "It was brilliant to play to Scots crowds and we were so amazed at the response we got. It was lovely."
The lads play Live At Chelsea at the Royal Hospital in London on June 18.

Tuesday 15 March 2016


Mariah Carey showed off her incredible vocals and funny side as she played up to her diva image on stage at Glasgow's SSE Hydro for the first night of her European tour - and the audience loved every minute of it.
Right from the get go the US superstar showed she meant business as she was carried on stage aboard a chariot by her hunky male dancers.
As she belted out a rendition of Fantasy, the title of her tour, wearing a glittering leotard which showed off all her curves in the right places we knew we were in for a treat.
Mariah thanked her crowd as she joked she'd been swirled around and then treated us to a rendition of Emotion. 
It was then she threw her first 'diva strop'. 
As she paused to take a drink from her bottle she said: "You don't mind if I do this on stage? No how is this supposed to work really? Can you even see this. It's a spray thing for your throat but the one they gave me has no spray thing on it. What is that? I mean honestly. Does anybody want this cause I can't use it.  People wonder why they throw diva fits. I'm not going to have a diva fit but I'm asking . Come on what were they thinking?" She then poked fun at herself adding: "I know I have a reputation for being a diva but this spray doesn't work." 

As if by magic one of her topless male backing dancers rushed in with a new one which Mariah said 'This one doesn't seem to be working either. It's such a drama. Does it have to be such a drama? I mean really, do you find this dramatic. It's actually a little traumatic for me."
Maria, who then sung from her Butterfly album, switched her conversation to kilts and asked the immortal Scottish question: "Tell me the truth? Do men really not wear anything under their kilts, cause that's what I've heard. I'd never look, cause I'm such a good girl and I don't do those things but is it true, yes or no. Is that a yes. It's very exciting."
Everything was done with a cheery grin and it appeared to be more for theatrical impact than out of malice. 
In a world where concerts can be over produced and many artists have become media trained robots, it was a refreshing change. 
After a quick costume change into a shimmering pink dress she asked the audience. 'Is this alright? It's the first wear tonight.' 
She then serenaded her own cute twin boys (the ones she'd got DVD's in ASDA for) in the audience with Always Be My Baby before inviting her friend Trey Lorenz on stage to duet with her, but she couldn't resist another diva demand as she asked for her fan to be switched on, and complained about her ear piece bothering her. 

Laughing she said: "I'm just doing the best I can with what I got okay. Is that a little better, a little more dramatic? When did you ever see me without the fan on. Tonight for the first time? There's too many dramas. This is our first show but we are in Glasgow and excited about it. We're happy to be with you."
A beautiful duet of I'll Be There followed in tribute to Michael Jackson with a tiny clip of him joining in displayed on the projection screen behind them.
The audience swayed and there was more to come as Mariah reappeared on stage in a glittering black leotard to speak to her audience. 
She sang her monologue : " I'm going to bring somebody out the audience..." And she did. One lucky Scots chap was brought on stage and blindfolded  as he sat on a chair and she writhed about on his knee for Touch My Body. 
Mariah, who was now wearing a long train behind her leotard  hit us with a medley of upbeat RnB numbers including Obsessed before launching into Heartbreaker. Her male dancers provided even more eye candy for the audience. 
It was time for another outfit change - this time a shimmering gold dress and of course there was another diva moment to come with the microphone as she realised it was too high for her. She sighed: "The abuse I endure is never ending. No I'm only kidding"
Another hunky flunky adjusted if for her before she launched into a vocally perfect rendition of Against All Odds, her hit with Westlife, written by Phil Collins. 
When one of her microphones wasn't ready for her and she was given a standing mic instead of a roaming one, she said: "With the gold one I might have a little more freedom but if we're not set up for that I'll just stick with this mic. 
She took a slight dig at other artists copying her style adding: "I used to use sparkly microphones but then everyone else started using them. I'll be honest, it got annoying so I stopped using them. What? is there something wrong with that.  I like having my own. Oh my gosh nobody understands .Its not that deep, it's just a microphone." 
As Mariah, was given a replacement microphone she added: "I'm going to name that microphone Glasgow because it happened here." 
Her crowd lapped up every divaesque word as she said: "Anybody that is writing about this show writing that I have a bunch of diva demands onstage, technically it's true but I'm laughing about it as it happens. It's jokes, just for laughs." 
Mariah, who had been rehearsing until 5am on her arrival in Scotland, sang One Sweet Day from her album Daydream with two of her musician friends, Trey Lorenz and Daniel Moore, before paying an emotional musical tribute to Whitney Houston. She revealed she had to call Whitney's family for permission to include her in the show, before launching into an incredible duet of When You Believe with a giant projection of Whitney as a  backdrop. It was a jawdropping moment.
The ballads kept coming with Hero, a dedication to her lambily, and then Without You. 
The energy flowed as the goosebumps were raised and Mariah proved she's bigger than the hype. 
We have just one diva demand for Mariah. Please don't leave it another thirteen years to go on European tour.  


