Thursday 31 August 2017


STILL Game cast and crew have been giving subtle hints as to who might die in the new series - and they are suggesting it might not be of old age!

It's been revealed that someone will kick the bucket in the new series of the BBC show and bookies Ladbrokes have even been taking bets on who that might be.  
Now as filming reached its final day Jane McCarry and the crew have been tweeting a series of pictures teasing fans about who will go.
Jane McCarry held up a make up set marked Autopsy Palette as she told fans: "Ye seeing that? The autopsy palette. Ohh the plot thickens.. a suspicious death per chance?"

And series producer Jacqueline Sinclair also showed off a menu from the set that appeared to also suggest some kind of mysterious Denise. Dishes from the set included Don Coreone Pasta parcels in a Betrayal ragu (gluten free)
It looks as if Craiglang's latest victim doesn't necessarily die of natural causes.

Wednesday 30 August 2017


SIR Alex Ferguson might be known for his famed hairdryer treatment but he ended up giving Hilton staff in Glasgow more of a gentle blow dry as he held an impromptu coaching session with them after a big night out.
It was like a scene from the half time dressing room as the former Manchester United manager volunteered to give one of his famous motivational sessions to staff at the city centre hotel the morning after he had hosted a charity dinner there.
And managers and front of house staff couldn't believe it as the famous Scot sat down with them at their breakfast debrief meeting to talk about teamwork.
The Glasgow Hilton which celebrates 25 years of being in business this year had donated its services to host a charity night for Street Soccer with Sir Alex.
The charity provide a range of football-related development and training programmes to socially disadvantaged people, including the homeless.
The following morning he was chatting at breakfast with management who told him they were about to have a debrief from the night before.
Sir Alex, who was officially off duty, then offered to attend the meeting so he could give staff some extra motivation.
William Hume Restaurant Manager said: " I have met Sir Alex on many occasions and he is indeed a great friend of Hilton, Glasgow. After breakfast Sir Alex joined the breakfast team for the debrief. He felt it very important the stance we were taking in listening to the guests and staff.”
An insider added: "He might be famed for his Hairdryer treatment with players like Rooney and Rio but underneath the scary demeanour is a golden heart who wanted to take some time out to help and support young kids."
Sir Alex spent an hour with the hard working staff and gave them advice they'll never forget.
The insider continued: "During Sir Alex's chat he talked about the importance of strong leadership. He said we are all leaders and each and every one of you has a role to play. He also talked about the importance of teamwork, listening and sharing information and having an appreciation of each individuals contribution. He told us that when we are leaders in an organisation we should get to know everyone’s name and make them feel valued, irrespective of station or rank.
Sir Alex also talked about the proud history of Glasgow and especially his love of Govan, and the legacy of Jimmy Reed in the political life of Glasgow.
The insider added: "Sir Alex spoke of the famous “Rat Race” speech made by Jimmy Reed when he was made Rector of Glasgow University in 1972. He then answered questions from the breakfast team and talked about his love of tattie scones."
New GM, Calum Ross, who has made a series of changes and is really behind the positive changes to install “teamwork” across the whole hotel both front of house and behind the scene said: "Sir Alex talked about the importance of 'TEAM' - that’s something we are also passionate about. He was here for the Street Soccer event and then surprised us all by coming to our staff meeting."
Sent from Scotland with Love -
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Sunday Post.

Tuesday 29 August 2017


FORMER Strictly contestant and qualified barrister Judge Rinder says he hopes Debbie McGee wins this year's competition. He said: "I had a ball on Strictly and we all got on so well. I like Debbie and she's a person who is over fifty who has a really good chance of winning and I think that's great. Of course I won't be watching because I'll be too depressed."
The ITV Judge who rules in real life cases has a real admiration for articulate and authentic women.
The judge who is used to ruling the courtroom in his own hit series has recently recorded Crime Stories which takes a closer look at a variety of major offences.
He was recently at the Edinburgh TV Festival at the EICC to chat about his projects and also told he is working on a chat show concept which will allow people to see his hate of intellectual snobbery and love of the quirky.

