Tuesday 29 March 2016


CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry caught up with theshowbizlion.com to ask fellow Scots to help raise funds for Rape Crisis Glasgow  - ahead of her SSE Hydro gig this weekend.
The newest patron of the charity which provides support for survivors and their families is keen to help the charity raise £50,000 for its 40th anniversary. 
The Glasgow centre’s £40 for 40 Years campaign aims to cut waiting lists and increase drop-in sessions after demand for services doubled over the past year. 
Lauren said: " I've always known about the organisation  since I moved to Glasgow for uni and it was an established place and promoted to young women at the uni I was at. Anything we can do is very important. Our first step is to raise money for the centre and £40 for 40 is the campaign trying to encourage people  to donate anything they can to help the centre and if they can take the weight off people in the building it would free them up to take people off the waiting list. The faster people can be get access to these services, the better."
Lauren joined Scots author Denise Mina at a breakfast meeting yesterday after the centre received more than 10,500 calls and offered support to more than 800 women.
Having toured extensively Lauren and her bandmates, who recently enjoyed a Top 10 hit in the US with second album, Every Open Eye are currently in Scotland to prepare for the bands big SSE Hydro gig this Saturday. 
She said: "We haven't played a hometown show on this album so are very excited to be back for that. This is our biggest Scots gig to date. We had a few nights at Barrowlands which is incredible and this is our biggest one off show so we are really excited to be back . The fact we are back home means we can get involved in things like this. Even though we travel a lot we still identify heavily as Glaswegians and ask other Glaswegians to be as kind as we know they can be and help out the centre. We hope family and friends will be joining us  if they haven't forgotten what we look like. 
We will be on tour a lot but you will see us walking the streets at some point when we get some time off. 

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