Mariah Carey was every bit the picture of glam as she arrived in Glasgow at her hotel.
In our exclusive video you can see Mariah in her white fluffy coat looking fresh faced despite a seven hour long rehearsal to prepare for the first night of her European tour.
She arrived at the Blytheswood Square hotel at 5am an hour after her twins Monroe and Moroccan were chauffeured back from her rehearsal for the first night of her European Tour at the SSE Hydro.
As you can see she is full of love for her fans.
Mariah had earlier arranged for her entourage to buy a huge stack of twenty DVDs including the most recent Disney flicks, including the Minions films. She warned no movies with violence.

Following the big rehearsal Mariah had a PJ day yesterday to be ready for her big performance.
Her suite is a penthouse at the five star Blythswood Square hotel and Mariah filled a whole fleet of people carriers with clothes and Louis Vuitton suitcases.

Monday 14 March 2016


LORRAINE Kelly reckons there is no point to exercise unless you love it - though she's not sure if football is ticking all her boxes right now.
The morning telly queen has slimmed down and toned up recently thanks to zumba classes and she believes everyone should keep fit in a way they enjoy.
 Lorraine who was a host at the recent Sunday Post Broons awards in Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel said: "I have lost weight and toned up doing zumba and found an amazing instructor Maxine Jones who helps me. I go to two classes a week and love it . You have to find exercise you love otherwise there is no point and you will not do it."
 Lorraine might be based in London every week but she admits she comes back to Scotland most weekends now - sometimes to watch her beloved Scots footie team play.
She said: "I'm just doing the show and enjoying myself and just love it. I always come home at the weekends, almost every weekend, usually to see Dundee United which at the moment is not doing great but will get better. The only way is up when you're at the bottom".


WEDDING Crashers and Panic Room star Dwight Yoakam was in fine fettle before his gig at Glasgow's first Country 2 Country (C2C) festival - but he was no-one's mug.
 The legendary Country singer, who sported double denim onstage, joined other Nashville stars including Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town and Sam Hunt  at the fest  in Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium.
The Showbiz Lion was loitering around the city's wildest lairs when Dwight randomly came out of the five star Blytheswood Hotel .
We couldn't resist a quick video and he said he was enjoying the Scottish hospitality as he made the way to the venue from his hotel last night.
The Honky Tonk Man singer and actor, who keeps on his cowboy hat wherever he goes, also told us he always enjoyed coming to gigs in Scotland.
Dwight was presented with a traditional tartan mug by one of his fans but we're not sure if it was his cup of tea.
 He got one of his roadies to take it instead.


WATCH Marti Pellow and the rest of his bandmates chill out before their SSE Hydro gig in this video filmed in an exclusive VIP box in the venue.  
Just minutes before  audience members made their way into the gig Marti and the lads who played an emotional homecoming show for the crowd, were watching over the arena. 
The band were the first official visitors to Clydesdale Bank's unique hotspot The Vault in the SSE Hydro before their sold-out performance at the 12,000-capacity arena on Saturday. 
The Vault gives gig goers the opportunity to upgrade ordinary tickets to a red leather sofa on their own secret balcony. 
All ticket holders need to do is to post a selfie on social media using #getmeinthevault for the chance to swap their seats to the couch. 
As The Wets relaxed into the comfortable red leather sofa on their own secret balcony, they had a laugh and joke about things.Graeme Clark suggested:  "You  can even ask the Clydesdale bank if they'll give you a free bar' while Marti added: "But they are quite tight, especially with inflation."  
The first winner of #getmeinthevault was Wets fanatic Kirstie Walls from Paisley who upgraded her friends Gail Morrison, Claire Pollock, and Yvonne Redmund to the couch. 
She said: “We love the Wets, we’ve been to see them on every tour since they started out, even in Marti’s purple suit days. When we bought tickets in October we didn’t think we’d end up with our own private couch and waitress so it made the night even better. We saw Marti and the boys tweet about it before the gig and decided to take part, but we weren’t expecting to win it – the gig was absolutely brilliant and an experience we won’t forget."  
Following the Wet Wet Wet gig, music fans will get the chance access to it at all upcoming Hydro gigs including Adele, Justin Bieber and Rod Stewart.

