Tuesday 24 October 2023


HAVE you ever been ghosted because if you have, IRN-BRU wants to hear from you in time for Halloween…

Scotland’s dating scene is being haunted by the spread of ghosting with two thirds of Scots having experienced the phenomenon, according to new research by Scotland’s other national drink and  there's no better time than October to vanquish this horror.
To rid the nation's ghosts, theshowbizlion.com’s favourite fizz has summoned Dan Harry, star of BBC Three’s landmark gay dating show 'I KISSED A BOY', as their very own 'Ghost Bru-ster' to host the ultimate Bru-themed dating night - and for the first time ever, only those who have been on the receiving end of someone cutting off all contact with no explanation are invited.
The term 'ghosting' is relatively new in the dating world - and refers to a potential relationship ending when someone stops replying to messages without giving the other person any warning for doing so and disappears. 
Dan Harry said: "Heartache shouldn't haunt anyone's Halloween so I'm reaching out to spirited singles who have been ghosted to guide them to resurrect their love lives. Together with IRN-BRU we want to hear your ghost(ed) stories to get the chance to exorcise those dating demons and maybe even find a kindred spirit.
“I’ll be on hand to pair up potential matches, helping to banish any would-be ghosts this Halloween.”
A spooky study by IRN-BRU shows two thirds of the nation's Gen Zs reporting the supernatural experience while looking for love, with 16-percent being ghosted more than three times in the last year. Something which might also cause a fright is 58% owning up to ghosting someone, for reasons as ridiculous as getting the ick from long nails, noisy eating or overusing emojis.
The research found that while 59% of Gen Z are frequent users of dating apps, a whopping 94% voiced they’re eager to swap swiping for real life link-ups but 48% are spooked at the thought of asking someone on a date IRL, so IRN-BRU’s Ghost BRU-ster is here to take away the awkwardness and help give offline encounters a go. 
Bringing a BRU-nique twist to Halloween, IRN-BRU is teaming up with Glasgow’s El Perro Negro to host the ultimate halloween party for ghosted daters. The restaurant will be transformed into an enchanting dating night like no other, with tricks and treats, including an IRN-BRU inspired menu and cocktail selection.  IRN-BRU pulled pork sliders will be served up alongside veggie deep fried haggis with BRU sauce and Ghost BRU-ster Dan will also be on hand to play cupid in an enchanting venue which will be fizzing with eerie surprises.
Dan wants to hear the nation's spookiest 'ghosting' stories. Anyone who shares a tale of how their potential new boo suddenly left them on read could be lucky enough to receive an invitation for them and their pal to attend IRN-BRU's Ghost BRU-sters event on Halloween night.
Kenny Nicholson, Head of Brand at IRN-BRU said: “We know ghosting is a big red flag for young people and that finding that spellbinding match can feel a little like the graveyard shift. So this Halloween, our Ghost BRU-ster event is on hand to turn the hunt for that special someone from a chiller into a thriller.”
To share ghost(ed) stories, singletons should visit IRN-BRU’s Instagram or TikTok channels.

Friday 20 October 2023


A group of holidaymakers at a Scots country club couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a ‘headless horseman’ during an evening walk.
Tommy Gillan and his friends were staying in the on-site RV Park at the luxury Ingliston estate and country club in Bishopton when they decided to go for an after dinner stroll.
They were in the middle of filming some of the surrounding countryside to show their family before they were stopped in their tracks by a figure on horseback.
And they had to do a double take when the mysterious figure began cantering then galloping towards them on a dark horse.
Tommy from Glasgow, who was still visibly shocked after the incident, said: “My pals and I decided to take an early weekend break in Ingliston and were just enjoying the outdoor scenery.
We couldn’t actually believe it when we heard hooves then saw what looked to be a headless figure on a horse. It kind of came out of nowhere.
We didn’t know if we’d had too much to drink. One of my pals, Sharon, was freaking out when she saw it and shouted out ‘it’s got nae heid’. I was just running in the other direction by that point.”
He added: “I’m really not sure what we saw - the body on the horse was dressed in a black outfit, with a cape and the horse seemed bigger than normal. We tried to film it but to be honest we were all a bit shaken.”
The group managed to get a video of the ‘headless horseman’ as it came towards them.
Staff at the venue, which hosts a Christmas party with telly star Mark Wright on December 2 refused to comment though one insider said: “Ingliston House was built in 1846 on the old Greenock Road and the area has a history of some spooky going ons. With October and Halloween celebrations coming including their Masquerade Ball on October 28 theres definitely something in the air.”