Saturday 26 August 2017


WHAT do you get one of the worlds biggest Dj's and producers as a present for going to number one in the UK?
Proud Scotsman Calvin Harris who is worth an estimated £190 million has revealed his record company got hold of some Irn BRU beach towels to celebrate his success with new single Feels.
In an Instagram post the Dundee hitmaker told fans: "Thanks Columbia Records for my IRNBRU beach towels to celebrate my number one single in the UK."
Rival Scots drink makers Tennent's Lager have now waded into the gift giving by offering Calvin one of their limited edition towels. They said: "Hmm, not bad. But this is what you REALLY came for. #HereToServe #TapsAff #beachtowelbattle."
Global stars often get huge presents from their record companies for going to the top spot. As well as large sums of money, Bruno Mars was once presented with a boxed 24-carat gold Rolex watch. Other stars have received fast cars and exotic holidays from their labels - but we know Irn Bru is priceless.

Friday 25 August 2017


SCOTTISH telly presenter Ewen Cameron was left red faced after a female magician ended up stripping and jiggling her bits in his face during a recording of his TV show.
And last night telly chiefs were still deciding at the eleventh hour whether or not to screen the sexually risqué segment for the presenter's Late Show on STV 2.
Audience members at the afternoon live recording of Ewen's show were left aghast after magicians Peter and Bambi Heaven got carried away with their act and Bambi continuously groped Peter on the show.
One onlooker said: "Even as they were sitting down waiting to go on screen the lady magician was touching the man between his legs."
During the segment Bambi emerges from a box - but unknown to Ewan and the crew she had slipped off her clothes.
Before anyone could stop her she had jumped up on Ewen's desk as the flustered presenter tried to stop her from pushing her breasts in his face.  
Ewen told audience members afterwards: "I'm in shock. I had no idea that was going to happen. It was pretty extreme and we had no idea at all on the show that the act would be so sexually outrageous. We hope no one was offended."
Sent from Scotland with Love -
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record

Thursday 24 August 2017


RUTH Davidson slammed Jon Snow for calling her Baby during the Edinburgh TV festival telling him: "Nobody puts baby in the corner."
The Scottish Tory leader was in conversation with Jon in the EICC when Jon referred to her as part of the liberal elite, like himself. She responded: "Some of us didn't have parents who went to Winchester and Eton Jon. Some of us are born into it, some of us aren't."
Jon replied: "You are now, baby the leader of...
Ruth interrupted him saying: "Did you call me baby?" And Jon replied: "Yes it's a term of endearment."
Ruth then responded: "Nobody puts baby in the corner."
As Jon tried to amend the situation by saying: "It's wonderful that you are leader of the Scottish Tory party."Ruth responded: "Flattery gets you away from the question."
During their chat Ruth also admitted she gets fed up with stories about Big Ben coming from the often London centric press. She said: "I have to say as somebody being 450 miles away nothing gets on my wick more than screeds of news and time and effort and newsprint being devoted to a bloody clock that's going to stop ticking for a bit.
I'm very lucky that in my job I have to go up and down to London every month at so I'm lucky I've heard it in the flesh. Lots of people have bit you just think you probably can't hear it a mile away. Apart from that one square mile there's 99.99999 who haven't ever heard it."
Following the conversation Jon Snow said he'd love to be stranded in a desert island with Ruth since they now had a friendship. He also said he'd love to leave Trump stranded on one.
He joked: "I can't think of anyone I dislike enough to put on a dessert island.
I certainly wouldn't mind putting Donald Trump on a desert island. I haven't interviewed him but I've been in the same room too many times."
As Ruth suggested: "Take his phone off him." Jon said: "Yes we don't want him tweeting. I think there should be access to the waters around him so people could see him sitting there underneath a tree his thatch beginning to fall to pieces. It would be a lovely thing to do."
Jin also revealed during the session that he is putting on an exhibition of his ties in November.

Wednesday 23 August 2017


LOVE island voiceover man Iain Stirling says he's planning his own vacation after a hectic run at the Edinburgh Festival.
And it looks like it might be a romantic break with his girlfriend Laura Whitmore.
Iain who was pictured out with Laura ahead of the Edinburgh TV festival joked: "The Edinburgh festival is loads of fun and people are lovely. I can't complain at all and there's not really any hecklers. Everyone is nice and I'm going on holiday after it. I'm going to Love Island for my holidays - I'm joking - though probably somewhere nice."
Iain also plans to spend Christmas with his family after making new telly series The Dog Ate My Homework."
He says he manages to avoid being papped out and about because of his beard. He says: "It's very easy with a horrible beard and nobody ever notices me."

Tuesday 22 August 2017


ITS normally only for telly people but Edinburgh International Television Festival is opening its doors to a number of public sessions and exclusive screenings. has attended the TV Festival ever since our cub days and we often go wild at the bash which sees telly execs and celebs converge in Scotland's capital for August. 

