Thursday 22 June 2017


EVER fancied taking a lie detector test? 

Whyte & Mackay have set up a portable Lion or Lyin' detector test in Scotland in conjunction with rugby fans to prove they’re smooth enough to support the British & Irish Lions as the squad heads towards their first clash with the All Blacks in New Zealand this weekend.

While the doesn't know that much about the sport, we were only too happy to try out the technologically impressive equipment along with a dram or two of the blended stuff from the distillery. 

Normally rivals, the Lions squad have put their differences aside for the duration of the tour every four years. 

As official suppliers to the team, Whyte & Mackay are challenging all fans to do the same by passing the Lion Detector test in the world’s smallest travelling rugby stadium that will roar to life this weekend.

After we tried on a special scrumcap which was linked to a computer, award winning comedians Link and Lorne tried to delve into our thoughts. They asked questions about our attitude towards England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

Sex never came up, not once...which probably made everyone on our live feed sigh with relief. 

Without giving too much away, our answers got us a 100 per cent pass which meant we received a free voucher for a malt whisky.

Award winning Sports stars Michael Jamieson and Gemma Gibbons also passed the test and now you can try it too. 

The Lion Detector will visit partner bars, The Old Schoolhouse in Glasgow and The Merlin Roadhouse in Edinburgh over the next three weekends and fans will also have a chance to win an exclusive official signed team jersey1 and receive a complimentary dram2 of award-winning Whyte & Mackay.

Link and Lorne said: "The best things come in pairs. Link and Lorne. Whyte and Mackay. The British and Irish. Don’t make us yellow card you. Show us you’re our mane man! Mon the Lions!”

 Head for a dram at the Lion Detector at:


The Old School House, 287-315 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG

Friday 23rd June 4pm – 8pm

Saturday 24th June 2pm – 7pm

Thursday 6th July 6pm – 9pm

Friday 7th July 4pm – 8pm

Saturday 8th July 2pm – 7pm


The Merlin Roadhouse, 168 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4PU

Thursday 29th June 6pm – 9pm

Friday 30th June 4pm – 8pm

Saturday 1st July 2pm – 7pm



HOLLYWOOD superstars Steve Carell and Kirsten Wiig reckon Scotland Captain Scott Brown could be a distant relative of Despicable Me 3 star Gru.

But both stars admitted kindly that he was much better looking.

In a hilarious interview with STV2 Late Show Host Ewen Cameron aired last night at 10:30pm, the two stars who appear in the new movie admitted there were definite similarities between the two public figures. 

After seeing a picture that Brown had posted online of himself looking like the cartoon star of Despicable Me 3, Steve Carell, who voices the character in the movie which comes out next week said: "There's a little bit of something Gru there. He's a very handsome version of Gru. They could be distantly related. He's the good looking Gru."

An impressed Kirsten Wiig added: "It looks clear to me they share some DNA." 

Steve also sent Scott a good luck message for the World Cup adding: "Hi Scott I hope you make it to the World Cup. I think you are being a little hard on yourself. You are a very good looking individual. You might share some similarities like an inner warmth in your heart, a kindness and generosity and that's what you're seeing in Gru. Good luck and hope it works out." 

Ewen said afterwards: "Steve didn't know who Scott Brown was and didn't watch Scottish football, but I told him he was one of the most famous people in Scotland."

During the broadcast Kirsten Wiig also did a mean impression of tennis champ Andy Murray. 

Ewen said: "She was doing an impression of Andy Murray and it turned into the voice of an old Scottish granny. She wished him well and her big bit of advice for in was to get the ball over the net as much as he can."

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