Saturday 12 March 2016


WITH a name like Wet Wet Wet, you'd expect a little bit of er dampness, and there were definitely some tears (what else?) at a gig that was classed as the band's homecoming in Glasgow's SSE Hydro.
Clydebank's Marti Pellow, Graeme Clark, Tommy Cunningham, Graeme Duffin and Neil Mitchell gave the crowd exactly what they wanted and looked like they received as much back in return as they entertained on the ultimate Saturday night.
 Marti may have suffered a sweet little mystery of an illness just days before but there was no sign of fatigue in his voice as he showcased his smooth vocals during a gig that enthralled every one of the crowd.
In parts it was like a massaoke as the audience members sang their favourite parts of each and every hit, but then we all felt like we were part of 'our' band.
Fans clamoured to be invited up on stage by Marti himself and everyone spent the run up to the gig sending in selfies so they'd be the chosen ones for the onstage competition.
Markus Feehily warmed up with a brilliant set which showed off his powerhouse vocals and Marti brought it all to a climax.
The lads had played Glasgow Green in 2013 but the Hydro brought everyone together with songs like Wishing I Was Lucky,  Julia Says and Sweet Little Mystery.
The crowd including Scotland boss Gordon Strachan chanted loudly on the chorus of Goodnight Girl and as an at times emotional looking Marti sang a mash up of Angel Eyes, Temptation, and with A Little Help From My Friends,  they continued to impress as he held his mike out for them all to sing.
After She's All On My  Mind, Marti let us enjoy some of his banter with tales of shooting documentaries at 'Loch Lomondo'  and getting too drunk the night before.
He joked he barely kept down his roll and sausage for a rendition of Roll Um Easy. The band also had a good laugh about the Versace suits they used to wear with a relaxed Marti adding: "Why did you not stop me and say 'Marti, don't wear the crushed velvety number tonight?'"
They might have at one point looked like 'rejects from the Chippendales' but they gave their audience a good laugh and they showed humility by thanking everyone who had helped them put the gig on.
Referencing the homecoming, Graeme Clark also thanked fans adding: "It's great to be back here and understood for a change."
By the time Love Is All Around was performed you could feel it oozing from every single pore.

Friday 11 March 2016


 JASON Donovan was the boy next door every schoolgirl wanted to be with at lunchtime in the eighties, and nothing appeared to have changed at Glasgow's Royal Hall for his Ten Good Reasons Tour.
The hands were up in the air as a throbbing mass of female hormones screamed out in adoration of the former Neighbours Star.
Charlene was nowhere to be seen but there was still plenty going on down under.
Banners bearing the message 'We'll be your Kylies' were waved in the air as Jason sang all of his big hits like Too Many Broken Hearts, Nothing Can Divide Us and Seal It With A Kiss mixed with a few lesser known ones like Question Of Pride and If I Don't Have You. Stock Aitken and Waterman were the chosen songwriters of the night, but it didn't matter what he sang, as the crowd lapped up every word, and every move - even cheering when he removed his jacket.
Jason who is coming to Aberdeen's His Majesty's Theatre on May 19, told his crowd: "We always end up in Glasgow and it is such a great city .It is one of my most visited towns, primarily for the theatre shows I've done here. Doing my own show is better than doing eight shows a week which is very taxing, traveling round the country. It's not so great when you have such a big family."
The atmosphere was like a giant hen night and one over excited lady even began flashing her bra at the star - until she was removed by security.
Jason joked with his mostly female followers, sharing titbits from his radio show and generally posing for selfies with those who found their way at the front of the stage.
He was humble, musing that he had to do this because his TV and film work dried up twenty years ago.
His parting note was Especially For you and everyone in the audience, including a couple of slightly drunk husbands, felt it was aimed at them.
There's more than Ten Good Reasons to go see him next time he's here.

Thursday 10 March 2016


SANDI Thom has given birth to a beautiful baby boy and she admits waiting for him to appear was a real labour of love.
 The Earthquake and Punk Rocker singer had been offline for a few days prompting fans to ask if she had become a mother yet. 
On Thursday afternoon she revealed she and hubby Matt were parents as she posted up these pictures of her family, including her mum with her new addition. 
She told fans: "FINALLY.... Proud to announce that our little man arrived this week."
Sandi admitted the new addition to the family was bigger than expected,
She said: "Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 15oz and already wearing 3 month old baby grows he is perfect!!! 😘. It wasn't a walk in the park that's for sure but so proud to have given birth to him and so thankful to my husband and mum for keeping me focused throughout a very tiresome but 100% worthwhile labour. Our little boy is a wee beauty!!!!"
Sandi used hypnosis to help ease the run up to her birth and claimed she was looking after her body after a cervical cancer scare when she was a student.