Now the festival is offering access to an exclusive preview screening and Q&A from celebrated TV series Red Dwarf and the first two episodes of The Tick, brand new to Amazon Prime Video, as well as sessions at the EICC including Fleabag: How to Create an International Hit Comedy with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Black Mirror Masterclass with Charlie Brooker, and Jon Snow’s 2017 James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture.

 Chairing the screening of Red Dwarf will be fan of the show, comedian Nick Helm, and Red Dwarf writer, director and co-creator Doug Naylor; and actors Craig Charles, and Robert Llewellyn, will be on hand to answer any questions.

 The Tick will be launching on Amazon Prime Video on 25th August, but you can see the first two episodes in an Edinburgh TV Festival exclusive.

 As well as the screenings taking place, a number of sessions will be available to the public at the EICC, including: The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture delivered by award-winning journalist and broadcaster, Jon Snow. In addition, in Satire! What is it Good For? the best minds in political comedy including Rory Bremner, Matt Forde and Nish Kumar will discuss the tension created by Brexit and Trump, The Steve Hewlett Debate: Fake News, will be hosted by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, and Russell Kane will be chairing this year’s EdTalks session on Failure.

 YouTube stars Dan and Phil talk with Sue Perkins about how to engage young audiences and what it’s like being your own writers, editors and commissioners, and YouTuber Humza Arshad and global Head of Diversity at YouTube Oona King will share their experiences and hacks to staying relevant and inclusive in today’s media entertainment landscape.

 In drama, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones will discuss their hit series in a Black Mirror Masterclass, Fleabag creators Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Vicky Jones are in conversation about How to Create an International Hit Comedy, and actor Vicky McClure and script-writer Jed Mercurio talk about the plot twists of unmissable series Line of Duty.

 Russell T Davies will be in conversation with Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson as he collects his Outstanding Achievement Award, and Rio Ferdinand will discuss how we consume content in BT Sport’s Digital Masterclass.

 Sir David Attenborough will join Head of The Natural History Unit Julian Hector in conversation looking at the past, present and future of natural history programme-making, and Award-winning comedian, writer, actor and broadcaster, Russell Brand, will address the Edinburgh International Television Festival in the prestigious Alternative MacTaggart.

 Comedy Central President Kent Alterman talks to comedian Jimmy Carr about his phenomenal career to date and how he has helped emerging stars break through, and Senior Vice President of Original Programming at Marvel, Karim Zreik will talk about bringing the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe to television with ABC Studios. 

To book tickets to the exclusive screenings and Q&A please visit:

To book tickets to the sessions being held at the EICC, please visit:

Saturday 19 August 2017


A Scots diner couldn't believe his eyes when he was served up an onion ring that looked like the Virgin Mary.
And Jim McElvar, 48, from Falkirk is closely guarding his prized ring in a sealed bag in the fridge - to make sure his dog gets nowhere near it.
Jim, who was flabbergasted when he saw the biblical piece of food, admits he's planning to keep it for as long as possible - unless anyone offers him a reasonable amount of money for the special sign.
He said: "I just keep looking at it and it doesn't seem real. It's in the fridge as we speak in kitchen roll and a plastic bag and I'm trying to preserve it for as long as possible."
Jim was served up the sign from God as he dined with his girlfriend and two friends in Wetherspoons in Falkirk.
He said: "I'd just got back from holiday and I'd ordered some drinks and a burger with half a dozen onion rings.
Amongst those onion rings was this. I've seen this kind of thing in the papers on toast before, but never this.
 "I'm not a religious man but I might have seen the light now."
Perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena are called simulacra.
The Virgin Mary has appeared on fences, felled trees, windows and other everyday objects before.
 A grilled cheese sandwich, a pretzel and a pebble said to resemble images of the Virgin Mary have also been offered for sale on internet auction sites, and have made large amounts of money.
Jim said: "Usually you know an onion ring when you see it. It's a circle but this one had the bit in the middle standing there. There wee four of us there and I couldn't believe it.
It looks like something out of a nativity play, like a wee bride or the Virgin Mary."
Jim was so excited about his find that he alerted staff of his discovery.
He said: "I asked to speak to the staff in the restaurant because I thought it was so good. I took a photo and initially said to one of the bar staff who wasn't responsive and then I got hold of a manager in the evening and he was a bit more excited about it."
Jim is all too aware that his find might divide opinion but his biggest concern right now is to ensure the dog stays away from it.
He said: "At the end of the day it's an onion ring and the dog has had his eye on it a couple of times. I know it sounds silly but it looks brilliant."
He's keen to hold onto the onion ring for as long as he can but he says he's also open to offers if anyone appreciates it even more than he does.
Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "We serve hundreds of thousands of onion rings across our 900 UK pubs each year, so this appears to be a one off.
"We are not sure how we managed to serve an onion ring that resembled the Virgin Mary, but perhaps there was some divine intervention along the way."

