Tuesday 3 January 2023


ROD Stewart cheered with delight as he announced his daughter Ruby was expecting a baby boy and even made up a jingle on the spot to welcome the new addition to the family.
Maggie May rocker Sir Rod was given the honours of revealing the gender as Ruby told her followers on social media of the good news she and her other half Jake Kalick had for 2023.

As the family gathered round, Sir Rod could be seen reading from a piece of paper after opening the envelope from the hospital and he was delighted as he fist pumped the air and referenced his favourite football team as he said: “Its a boy. Mon the Celtic.”
Beaming from ear to ear, he then showed off the announcement on paper and sang a new naughty tune entitled: “Another winkle in the Stewart family.”
Ruby who is the daughter of Sir Rod and his ex girlfriend, the model Kelly Emberg, and Jake moved in together six weeks after they met during the beginning of the lockdown period.

Jake is co founder of cookware company Made- In.
The good news came following the recent death of Ruby’s uncles Donny and Bob.
Ruby urged her followers: “Hire Sir Rod Stewart for your gender reveal! He’ll even write a custom jungle for your unborn child!”
As she posted up a video of her black and white scan, she wrote: “Out of all of the things that happened in 2022 you were by far the most beautiful...We can't wait to meet you..Baby boy Kalick coming in April…”

Amongst those to congratulate her were her half sister Kimberley who wrote: “Def has the Stewart nose.”
Rod’s current wife Penny Lancaster added: “Can't wait to meet him.”
And his second wife Rachel Hunter added: “You are going to be an incredible Mum.”
Rod’s first wife Alana Stewart added: “How wonderful! So happy for you.”