Jim Mcelvar spotted his Virgin Mary last Sunday.
The Virgin Mary has popped up in many bizarre places across the globe.
Thirteen years ago a decade old toasted cheese sandwich said to resemble The Virgin Mary was sold on an eBay auction site for $28,000.
Internet casino bought the piece of toast saying it had become part of pop culture.
The same business bought a pretzel with a similar image for $10,600 in 2008.
Diane Duyser from Florida said she noticed the image burned into her sandwich as she was about to tuck into it in autumn 1994.
She said: "I went to take a bite out of it, and then I saw this lady looking back at me."
Workers at Martucci Angiano's gourmet chocolate company, Bodega Chocolates in California, also discovered a 2-inch-tall column of chocolate drippings under a vat that they believed bore a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary in 2006.
Kitchen worker Cruz Jacinto said: "My eyes went directly to the chocolate. I thought, 'Am I the only one who can see this? I picked it up and I felt emotion just come over me. For me, it was a sign."
Christchurch woman Lisa-Marie Corlet listed a 1cm-wide pebble with a picture resembling the Virgin Mary on it on an auction site with a buy now price of $50,000 in 2007 after running out of money.
In 2007 a Texas bar owner who happened to be a police officer said he was shocked when he learned his son saw the face of the Virgin Mary in a lemon slice.
"It kind of freaked me out," Nance said. "I'm a detective, and I believe in facts." When he looked at the lemon, Nance said he sort of saw the face. It wasn't until he took a picture of it that the countenance really was visible to him. He saved the lemon in the freezer so others could admire it.
More recently the Holy Mother was also seen in clouds over Venezuela and Ireland.
The Virgin Mary has also appeared on windows of churches, hospitals and finance companies.
From Scotland with Love -
This article has since appeared in the Scottish Sun

Friday 18 August 2017


US Stars from Netflix series Orange Is The New Black couldn't resist trying out some Scots lingo on the eve of Glasgow Pride. 

Actors Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, Uzo Aduba who plays 'Crazy Eyes' and Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia Burset in the massively popular series, looked more than amused after being given lessons in Scottish slang.

 They sent a very special video message to the thousands of revellers who are expected to attend Glasgow Pride tomorrow on aglasgow Green. 

The actors who also promoted the latest season of the prison drama cracked up as they tried to get their head round some popular Glasgow phrases. 

Laverne told Glasgow Pride-goers to "get yourself over to Glasgow Green" to "glug Irn Bru" while Danielle added "lang may yer lum leek".

 B*witched perform at this weekend's event in Glasgow Green alongside Buck Fizz, Collabro, Saara Aalto and  Kelly Llorenna.

 Loads of businesses have also got behind the diversity parade including Tesco, Smirnoff, Skittles, and Silverburn. Scots first minister Nicola Sturgeon is also set to make a historic speech at the event. 

Tuesday 15 August 2017


MOTHERWELL striker Louis Moult and ex Hamilton Accies legend Jose Quitongo helped put smiles on the faces of sick kids at a supercarday. 

Businessmen and women from across Scotland brought 120 cars worth twenty million pounds of cars to Hamilton Park racecourse to entertain 125 kids for the Les Hoey MBE Dreammaker Foundation. 

Motherwell striker Louis who brought his wife Carlie and two and a half year old daughter Isla with him said: "It's great to see all the kids today and to be able to help out. I left my own car in the car park because it wasn't up to scratch."

He refused to comment on rumours he might be joining Rangers but said he was enjoying his time in Scotland.

Amongst the kids who lapped up the atmosphere were David Carr, 8, from Grangemouth who had been going through treatment for two years for a brain tumour. 

He said: "It's really good. I saw some expensive cars I'd definitely not like to drive when I'm an adult because I feel I wouldn't have a license after I drove them."

Nine year old William Crossan from Neilston  who was also diagnosed with a brain tumour was also eyeing up the blue Audi R8. His mum Rachael said: "He has a hospital appointment tomorrow and a day like today takes his mind off it."

Les Hoey MBE added: "This event has got bigger every year. It's sad when you see how many kids there are but it helps them to forget about their illness during the time they are here."

Sunday 13 August 2017


IT is one of the most recognisable voices in the world.

So when American actor Michael Brandon was asked to perfect a Scottish accent for a children's television show, he immediately knew who his inspiration would be.

The Dempsey and Makepeace star, who is hosting a one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe, mimicked Sir Sean Connery for the US version of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Brandon, 72, who famously married his onscreen co-star Glynis Barber from the 1980s detective series, admitted: 'On the US version of Thomas The Tank Engine I did Ronald and Donald, the two Scottish trains, who would say things like 'Och, there's a tree on the track'. The crew used to laugh hysterically at that one.

'I have never worked with Sean but I have met him a few times.' Brandon, whose stand-up show Off-Ramps is on at the Assembly Rooms all this month, also revealed he is missing his wife - and is looking forward to her joining him in Edinburgh later this week.

He joked: 'I did the laundry, my sheets, pillowcase and towels. Boy, that's hard work.

'I don't cook and I don't clean but at the Fringe I do. I'm not going to tell my wife about it. If I show any talent in that area I'm a dead man.'

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Mail on Sunday 

From Scotland with Love -


A Scots photographer reckons her 100 year old doll might be haunted - but she's vowed not to get rid of her because she loves her.

Natalie Mellon, 33, from Glasgow inherited the antique doll after her father in law's friend found her in an old attic.

But ever since she's had her in the house, weird things keep happening.
Natalie who has now dubbed the doll 'Annabelle' after the horror movie where a seemingly innocent doll has a life of its own, said: "Annabelle was given to me about a year ago by one of my father in law's friends who found a load of things in an old attic. I've always loved old antiques and loved her straight away. She does look a bit creepy but I wasn't freaked out when I saw her. I have four big dogs but they are absolutely terrified of her and won't go in the same room. We sarcastically named her Annabelle after the doll in the horror film."

Natalie, who lives in the Irish countryside, has always been interested in the supernatural but has never actually encountered anything strange before.

She said: "I've stayed in supposedly haunted houses before but nothing has ever happened. As well as my dogs barking incessantly at Annabelle she has got up to a few wee tricks. One of my friends stayed the night and heard a tapping noise outside the bedroom. There were no windows or doors open but in the morning she found Annabelle outside the room and she said she wasn't there before she went to bed. She thought I'd put her there for a laugh but I was sound asleep."
Most recently Annabelle appeared to have made a kitchen cupboard open and a knife slide off a shelf while Natalie was messing around taking selfies on her phone.
The incident was captured on video.

Natalie said: "I was literally taking a selfie but hit record by mistake and just went with it to make a video. Then the knife flew off the shelf and the cupboard door swung open. and I just about wet myself and shouted on my partner to come through."
She added: "I'm not easily terrified and found it quite funny afterwards. I'm sure there's got to be a logical explanation."

After Natalie made a video telling us about Annabelle she said there was a huge bolt of lightening outside.

She said: "I actually put her away last night for the first time. I swear im a ballsy little s*** and always stayed myself in the countryside bit when I came into this kitchen last night I swear I was freaked out. I kept looking at that cupboard and if it had done that again when I was here by myself I'd have died with my legs in the air. Annabelle can stay out in the shed for now."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record, The Star, ITV and BBC.

From Scotland with Love -

Wednesday 9 August 2017


WE love it when a new restaurant opens up in Scotland and is going wild about the launch of Edinburgh's Vapiano.
 The global restaurant biz is set to open its latest slice of the Italian dining phenomenon in the Scottish capital this October, bringing its relaxed and easy-going approach to Italian food to the heart of the capital, and creating around 50 jobs for the city.
 St Andrews Square is the location of the restaurants first Scottish venue, in an 8,770sq ft. space over three floors, with Finkernagel Ross the lead architects using the classic Vapiano design.

If you've not tried it,  the restaurant offers you the chance to order directly from chefs while they make up your meal right in front of you.
For control freaks and fussy eaters like this is the perfect thing and it means customers get the freshest range of pizzas, pastas, antipasti and salads at the made fresh in front of them.

Founded on a love of honest, good and supremely fresh food; Vapiano presents a laid-back vibe, with large, long oak tables, each with their own herb garden. Classic favourites join new takes on the irresistible Italian menu, and the bar area is a natural place to enjoy the company of friends.

At the end of each diner’s visit, payment is made via the smart-card system, which sees everything added to your card as you order. Before you leave the restaurant, you’ll also be treated to a spoonful of yummy gummy bears, a sweet treat to round off your visit to Vapiano.

Phil Sermon, Managing Director at Vapiano, said: “Edinburgh has one of the greatest restaurant scenes in Europe so we’re thrilled to be joining it. This is a city that enjoys eating out and we can’t wait to welcome new customers through the door. We’re also delighted that our opening will be creating 50 new opportunities for people to develop great careers in hospitality.

“According to an Italian proverb, ‘If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live more healthily and longer.’ This is the attitude that Vapiano lives and breathes. We hope our new customers relax into our new home and enjoy the abundance of delicious Italian dishes.”

The first Vapiano restaurant opened in Hamburg, Germany in 2002. Since then, the business has developed a portfolio of 186 Vapianos in 31 countries on 5 continents, and is popular with young workers, students and celebrities alike. The new opening in Edinburgh will be the first in Scotland and the fifth in the UK, following London and Manchester.

Tuesday 8 August 2017


SCOTS singer Annie Lennox has sent out a cry to help fellow singer Sinead O Connor after watching a video of her having a public breakdown in a US motel.
The Irish songwriter who rose it fame with the hit Nothing Compares To You posted a 12-minute video on her Facebook page tearfully explaining she has been “fighting for her life” and living in a Travelodge motel in New Jersey.
Eurythmics singer Annie has admitted she was distressed by the video and has now appealed to fans to come to Sinead's aid.
In a post on her Facebook she said: "I just watched this truly distressing call for help by Sinead O'Connor, from a motel room in New Jersey, where she says there's no one there to help her, with the exception of a psychiatrist and a doctor.
The Sweet Dreams singer added: "I realise that Sinead has some serious mental health issues, but she appears to be completely out on a limb and I'm concerned for her safety.
Are there no close friends or family who could be with her to give her some loving support? It's terrible to see her in such a vulnerable state."
Sinead sparked a police investigation and search last June after she disappeared after going on a bike ride with friends in Chicago

Monday 7 August 2017


Russell Brand, Judge Rinder, Jon Snow, Ruth Davidson, Nicola Sturgeon, and other well known faces from the telly and internet world are coming to the Edinburgh TV Festival this month.
 Scottish Conservative MSP for Edinburgh Central and Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Ruth Davidson will interview Jon Snow as part of the Edinburgh International TV Festival.

In the Post MacTaggart Interview, Ruth will pose questions and debate the central themes raised in Jon’s James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture.
Russell Brand will also offer his views in the alternative MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the fest and you can now buy public tickets.
Interviewed by XFM co-host and comedy writer behind Channel 4’s The Mimic and Very Important People, Matt Morgan, delegates will get a unique insight into the career of Brand about his lifelong devotion to comedy; his extensive portfolio of work on and off the screen; and how his call for revolution has been realised in a personal way, in love and fatherhood.
 Davidson was first elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, where she represented Glasgow. Before entering politics, Ruth worked in journalism for ten years, first in newspapers, before moving to radio and television.
 Like Jon, Ruth was an early adopter of Twitter and, in tandem with her eye for a good photo opportunity, has built up a large following on the site. She has also used the platform to draw attention to homophobic abuse she receives.
 Festival Director Lisa Campbell said: "We are thrilled that Ruth is going to be leading the questions, delving deeper behind the themes that Jon will raise in the MacTaggart. Her tenacity, knowledge, breadth of experience within television, wider politics and social media makes her the perfect person to interview Jon.”
She added: “Thought-provoking, entertaining and with a delicious way with words, Russell is one of the most exciting creative mavericks around. Having Matt on board as someone who knows the complexities and inner workings of this titan of comedy, and who can give genuine insight into his creative brain, will make this one unmissable hour."
The fest will also see Edith Bowman, Rio Ferdinand and Sue Perkins in attendance from August 23-25.
To see Russell Brand get tickets here

Friday 4 August 2017


OUTLANDER actor Sam Heughan has a new admirer in the form of Austin Powers actress and Estée Lauder model Liz Hurley.
The Royals star Liz admitted she was a huge fan of Scottish born Sam who is thirty seven years old but was worried he might be too young for her.
Liz, 52, who use to date Love Actually star Hugh Grant said: "I’ve currently got a crush on Sam Heughan, who stars in my favourite TV series, Outlander. He’s a big, sexy Scot but, sadly, much too young for me."
Sam has a 28 year old girlfriend Mackenzie Mauzy who he has been dating for several months.
It looks like the couple are still going strong after they were pictured together last week at Silverstone race track wishing the F1 team Sahara Force India the best of luck in Hungary.
Liz is currently single and certainly hasn't ruled out going with someone younger. She previously said in an interview: "Most of the people I meet also have ex-girlfriends or ex-wives and children. You have to accept that, or start dating men in their 20s, which is absurd. Though, I tell you, Joan Collins is married to a fabulous man 32 years younger than her. In which case, I can date an 18-year-old...anything goes

Wednesday 2 August 2017


THE tiny winner of Best Actress for the Scottish Comedy Awards was unable to attend the stylish bash last night - because she was tucked up in bed.

Three year old Isla Nelson from Glasgow also won Best Online Comedy for News At Two with her dad Mark m at the fourth annual event in Edinburgh's Le Monde hotel.
The night which also gave an award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy to Richard Gadd, and an Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Award to Steven Dick, writer of Have I Got News For You saw a host of names from the world of comedy and entertainment turn out for an evening of laughter.

The legendary Funny Farm Collective from 1988 consisting of comedians Fred MacAulay, Bruce Morton, Parrot, Libby MacArthur, Stu Who and David Cosgrove got back together to collect a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event which saw
Bay City Roller Stuart Woody Wood, Lottery winner Jane Park, and Scottish Big Brother finalist Andrew Cruickshanks who just got out the house receive a light roasting in the audience.
Scotland Tonight's Rona Dougall, X Factors Caitlyn Vanbeck, and comedy duo The Dolls also had a laugh and joke during the ceremony.
Other winners on the night included Scottish mindreader Colin Cloud who recently wowed Mel B on Americas Got Talent by telling her what she had for dinner, and Neil 'Wee Man' Bratchpiece who won an award for best writer.
Still Game won Best TV show while BBC's Breaking The News and Des Clarke won best radio show and best radio comedian consecutively
More than 170 nominations were received from across the Scottish comedy industry in January and subsequently whittled down by a panel of 10 comedians to be judged by those those in the industry.
Other guest attendees on the night included Scots boyband Monroe, and actor Perry Benson and the cast of Irvine Welsh's new Edinburgh play Performers.
Alan Anderson organiser of the night said: “2016 was a stand out year for Scottish Comedy. Richard Gadd being the first Scot in 29 years to win the Edinburgh Comedy Award was without doubt the highlight. There is a great pool of talent on the stand up circuit with the likes of Susie McCabe and Scott Agnew finally reaching the potential we have all predicted. On the radio, BBC’s Breaking The News has also given a break to several excellent Scottish comedians and writers proving that we can do satire better than London. However it’s on the small screen that Scotland is experiencing a vintage period thanks to the brilliant UK wide response to Scottish shows such as Two Doors Down, Scot Squad and Still Game… not to mention the juggernaut that is Frankie Boyle."
Panel prizes:

Outstanding Achievement in Comedy
Richard Gadd - Winner of 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Award. First Scottish winner since Arnold Brown in 1987.

Outstanding Contribution
Steven Dick - writer for many many high profile comedy shows including Have I got News For You.

Lifetime Achievement
The Funny Farm Collective aka Fred MacAulay, Bruce Morton, Parrot, Libby MacArthur, Stu Who and David Cosgrove


voted for awards

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Headliner
Susie McCabe

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Compere
Billy Kirkwood

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Newcomer
Donald Alexander

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Solo Festival / Tour Show
Scott Agnew – I’ve Snapped My Banjo String, Let’s Just Talk

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Improv / Variety / Sketch
Colin Cloud

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Actress
Isla Nelson

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Actor
Chris Forbes

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best TV Comedian
Frankie Boyle

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Radio Comedian
Des Clarke

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best TV Show
Still Game

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Radio Show
Breaking The News

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Online Comedy
News at Two

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Writer
Neil Bratchpiece

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Event
Vladimir McTavish Birthday Roast

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Comedy Club (large)
Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh

Scottish Comedy Awards 2017
Best Comedy Club (small)
Yesbar!, Glasgow